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  1. What Do You Look For In Weather Reports To Determine Night Sky Transparency?
  2. What was exact day of Sirius heliacal rising in 7 BCE?
  3. Epsilon Bootis, past and present.
  4. Woo, this hasn't looked this good in a long time
  5. Need Help With Twin Stars
  6. computer astronomy
  7. Best Night Sky Events of May 2019
  8. Looking for a specific type of computer software.
  9. M104 a hit tonight
  10. Best Night Sky Events of April 2019
  11. Video Of The Moons Of Uranus Through A Telescope
  12. Ayer y hoy
  13. A Triple Event for Me Tonight
  14. Another Pittsburgh Meteor
  15. How to find globular cluster M3
  16. How Do I upload An Imade At Astronomyforum?
  17. M81/82 and M35 in the City with the ST80
  18. Memorising star position abilities.
  19. Best Night Sky Events of February 2019
  20. Southern Cross Question
  21. Theories on a flashing light observed by friends?
  22. Eros close approach.
  23. Viewing Report - Sirius, Mars, Moon
  24. Constellation Abbreviations: Where did they come from?
  25. Need help in identifying this star, please.
  26. Would You Like To See Some Red!
  27. Best Night Sky Events of January 2019
  28. What did you learn about you and your hobby this year?
  29. Albireo: Double or fake? What say yee?
  30. Visible stars within our 50 light year neighborhood
  31. I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested
  32. Trick to make your iPhone screen darker
  33. Geminid meteor shower
  34. What's in the Perseus Arm?
  35. Best Night Sky Events of December 2018
  36. BBC Sky at Night: "Guide to the Galaxies" video
  37. Fogging up of an eyepiece in colder weather?
  38. nothing to do,having a drink
  39. Comet 46P/Wirtanen
  40. Pleiades and Mars
  41. Cool evening viewing
  42. Of Toadstools and Tennis Rackets
  43. Best Night Sky Events of November 2018
  44. Should This Hobby Include The Clouds?
  45. See the Milky Way early November ?
  46. My last Messier - M77!
  47. Best Night Sky Events of October 2018
  48. Another Observing List Generator
  49. Deep deep Stellarium web version
  50. Flare Star Catalog
  51. Best Night Sky Events of September 2018
  52. Help Identify My Bortle!
  53. Cheap laser finder
  54. One Year Anniversary of 8/21/2017 eclipse (plus a few days)
  55. Observe Dark Nebulae with Binoculars
  56. Glow Stiks
  57. The Brightest Planetary Nebulae Observing Atlas
  58. Symbiotic Stars Catalog
  59. S Type Stars Catalog
  60. Seeking another answer
  61. Weird 'meteor' last night
  62. Green Vs Red light for NV
  63. M20, m8, m16, m17 & m24
  64. Best Night Sky Events of August 2018
  65. Perseid Meteor Shower
  66. Variable Star Atlas
  67. Observing Log or Journal
  68. Question about Double Star Postion Angle
  69. Observing Carbons
  70. Solar Corona Research
  71. Calling All Southern Hemisphere Carbon Star Observers
  72. How many galaxies can you see from Earth with naked eye and between galaxies....
  73. Best Night Sky Events of July 2018
  74. getting back
  75. Hubble's Messier Catalouge
  76. Look at this for a picture of bright moon at night
  77. Whats is this light in night sky?
  78. Alpha Centauri Radiating 3 Lines to the Naked Eye
  79. After 31 days of observing
  80. Looking for a star's name
  81. Best Night Sky Events of June 2018
  82. May 2018
  83. Extremely bright object moving across the night sky
  84. Did you know that 42 of the 88 constellations are animals?
  85. Got it! Finally Finished the Herschel 400.
  86. Got my first view of Jupiter the other night.
  87. Best Night Sky Events of May2018
  88. Runaway Star, And It's Big!
  89. Polk County FL, viewing sites
  90. Best Night Sky Events of April 2018
  91. The moon - old nemisis now new friend
  92. Small Star Party in Goldendale Washington in mid May!
  93. 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Updates
  94. How to find objects in a image ??
  95. What Cell Phone For SkySafari?
  96. 2018 Perseid Shower (et al)
