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  1. Vixen NPL eyepieces (Any reviews/thoughts on them?)
  2. Naglers will not come to focus with Baader Barlow
  3. imaging Celestron eyepieces
  4. First light with the X CEL LX 9mm
  5. Baader Hyperion EPs
  6. zoom eyepieces with binoviewer question
  7. Barlow comparison question: Televue vs Explore Scientific
  8. I need a better illuminated reticle eyepiece
  9. Agena SWA 38mm first light impressions
  10. Celestron Ultima Duo Eyepieces
  11. Your eyepiece quality
  12. Thread Compatibility for Eyepiece Filters
  13. Explore Scientific 34mm First Light
  14. BCO 6mm impressions
  15. I get coma when using my ES eyepieces
  16. Alternatives to the 26mm Nagler
  17. High power EP for my 10" dob
  18. Nitrogen VS. Argon purged ES eyepieces???
  19. Lesson Learned "Don't be an Eyepiece Snob"
  20. Show Me Your Eye Piece Case
  21. Caps on or off in eyepiece case
  22. What should my first Explore Scientific eyepiece be?
  23. Higher power eyepieces
  24. Eyepiece journey
  25. William Optics 20mm XWA. Pre light impressions
  26. Explore Scientific 34mm 68° back in stock
  27. First Light with ES100° 9mm
  28. 2" vs 1.25
  29. 20mm 100* AFOV w/ 9.25+6.3 reducer??
  30. Is there anything better than Orion Q70 in the same price range?
  31. University Optics 32mm Illuminated eyepiece.
  32. Did I buy the right Barlow for my scope?
  33. Baader Hyperion 10mm EP for the Birthday Boy
  34. Wide angle EP question...
  35. Just ordered TeleVue Delos 3.5m eyepiece
  36. Eyepiece recommendations
  37. Dual ED Eyepiece Quality in 2 Inch
  38. Broken eyepiece resolution
  39. What is to be gained, if anything (re: eyepieces)
  40. Nice inexpensive widefield eyepiece for public outreach
  41. Baader Hyperion FTR with other eyepieces
  42. Is this enough of a selection
  43. Why buy more than 2 Hyperions
  44. Finally Found One!
  45. scanning EP for AD10
  46. Baader Hyperion 10mm vs ES68 11mm
  47. Does this thing need a license plate??
  48. Fungus on eyepieces?
  49. Should I upgrade my zoom EP?
  50. Not sure which new EP to get
  51. 31mm Nagler vs. ES 82 30mm
  52. Nagler 13mm Type1 on C9.25
  53. Hyperion
  54. About Barlows and exit pupil
  55. Please help me to decide
  56. ES 4.7mm eyepiece
  57. Barlow and prime focus AP
  58. Proper Arrangement of Celestron 20 mm Erecting?
  59. Eyepiece Filters and Nebluas
  60. Can you be content with just the eyepieces that come with a scope and a zoom?
  61. tele-vue vs others
  62. what would be a more useful e.p / 13 ethos or a 17 ethos at/ f10
  63. Central obstruction, exit pupil
  64. Meade QX Eyepieces
  65. GSO 42mm
  66. Eyepiece recommendations for WO GTF 81mm
  67. nagler vs panoptic 8" sct
  68. Original Meade (3 element?) OEM eyepieces...
  69. Eye Relief of 22mm Televue Panoptic and why it was discontinued
  70. illuminated reticle eyepiece advice, please
  71. Luminos 10mm vs. Olivon 11mm - in my f/5 ST-80
  72. Just got an Aero 35mm and tried it against my TS 26mm 2" fmc wide angle
  73. EP advice for astrograph
  74. Zoom vs. individual EP's.
  75. EP design hierarchy?
  76. EP selection advice please.
  77. Speers WALER Eyepieces
  78. planetary eyepiece for an XT4.5
  79. What power provides the best view for your scope
  80. collimation vs seeing conditions vs eyepiece
  81. Anyone try out the Celestron Ultima Duo yet?
  82. Selecting a 2" Barlow lens.
  83. Zoom Eyepiece vs. others?
  84. 3x Barlow Lens?
