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  1. Meade HD-60 6-Element Eyepieces
  2. Premium vs mid-range diagonal performance in 8" SCT
  3. Anybody above 50 degrees found issues using StarSense and/or SkySync GPS?
  4. Light pollution filter recommendations
  5. Dielectric Diagonals
  6. Dew heater set-up
  7. Orion Skyglow vs Skyglow Imaging
  8. Eyepice size?
  9. Meade ETX Photo Port duplicator?
  10. Why cant I see the sun?
  11. Hoo-aah! Nexus II and Sky Safari
  12. 3D, or not 3D?
  13. right angle red dot finder
  14. User-Sourced Guide for Celestron Illuminated RACI Finderscope
  15. 3D Printable Telrad Mount for Orion XT10i
  16. Meandering conversation about binoviewers
  17. ADM side by side, and my astro equipment portrait
  18. Advice on using dew control
  19. How much aperture for solar observation?
  20. Cure for slippery setscrew in diagonal?
  21. New Celestron Motorized Focuser
  22. Sundry equipment bag or case
  23. Help with Barlow lens 2x
  24. Best way to clean fingerprints off a filter?
  25. Hotech collimator with SCA - and mutilating my drawtube
  26. Self-Centring Extension Tube Safety?
  27. spacing and sensor distance
  28. Need help with eye piece
  29. Next stop, Jupiter (Filters)
  30. Can someone identify this telescope accessory for me?
  31. New Neodymium Filter
  32. Power Cable for Old Celestron C8
  33. power supply adapter?
  34. R-Sky Astronomy Instruments
  35. Problem shooting flats
  36. spacing question
  37. Dew Management.....
  38. I need to choose between Baader or Optolong for my first 2 filters
  39. Prism diagonal comparison
  40. 6X30 RACI and RDF on G&G
  41. Rubber eyeguard for RACI finder
  42. The Dew Monster:(
  43. "Astronomy threads explained"
  44. Kendrick Dew Heater Power Terminal
  45. Stellarvue FF/FR Going on the Shelf
  46. GSO Focal Reducer .5x and ZWO385 with 10" Dob AD10 compatibility?
  47. Celestron f/6.3 FLR for my Nexstar 8SE, any other recommendations?
  48. StarSense for my 925?
  49. Replacement filter cells available
  50. Stellarvue 80mm finder EP?
  51. Off axis guide
  52. Finder Scope
  53. A sliced bread thingie
  54. Record for 3.6V Lithium battery?
  55. School me on diagonals
  56. Opinions on accessories for a Celestron Nexstar 8SE
  57. Powering Your Telescope and Mount
  58. 2" GSO EP's for Fast Refractors?
  59. Eyepiece Holders?
  60. Scope box
  61. Anyone modify IKEA items for Astro use?
  62. Case for Celestron StarSense AutoAlign?
  63. Star GPS-NX
  64. Thousand Oaks solar filters
  65. Celestron #94115-A Blackening & Flocking
  66. I got a gift of QHY miniGuideScope and a QHY 5L-II Monochrome. how can I autoguide?
  67. Millet red dot as a finder scope
  68. GLP legal alternative
  69. Celestron Powertank Lithium Pro
  70. Lumicon Sky Vector
  71. GoTo not Going? Can't afford one? Try this......
  72. DIY red light flashlight
  73. Celestron 1.25" Mars Observing Eyepiece Filter?
  74. Dew Controller Dilemma
  75. Simulation Curriculum SkyFi USB wireless controllers. What are their differences?
  76. Review: GSO coma corrector
  77. Isolate a SCT, MAK. Why?
  78. SynScan Wi-Fi Problem
  79. Thread Size Of Altair Astro 80 mm F6 1.0X Flattener
  80. 2 and 1.25 Diagonal Use
  81. Protage USB Dew heater
  82. Filter Adapters
  83. Vibration pads
  84. Green or red laser pointer?
  85. Added a RACI finder scope
  86. Coma Corrector / spacer distance
  87. How do you exactly run Celestron dual axis motor drive on 4 1.2v rechargeable batteri
  88. Celestron NexYZ cell phone adaptor - opinons?
  89. Compass
  90. Tele Vue Bandmate type 2 nebuster filter
  91. AVX Finder Scope Upgrades
  92. Duffel bag for Celestron Nexstar 8SE?
  93. Telvue 3x Barlow questions
  94. 6x30 or 9x50 finderscope for 90mm Mak?