  97. Weird question about nebulae
  98. Best Night Sky Events of March 2018
  99. The view from within a globular cluster
  100. Anyone else excited about galaxy season?
  101. Would you use a remote scope if the cost was really reasonable? Club Research
  102. Binoviewer for Outreach?
  103. NASA's New Horizion sends back new photo's
  104. Where is a goood site in Joshua Tree, coming from S/E side
  105. Documenting Observations
  106. Objects Passing Through Field of View
  107. VLT HD time-lapse video
  108. Best Night Sky Events of February 2018
  109. I need this
  110. Stars named for ease of recognition
  111. Does anyone just "look"
  112. Messier Catalog
  113. What am I seeing? M36 / M38
  114. Outreach at restaurant venue
  115. Local Group Galaxies
  116. Clear in NC last night
  117. Best Night Sky Events of January 2018
  118. Snow lightens the sky?
  119. Astronomy Koan #1
  120. M74
  121. HEQ 5 - It was all going so well....
  122. Best Night Sky Events of December 2017
  123. Heading to Cassiopeia Tonight
  124. It's been a long time
  125. Lunar Occultation of Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) Tonight!
  126. Bad night to view the Moon
  127. Best Night Sky Events of November 2017
  128. International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN)
  129. I did it, yes I did. I ordered LOTS of clouds!!
  130. Moon clearly visible for entire day?
  131. Red and white dwarves: chasing down the runts.
  132. Observing Stars with Planetary Systems
  133. Easy to handle double star catalogue
  134. Best Night Sky Events of October2017
  135. September
  136. NRO-42 Launch from DCT
  137. Splitting Albierio
  138. ** 2018 Mars opposition **
  139. Sun's Sibling Found
  140. I may have brought doom on my trees
  141. 15minutes later for work
  142. Black Diamond headlamp
  143. Zodiacal Light
  144. Best Night Sky Events of September 2017
  145. Star Party next week
  146. Stargazing With People Who Know What They Are Doing - Worth It!
  147. Fireball over DCT
  148. Odd Weather
  149. Lightning Flashes
  150. The darkest skies in the world?
  151. Too Northerly for the Southerly Planets?
  152. Long Infrared Nights
  153. Asteroid Florence
  154. Identifying Help
  155. Cloudy Skies all night
  156. Observing, cloudy weather and global warming
  157. Going to my first Star Party tonight!
  158. No alignment stars in observing window and clouds moved in
  159. One from Coventry City Centre
  160. Fog and clouds nearly every night this month
  161. Bay Area moon rising in the early evening of August 7th 2017
  162. Best Night Sky Events of August 2017
  163. What was that? Any and all ideas welcome
  164. You can catch more flies with honey
  165. ASASSN-17hx in Scutum
  166. Clear Skies in Wales!
  167. What scope rig are you using tonight?
  168. Best Night Sky Events of July 2017
  169. Star charts
  170. Glorious! Dark Sky trip & my new 12" ES Truss Dob
  171. Another telescope session
  172. Bargain of the day
  173. Solar Eclpise - Impact on Solar Power Production
  174. Best Night Sky Events of June 2017
  175. The Fast and the Curious
  176. Want To Hear From Our Extreme Northern Members
  177. Texas Star Party roll-call!
  178. Best Night Sky Events of May 2017
  179. Observing under heavily polluted skies
  180. Darker lands for brighter times
  181. Shenandoah Big Meadow Star Gazing
  182. NASA Releases New Globe Night Image(s)
  183. My eclipse blog
  184. Some great viewing last night
  185. tonights viewing
  186. Best Night Sky Events of April 2017
  187. Great Mercury Viewing Coming Up
  188. Observing from a cruiseship
  189. Help with what i see.
  190. Amazing views from the mountains.
  191. Southern astronomical delights an introductory perspective
  192. Best Night Sky Events of March 2017
  193. Southern Astronomical Delights
  194. Galaxy hunting magnifcation question
  195. What are some good objects to show small kids when the Moon is not visible?
  196. First Andromeda Sighting!
  197. I'm Going Stir Crazy!
  198. Fri Jan 31
  199. Best Night Sky Events of February 2017
  200. Scouting new observing locations
  201. Monday Jan 30 Viewing
  202. A quick and dirty observation from yesterday
  203. book
  204. Have you seen Canopus?
  205. Favorite outreach moments
  206. Moon Vs Light pollution - A question
  207. Excellent Online Atlas/Deep Sky Database
  208. Super Nova or a Flashbulb ?
  209. View On or Close to the Beach
  210. I Saw the Milk in the Milky Way
  211. Walking in the night - improving the observing skills
  212. Some quick tips for controlling your scope with SkySafari (with an Android)
  213. My viewing last night in South Africa
  214. Happy New Year
  215. Ensenada, BC!!!
  216. Friedrich Struve catalog of double stars - primary source :)
  217. Evil Orb Buzzkill
  218. Double Star Color Real & Perceived - Good read from Bob King
  219. Unbelieveable Meteorite...
  220. winter fest
  221. Tonights Sky?
  222. Help with a star
  223. This is totally working for me - az & alt
  224. Strange object in the sky
  225. Uranus viewing 18 Nov 2016
  226. Comet 45P\Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
  227. Quadrantids 2017
  228. Trip to Joshua Tree NP
  229. Better choice of binoculars
  230. Take the Pleiades Challenge!
  231. Observing DSOs on Moonlit Nights
  232. Relative coming to town, suggestions needed.
  233. Learning to look around the field
  234. Lots of good stuff coming up this month
  235. Trip to Lowell Observatory, AZ
  236. Just went to spruce knob.
  237. New Bright Nova in Sagittarius
  238. Clear skies!!? 1 star please
  239. Blocking Neighbors Lights?
  240. Database of Clusters?
  241. Stargazing safety
  242. The Astronomy League's Double Star List - How to find them!
  243. Check lists
  244. In the middle of the night
  245. Dark Sky Around Spartanburg, SC
  246. Enhanced Planisphere and R.A. slide rule
  247. Next trip: New Zealand or South Africa
  248. The angry red planet mars seen
  249. Pleiades
  250. make a photo log book for discoveries