  85. Orion Expanse
  86. 6mm UO HD or 6.7mm ES 82 for planetary with 8" dob
  87. New Guy Here
  88. Barlows and EP's or just EP's??
  89. Help to find a budget 1,25” eyepiece (+ questions about eye relief, etc)
  90. new Vixen SLV
  91. Advice needed for wide angle eyepiece
  92. Eyepiece recommendations for a spectacle wearer
  93. Re: Pentax 7mm SMC XL
  94. Widest 1.25" eyepiece?
  95. New Eyepiece Ordered: Explore Scientific 82º 8mm
  96. Am I missing something or is this a steal?
  97. Nagler 3.5 or 3-6 Zoom?
  98. 3-5x Barlow?
  99. Explore Scientific 82 vs. Televue Delos 72
  100. Difference between wide field 1.25" and wide field 2"?
  101. Filter Size
  102. 25mm eyepiece is just a tad too wide to fit...
  103. eye pieces
  104. Which do you like, ES 11mm or TV Neglar 11mm
  105. Re: Explore Scientific 70° Series 35mm Eyepiece (2") (Bresser)
  106. 45-deg erecting prism for wide field eyepiece?
  107. Re: ES 8.8mm and 11mm 82* EP
  108. ES 24mm 82* or 68*
  109. Focal Reducers
  110. 3x Barlow on a Celestron Regal M2 100ED
  111. plossl eyepieces better for planet observing?
