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  1. My honest review of Explore Scientific 52 degree EP
  2. Circle T eyepieces for the collectors
  3. Is this what mania starts to look like?
  4. Need eyepiece for a 4SE
  5. 26mm Plossl vs 25mm Cel LX?
  6. Help with first time buying eyepieces.
  7. Orion Expanse vs Orion Planetary Edge On.
  8. Questions about my new eyepieces.
  9. Why do different sites have different specs for the same eyepiece?
  10. SO... Did anyone get the Baader Q Turret set from Agena for X-Mas?
  11. Baader 1.25"/2" Morpheus 76° Wide-Field Eyepiece - 6.5mm or 9mm or???
  12. Thinking about a new EP, and not sure
  13. Nice 25mm Carl Zeiss Jena eyepieces.
  14. Short focal EP for refractor 80 f/5
  15. High Power wide view
  16. Keeping track of EP in the dark
  17. Do you clean your eye pieces?
  18. Baader Hyperion and SCT?
  19. Scope and eyepiece size, doing the math
  20. New EP offering frm Masuyama
  21. Currently struggling with condensation on my 32mm 2" eyepeice in winter. Any ideas?
  22. Taking the dog Christmas shopping
  23. It's Halloween time again!
  24. "How to choose eyepieces..." article via Agena Astro
  25. TeleVue Delites are on 10% off sale at AgenaAstro
  26. 28mm ES 68°, 2" Argon Purged
  27. Selected Baader EPs are on sale at AgenaAstro
  28. Eyepieces! Who makes for Whom
  29. First Light with ES, 10mm / 52⁰
  30. DOCTER completing my ultrawide arsenal
  31. Explo-Sci 52 degree Eye Piece (10mm)
  32. Newbie trouble focusing with orion shorty barlow on orion 80mm refractor goscope
  33. Zooming into yesteryear
  34. To What Degree Do Eyepiece Lens Elements Lower Light Transmission?
  35. Celestron Omni
  36. Budget ~30mm 70 degree eyepiece for 8in f5.9 dob
  37. Still Learning
  38. GSO drawtubes coming loose
  39. Eyepiece case
  40. 32mm GSO 'RK' Kellner Experiment
  41. Question about the Interior of Eyepieces.
  42. f=30mm ultrawide 2" eyepiece
  43. ES 52 series eyepieces
  44. Leica B40x (f=11mm) against Leitz Periplan, Swarovski, and Pentax XW
  45. Sometimes, you just can't win.
  46. Can it be realigned? TeleVue 4x Powermate
  47. Another 'Which eyepiece' thread...
  48. Agena now carries Pentax
  49. Oldie Meade RG Wide Angle
  50. putting my new eyepiece next to a bright light source
  51. Lumicon OII filters - Differences between Generations
  52. Wide field eyepieces? Hello all. New to forum.
  53. Some favorite eyepieces
  54. A thing arrived...
  55. Celestron’s 8X24mm Zoom Eyepiece
  56. Next EP's for my collection?
  57. Ethos 21mm
  58. First Light Delite
  59. First few eyepiece for my C8 6.3
  60. Using Barlow on refractor telescope
  61. Explore Scientific -- 28mm, 68º vs. 24mm, 82º
  62. TeleVue ethos filter threading
  63. TeleVue 2" Big Barlow vs GSO 2" Barlow
  64. Baader 8-24mm Hyperion Mark IV
  65. new eyepieces required for skywatcher 1145p
  66. Couple of TeleVue classics
  67. KK Orthos back in stock
  68. New To Me Ortho
  69. 20mm EP for Meade Infinity 80mm
  70. Explore Scientific Eyepiece Guide video
  71. Need new EP for 10 inch Dob
  72. planetary ortho for nebulas
  73. Choice of Eyepiece
  74. Choice of 5mm eyepiece
  75. First light Vixen LVW 17mm
  76. Looking for a barlow
  77. 30-32mm EP for an AR102
  78. 5x barlow
  79. In Need of Eye Relief
  80. 12" diameter Meade Dobsonian - need advice on which eye pieces to purchase ASAP