  95. Defective 90-deg Erecting Prism Diagonal or Normal?
  96. TS optics monorail focuser on startravel 102
  97. Celestron Powertank Lithium
  98. Focuser for C8
  99. Bahtinov Mask for C8
  100. Focal Reducers for SCT
  101. 8" SCT + GSO Crayford Focuser + TV 2x Barlow
  102. Orion GLP died
  103. Looking to upgrade the focuser and finderscope on my Omni XLT 102
  104. Best planetary filter for viewing Jupiter
  105. Camera for Orion XT8
  106. Green laser pointer
  107. Remote telescope control via SkySafari
  108. Scored: Meade FR3.3 for my C8
  109. Cgem ii power cord
  110. Does Anyone Own A JMI Medium Wheeley Bar With The 5" Wheels?
  111. Non-Standard Visual Filters for Planetary Observing with Small Aperture Telescopes
  112. New line of Tele Vue Bandmate nebula filters
  113. Does anyone own an Orion Deluxe Mini 50mm Guide Scope with Helical Focuser?
  114. CGE mount on 8se OTA
  115. can two Talentcell 12v 6 mAh batteries be paralleled for double current?
  116. filter wheel question, getting a bit desperate here......
  117. Looking for replacement for DS-2000 Smart Finder (RED DOT)
  118. Orion dual finder scope problem
  119. 90 finder
  120. RACI Problem
  121. Cigarette lighter plug for hairdryer
  122. focal reducer for small refractor?
  123. An accessory made of paper not glass
  124. Ever notice how the little things add up?
  125. Laser collimator
  126. Poor mans version of JMI Hand Controller Bracket for SE telescopes
  127. Connect Kowa photo adapter to 1.25'' hole?
  128. Focal Reducer/Flattener Help
  129. Barlow Magnification Question
  130. Dark site power requirements
  131. AstroZap Focusing Cap with Bahtinov Mask
  132. Good Buy? Orion SkyView Deluxe 4.5" EQ $100
  133. Mounting rings for Meade 10
  134. refurbishing a Meade scope
  135. Optimal Telrad Placement On My OTA
  136. Orion SSAG PRO MONO connection issues...
  137. Filter slide? Any other options or hacks?
  138. Accessories for 8" dob reflector?
  139. First Light for my Upgrades
  140. Spacer ring question
  141. William Optics Binoviewer...OMG!!! (mini report)
  142. Filter wheels
  143. Another upgrade question - filters this time
  144. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.....
  145. More stuff to spend lots of money on
  146. Orion Cases on Sale
  147. Celestron Star Sense and restricted views
  148. Celestron Sky Portal
  149. Rigel Quick Finder
  150. Rifle scope as Finderscope????
  151. Inexpensive light shield
  152. Getting Telescope from A to B
  153. Telescope control via Wifi/Bluetooth.
  154. Flip mirror?
  155. Guide Scope Option
  156. How to see cables in the dark
  157. Celestron Barlow with a Z10
  158. Whats a good set of gloves?
  159. Dusty scope
  160. The Big Question -- How Do You Organize The Ever-Growing Menagerie of Gear?
  161. Dobsonian tracking
  162. Artifical star and mirrors...
  163. Coma corrector - part 2
  164. Flattener - Is 55mm Nivarna?
  165. New diagonal?
  166. Turret eyepice accessory
  167. Looking for a custom adapter
  168. TS optics filters
  169. New mount for Celestron 8se
  170. 12V 220W Compact Portable In Car 2 Speed Hair Dryer - To remove dew
  171. Where would you mount your telrad?
  172. Coma corrector for strictly visual use
  173. Bag/case for Celestron Nexstar 127SLT?
  174. How to achieve prime focus on an Orion XT10g.
  175. For extended cold weather viewing
  176. Tube Ring to Dovetail Spacers
  177. Scope Mount Rings
  178. Astronomy chair
  179. laser as finder scope & brkt.