  112. Baader Hyperion 17mm or Explore Scientific 68* 16mm EP
  113. A question for Hyperion Zoom eyepiece owners (mainly)
  114. Eyepieces for Orion XT8i
  115. Highest power ep for es 80x480mm apo
  116. What is a good 2X Barlow I can get
  117. Using Utima Duo eyepiece for imaging
  118. Optimal Televue Delos size to get
  119. Meade 5000 HD-60
  120. Explore scientific 8.8mm 82 degree series question
  121. Baader Hyperion Zoom III - does it click at every stop?
  122. Baader Hyperion Zoom III - how to convert from 1.25" to 2" ?
  123. Noob question regarding Barlow or PowerMate
  124. ES eyepiece choice for AD10 specifically
  125. Eyepiece heating?
  126. Unplanned purchase
  127. Focal length & field of view
  128. New 82° ES 30mm ....OMG!
  129. Please help me pick the best ~6mm eyepiece under 150$
  130. Lowest practical magnification
  131. Question regarding Baader Hyperions
  132. Design for an eyepiece case
  133. Reticle eyepiece improvments.
  134. Suggestions for my next eyepieces
  135. High Point announces ES 25% off sale
  136. Question about the XCel 25mm eyepiece
  137. Eyepiece causes focuser to very nearly reach its limit. Why?
  138. First light through TeleVue 13mm Nagler. Impressive!
  139. Help with problem with a Hyperion Clickstop, zoom 8-24mm Mark III eyepiece
  140. Meade Ultra Wides?
  141. Quickie Delos sale
  142. Which would be a Planet killer eyepiece for 4se (Mak 102 - f/13)?
  143. Eyepiece Aperture, How Does It Affect Viewing ?
  144. Pentax XW or Delos
  145. Baader 36mm Aspheric in f/5 scope
  146. A TeleVue 20mm Plossl and a x2 Barlow or a decent 10mm eyepiece?
  147. Erect Image Diagonal connector?
  148. So what's the 2nd best Plossl?
  149. Can someone clarify for me the purpose of an eyepiece centering adapter?
  150. mead 4000 ep's
  151. Barlow for Tele Vue Nagler lenses
  152. Looking for an eyepiece recommendation.
  153. Eyepiece junkie
  154. Optimal eyepiece with maximum eye relief for planetary viewing in Apertura AD12
  155. Are these EP's optimal for Nexstar-11? TV Nagler 22, TV Radians 12,8,4
  156. What have I got here?
  157. What is your opinion on the Meade 4000 series???
  158. Monocentric eyepiece
  159. Focal reducer for my scope?
  160. Nagler: 16mm vs 13mm
  161. Are TeleVue plossls really worth all the extra money?
  162. 2" panaview
  163. Eyepiece vs Telescope Configuration
  164. Does Barlowing an ortho kinda defeat the purpose?
  165. Meade 9mm HD-60
  166. Powermate for laser collimation?
  167. Reducing barrel diameter?
  168. My apologies for the clouds and rain over Belgium
  169. good wide fov eyepiece
  170. Just added 2 vintage Tele Vue Plössls to my arsenal
  171. Question: New to me Tele Vue Nagler
  172. Ordered me the 16mm ES eyepiece
  173. What's the worst "good" eyepiece you ever owned?
  174. You get 2 eyepieces - that's it... what are they and why?
  175. Okay, what's the difference between a Barlow and a Powermate?
  176. Pentax 7mm & Eye Relief
  177. 2.5 mm Tele Vue Nagler EP
  178. Wider TFOV or Wider Angle?
  179. 36mm Baader Aspheric with f6.3 focal reducer dark spot
  180. Baader Hyperion Aspheric eyepiece
  181. New eyepieces on the way
  182. Focal reducers
  183. Looking for 40mm wide angle EP
  184. Looking to Upgrade Eyepieces On A Limited Budget
  185. Looking for the best 5mm eyepiece out there
  186. Baader Hyperion 10mm?
  187. Looking to upgrade eyepieces - ES or Pentax?
  188. All Barlows work well? Some have to be better than others!
  189. Opinion on GTO Proxima 31mm
  190. Celestron Xcel 9mm x U.O. Abbe Ortho HD Phase II 6mm x Baader Classic Ortho 6mm
  191. Just ordered the X-Cel 25mm ep
  192. What is your take on Vixen NPL Plossls
  193. which eyepiece for my collection
  194. I just received my Hyperion zoom eyepiece. ( no 2" adapter??)
  195. Help picking eyepieces for beginner
  196. Sirius Eyepiece
  197. Orion UltraBlock NarrowBand Filter in LP Skies.. Report
  198. light pollution filter question
  199. Explore Scientific 100 degree series 25mm EP
  200. University optics
  201. looking for reasonable wide field eyepiece
  202. the astronomy gods are good..
  203. Any negatives about the Baader Hyperion 36mm?
  204. Which eyepieces are "the same" as other eyepieces?
  205. Surplus Shed Eyepieces
  206. A question for the less mathematically challenged....
  207. Newbie Hyperion Question
  208. 1.25 eyepiece used in .965 focuser
  209. ES 14mm 82 degrees
  210. Using a Barlow 2X with an Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece.
  211. Mak Cass and Focal Reducer
  212. Can I use my 1.25" filters on my new 2" eyepiece?
  213. Newbie is looking for some additional eye pieces...
  214. new eyepieces set
  215. Advice on eyepieces for my brand new Skywatcher Skyliner 250 PX 10" Dobsonian scope
  216. Anybody play around with Baader Hyperions? How were they?
  217. Which eyepiece gives you the best views
  218. Good starter eyepieces for a beginner
  219. Explore Scientific 16mm 68degree - wonderful eyepiece.
  220. When to buy 2" eyepiece?
  221. Good Barlow recommendation
  222. Upgrading eyepieces, X-cel LX or Luninos?
  223. Baader 31mm
  224. How good is the Agena line of eyepieces
  225. Recommendations for super-long eyepieces?
  226. 1.25" or 2" EP?
  227. 8 inch dob eyepiece suggestions
  228. TeleVue EP for Orion Skyscanner 100?
  229. 2.5x and 3x Barlows? 5x Barlows?!?
  230. Would a 68 degree eyepiece provide me a great view
  231. Messier objects vs eyepiece spreadsheet
  232. Looking to try and improve my view of deep space objects
  233. 2" eyepiece to 1.25" hole adapter?
  234. TMB Planetary II eyepieces
  235. Finally got a couple of new EP's
  236. 2 inch 31mm Type 5 Nagler Eyepiece
  237. need help with what to buy
  238. Upgrading from a Baader Hyperion zoom
  239. picked up a 15mm Celestron Luminos
  240. Beginner EP's for a Orion XT8 dobsonian on a budget?
  241. Eyepiece upgrade
  242. Looking to replace my 25mm Plossl....
  243. Minimalist EP set for a C8
  244. Is a 4.7 eyepiece a MUST have?
  245. Zoom eyepieces.
  246. 2" EP back focus question
  247. What kind of EP are the stock SkyWatcher 25mm & 10mm?
  248. New eye pieces 12mm and 52mm
  249. Plossl question
  250. Eyepiece to view Deep Sky objects in my telescope?