  81. How is an eyepiece field stop calculated?
  82. Meade 5.5MM Ultra Wide on 4" Reflector
  83. Another Baader Zoom Owner
  84. Vixen Eyepieces
  85. Baader Zoom review after several uses not so satisfied.
  86. Beach EP's
  87. New hard case with pluck foam for my eyepiece collection
  88. EP for EV9.25
  89. Tele Vue 17.3mm Delos against Zeiss 23x 30x B WW 17.1mm
  90. Optical match for a Dob
  91. Eyepieces for Orion XT8
  92. Meade Super Plossl 56mm Question
  93. Fans of Speers WALER eyepieces
  94. Slow Eyepieces in Fast Telescopes
  95. Are GSO Eyepieces FOV Bogus?
  96. Tele Vue vs. Stellarvue EP's
  97. 2x Barlow FOV Question
  98. Baader Zoom first night out impressions
  99. 25mm 58 Degree Eyepiece Vs. 20mm 66 Degree Eyepiece
  100. Maxvision 34mm
  101. Looking for new Lens for DOb 10"
  102. GSO 42mm Superview vs. Orion Q70 32mm
  103. Baader VIP Barlow 2x against the Q-Turret Barlow 2.25x
  104. Link to transmission in eyepieces.
  105. Price performance ratio for Baader vs Celestron Zoom EP can you put a $ difference
  106. High mag viewing and DSOs
  107. Explore Scientific 32mm 62 Degree Vs Orion 32mm 70 Degree
  108. Would like someone to look over my eyepiece choices
  109. Star Flare
  110. DeLite vs Delos performance
  111. Uh oh.....
  112. Let's talk about your eyeballs ...
  113. Could this be a KK Fujiyama?
  114. 4mm KK ortho
  115. Thanks to OleCuss for the article on choosing an eyepiece
  116. My Eyepiece Education
  117. White spot in my Barlow
  118. Svbony Long Eye-relief Eyepieces
  119. Which Barlow 2x is best for under $75
  120. Thoughts on Tele Vue Delos 10 mm
  121. 38mm, 32mm or both?