  180. Dob Fan Battery Pack Storage - quik on board mount
  181. Seperating stuck Astro adaptors
  182. High quality red LED flashlight?
  183. Dew Controllers - experiences & recomendations?
  184. 'Dew Not" heating strips
  185. Antares 0.5x focal reducer - calc real reduction factor
  186. Ok who's gonna try one?
  187. Baader uhc-s l-booster filter how good ?
  188. Secret Santa Gift
  189. Farpoint/Glatter collimator help.
  190. Celestron Simple Type EQ2 motor drive
  191. star spikes with new mirror in refractor telescope
  192. Finally getting a Celestron Starsense Autoalign!
  193. Baader Planetarium Bright Blue 470nm Bandpass Filter for 1.25" Occulars
  194. Just need to vent
  195. I've got a collimation dilemma
  196. Just Ordered a Rigel Step Motor
  197. Anyone tried one of these..?
  198. Solar view finder
  199. DIY Denver Observing Chair (Mk)1 finally finished!
  200. AVX mount PC control
  201. Equatorial wedge celestron nexstart SCT 6
  202. Dewstrip question
  203. Great idea! Thanks JG!
  204. Collimating my laser collimator
  205. Is there a Doctor in the House
  206. Soft-Sided Telescope Case - Holy Cow!
  207. Dovetail bar for mounting a guide scope
  208. 1.25" and 2" filter wheels for visual observing
  209. Two Meade Discontinued UWA eyepieces on eBay.
  210. Hershel wedge.
  211. Got my first Naglers !
  212. I would like some opinions
  213. marking the drawtube for focusing
  214. Heater strip on ST80?
  215. When and how to use counterweights
  216. Either red dot is an id10T, or I am...
  217. filter advice for moon and bright planets
  218. DIY telescope Blind
  219. Power Supply
  220. Need info re Newtonian Optisan Star 800203
  221. Orion 2" filter slider with SCT??
  222. Has anyone tried the Alera IL stool as observing chair? (Costco - $75)
  223. Diagonal: Mirror vs. Prism?
  224. Question about dew heaters
  225. SCT and Equip. Case
  226. Questions about Antares 2" 2MD-D Star Diagonal
  227. I see and ad for a used ES 8x50mm ST Finderscope
  228. Clam shell/tube holder vs. Parallax rings for imaging?
  229. My travel setup
  230. Unable to Focus Guidescope with EP and Diagonal
  231. herbs or supliments to enhance your night vision
  232. Getting into auto-guiding
  233. Want to kill vibration in your mount ??? on the cheap 3-8 second reduction
  234. Denver Observing Chair, built in one day!
  235. Colimation Tools
  236. So what does Sharpcap connect to?
  237. Not sure what it's called, but I need a band clamp that goes around my C8 SCT
  238. An ironic thread
  239. Desiccant in the OTA?
  240. Barlow Lens with pinhole end?!
  241. Which scope for a focuser stepper motor for AP?
  242. Why was my post shunned?
  243. RACI finder losing alignment - common issue?
  244. Are there any soft or hard cases to only carry an OTA as a carry baggage in plane?
  245. Celestron Skyportal Wifi Module and GPS
  246. New to Forum / Solar Filter Sheets
  247. Need to make solar filter - need advice
  248. 2" Orion UltraBlock Filter?
  249. Battery to power my equipment in the field
  250. Gosky 1.25 Inch Light Pollution Filter -- thumbs up or thumbs down?