  122. How much better can they be ?
  123. Explore Scientific Eyepieces on Sale
  124. The case of the simpifying observer.
  125. Color filters 23A vs 25A 12 yellow vs 15 Yellow
  126. Where do you store your eye pieces
  127. ROR cleaning solution?
  128. Eyepiece vs Eyesight?
  129. Another take on EP case
  130. I have joined Circle NJ club!
  131. New ES 52 series coming soon
  132. New Vixen 100mm finder eyepiece
  133. Yep, another EP set!
  134. Meade Series 5000 HD-60
  135. More TeleVue (NJ) oldies
  136. What is the best 9mm - 10mm eyepiece in a 2" size?
  137. I need help...
  138. New eyepiece ordered and a new chair.
  139. Explore Scientific 40mm or Tele Vue 55mm
  140. Stellarvue 82º opinions
  141. A Tale of Two Plossls
  142. Vixen HR 3.4mm
  143. Now why the heck did I go and do that for?
  144. ES 82 deg series EPs
  145. Wide-field
  146. Do I have this right?
  147. Explore Scientific 70°
  148. Explore Scientific 82° 24mm Waterproof Eyepiece
  149. SWA by Gosky 5 Element eyepiece 15mm Help Assembly
  150. Siebert Optics Obsevatory series?
  151. Eyepiece selection by telescope type
  152. Maximum EP weight the Celestron cpc 800 can handle
  153. Medium Power Eyepiece for Dob
  154. 40mm Plossls Shootout
  155. Aspheric lenses
  156. Filters to get
  157. Kellner v Plossl?
  158. Delos or Ethos?
  159. 15mm Plossls shootout
  160. Best eye piece for my Celestron CPC 800 gps xlt
  161. Zoom: Meade, Celestron or Agena
  162. Eyepiece Dilemma
  163. New eyepieces
  164. So these guys showed up today...
  165. Suggestions on a diagonal - I know zilch! :P
  166. Vixen SLV and SSW EPs are on sale until the end of February
  167. 30mm to 1.25 adapter
  168. 2 EP for my ES 102 ED triplet
  169. Darth Fractor's EP kit calculator
  170. Which cart to pull the trigger on?
  171. My 'new' goodies.
  172. Calculating EP focal lengths to build a balanced set
  173. Looking for comments or advice on eyepeice upgrade
  174. deal alert and questions
  175. Hensoldt military f=15mm AFOV 70° eyepiece
  176. KK Fujiyama - BCO - Takahashi: the Abbe orthos
  177. Eye pieces for a dobsonian
  178. Don Alvarez's DealWatch
  179. What lenses are these?
  180. Nikon CFI 10x/22 oddball 25mm
  181. 9mm Williams Optics SWAN Disassembly
  182. 20mm Williams Optics SWAN Disassembly
  183. 15mm GSO SuperView Revised Autopsy
  184. 5.5mm Bresser 'Plossl' Disassembly
  185. 20mm GSO SuperView Disassembly
  186. Which Of These 15mm Eyepieces Would Buy
  187. Widest View Eyepiece
  188. Best Eyepiece Combination
  189. Carl Zeiss E-Pl 10x/20 #44 42 31 aspheric eyepiece
  190. Explore Scientific problem?
  191. Leica Zoom WW 25x – 50x ASPH and barlowed against the Pentax SMC XW 3.5mm
  192. Fujiyama HD – OR 5mm side by with Baader BCO 6mm HT
  193. Leica HC and KK ortho with 80mm Apo
  194. 32mm Plossls shootout
  195. Sticky: Evolution of Eyepiece Design
  196. Proposal for a sticky: History of eyepiece designs
  197. eyepiece cup extender (for pieces with long eye relief)
  198. where I can get both end caps and plugs for 2" diagonals
  199. A litte Wide field EP History
  200. Help with eyepiece decision
  201. First Barlow lens
  202. What woud be my best EP upgrade?
  203. KK Ortho Has Arrived!
  204. Is there a good reason to upgrade
  205. Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece
  206. Vicious Cycle
  207. Some New Toys
  208. What ever happened to the Orion Stratus 24mm EP?
  209. University Optics Ortho set on Astroamart
  210. 25mm Bushnell 780102 Kellner
  211. EP range question, only 3 EP's
  212. Antares 2" 99% Dielectric Twist Lock Diagonal - any good?
  213. Not good news from Kokusai Kohki.
  214. High Point eyepiece?
  215. 20mm or 6mm eyepiece?
  216. Eyepiece price increase
  217. newbie needing advice for EP options in $100 range for moon and planet viewing
  218. Leica HC PLAN S 10x/22 (Br.) M, focusable, f=25mm Eyepiece, item #507807
  219. Powermate 4x on large dobsonian.
  220. Plössl f=25mm: Carl Zeiss Jena against Tele Vue
  221. Meade series 4000 super plossl - 1st generation
  222. new eeps!
  223. ZEISS West Germany 25x f= 10.5mm eyepiece
  224. Excited for Christmas!
  225. Zeiss astronomical Ortho f=40mm on eBay
  226. Best Barlow question..
  227. All ES EPs are on sale now!
  228. EP design
  229. Which is the better solution for observing DSOs?
  230. Quick Eyepiece Opinion
  231. Eyepiece upgrades and some other ?'s
  232. Barlow+Ortho
  233. Which EP to buy???
  234. My new Abbe orthos
  235. Which of these EPs should I pick up next?
  236. Leica Eyepieces: B 20x WW, B 32x WW, and 25x - 50x WW 80° ASPH.
  237. Olivon 1.25/2” eyepieces
  238. Maximum focal length
  239. ED eyepieces - are they better?
  240. Advice needed for TV Delite EP's
  241. Edmund Optics Ortho eyepieces??
  242. tiny blemish on new eye piece - worth returning?
  243. ES 62 series on sale in November
  244. a COOL solution to a case for large eyepieces
  245. The Astroplan eyepiece: Backgrounds
  246. How'd I do on these choices for my ETX-80?
  247. best eyepiece for the moon
  248. Field of View Degrees: What's best for galaxies?
  249. Review of Baader Morpheus 76° 12.5mm
  250. Looking for the origin of this ES eyepiece