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  1. Space junk, satellite, or ET
  2. How do I......
  3. Nice public observing event-
  4. Globulars Globulars and Globulars !!!
  5. Found a new dark-sky site!
  6. OR: A night in a parking lot
  7. New Revised S.A.C. DSO List
  8. Seriously shocked!! Did anyone see them??
  9. What does the better half say to your hobby?
  10. meteorite?
  11. When will andromeda be visible?again
  12. Chaco Canyon
  13. Milky Way
  14. Skeeters II
  15. Bizarre phenomena
  16. Would it be safe to look at Betelguese with a telescope ?
  17. Tonight
  18. Antares
  19. Is It Safe To Stare At The Sun.......
  20. Article in the New York Times - Ex-Spy Telescope
  21. Stars are seen from Earth but not space?
  22. New supernova near ngc4424
  23. Advice!
  24. Study on stargazing
  25. Earth crossing asteroid 2012 KT42
  26. Easy build: an iPad night enclosure.
  27. Near Earth asteroid 2012 KP24
  28. Help identifying a galaxy please
  29. Naked eye....very dark sky....impressive views!
  30. M97 The Owl Nebula
  31. Giving talks about astronomy this summer
  32. Pictures of the Solar Eclipse 2012
  33. What did I see?
  34. M53 and adjacent globular cluster
  35. Annular Solar Eclips ???
  36. Transit of Venus 06-06-2012 : visibility
  37. Sometimes it's best to go in blind...
  38. Have to say good bye to Iowa skies!
  39. Making Out Centaurus
  40. Saw M13 for the first time!
  41. Moon Struck
  42. My First Light - finally!
  43. Cool Picture with a LOL at the end
  44. Darn clouds
  45. What to View
  46. Had a good night till the scope went silly
  47. Scored some great views lastnight
  48. Got a few nice ones through the ep this evening. Saturn, our Moon and Venus! :-)
  49. Changing UK weather?
  50. Stunning NASA time-lapse video shows journey around Earth
  51. 4 21 12 Sagittarius Super Nova
  52. lyrids tonight
  53. Dont forget the Lyrids meteor shower this week end
  54. i,m back and what a treat! M101!!!!
  55. How do you prepare for a night of observing
  56. I came, I looked,..I saw. Wow!
  57. Help need advice before I lose patience and sell my new scope
  58. Double Stars
  59. Great Cluster in Hercules (M13)
  60. Astronomy Accessory Kit
  61. Fantastic Night at the Lake!
  62. "Punching holes" through clouds.
  63. Article on Light Pollution in Britain
  64. Good night Tuesday for Iota Cancer view.
  65. Perspective
  66. Do you ever think - "Should I, or Shouldn't I"?
  67. I can see clearly now...
  68. Pros and Cons on a laser pointer
  69. Got me a new platform!
  70. It's blinking
  71. April 2012 Telescopic Comets
  72. Weekly online Star Party every Sunday.
  73. Is this an April Fool Joke?
  74. The Bay of Rainbows!
  75. In Need of Target Advice
  76. Deep sky objects with new telescope
  77. The Scale of the Universe
  78. Did anyone see this happen tonight?
  79. Moon, Jupiter and Venus. 25/3/12
  80. Identifying objects in the sky
  81. 127 in top form! Fog out but caught a cluster and a galaxy!
  82. What to look for tonight
  83. Did my Telescope do well or not?
  84. The rings on that collimator!!???
  85. It is amazing what you see under dark skies
  86. The amazing colors at sunset! Got these snaps!
  87. This should make us all feel a little less important.
  88. Great Sky from Suffolk tonight
  89. First post, venus image question
  90. Scale of the Universe
  91. Di you ever see such a pathetic thing?
  92. Aurora Alert
  93. An Observatory of my own--Just dreaming
  94. help with star id
  95. How to track a 'Near-Earth' object? Asteroids..etc
  96. A New Discovery (for me)
  97. I might catch the moon!!!!!!!!!!
  98. Fireball
  99. Aurora Map
  100. Light Pollution
  101. ESO in Chile
  102. Defect of illumination of Mars
  103. Adventures with a CGEM DX
  104. Viewing Mars with a big telescope!
  105. Dark Adaped Vision
  106. Excellent meteor sighting
  107. March Messier Marathon Madness!!!!
  108. "Baby" stars in the Orion Nebula
  109. Interesting things to observe in Bortle 8,9?
  110. something north of jupiter
  111. Planet viewing
  112. Star charts with Messiers to catch! Hopefully!
  113. near-Earth-object passed between us and the Moon last week
  114. Meteor shower?
  115. Occultations of stars by planets
  116. Superposed Telrad finder mod for S&T's Pocket Sky Atlas
  117. First Light Report with XT10i
  118. Questions asked at your outreach experiences?
  119. Zodiac Lights in Tucson, Arizona?
  120. Carina
  121. Nothing "worked" tonight...
  122. Longest time w/ clouds
  123. Conjunction Venus-Uranus
  124. gap in the (ever present?)clouds M42 etc.
  125. Typical !!!
  126. Quick help with Astrolabe question
  127. Good weather tonight in the PNW!
  128. 7 Wonders of the Solar System(watch on line)
  129. Pinpoints of light
  130. a Cheap refractor and a fair eyepiece...
  131. Jupiter tonight
  132. Close Up Images Of Mars
  133. Jupiter naked eye before sunset
  134. How many satelites did u see??
  135. Caught this one yesterday evening! :-))
  136. Star gazing! Is it a lonely hobby?
  137. Decent night but frustrating!
  138. Crescent moon with Venus (Pic not so good!) :-(
  139. There's a minor aurora in progress just now (Edinburgh Scotland)
  140. new to stargazing help keep the interest
  141. orion deepmap 600
  142. STOP PRESS : Telescope sales on Amazon up 600%
  143. Caught Mars through the Ep! :-)
  144. A good nights hunting! I,m happy :-)
  145. $*#)($)@#* dew!
  146. Heading to a blue zone in Florida!
  147. "The City Dark" documentary gets good NYT review
  148. What got u into gazing at the heavens?
  149. A new way to label constellations?
  150. BBC Stargazing LIVE tonight 8,30pm
  151. Clouds
  152. White star-like object to the right of moon!!
  153. What do you get out of looking at the heavens?
  154. New Asterism?
  155. Conjunction Venus-Neptune
  156. Galaxies and Clusters?
  157. Kepler 22b- Is there life on it?
  158. What will Andromeda Galaxy look like with my telescope?
  159. Suns orbit
  160. Jupiter for the first time
  161. This is why I hate American media. Stargazing Live Show.
  162. DId anyone else see the Quadrantids shower?
  163. Sun gazing!
  164. UK Clear Sky Map
  165. Star cluster Taurus
  166. How dark are your skies?
  167. Occultation of the asteroid 4 Vesta
  168. Sirius
  169. Short but productive viewing session tonight!
  170. You Might NOT Be An Astronomer If You Think That...
  171. What is this object in Southern Spain? (photo)
  172. Any Good Ways To Learn The Night Sky?
  173. Just a little moan about the cloud
  174. How can you measure seeing and transparency?
  175. Whats Your Favorite Thing To Observe In The Night Sky?
  176. what did I see sunday night?
  177. Jupiter with only 1 satellite
  178. A steady train of Satellites passing through Orion tonight
  179. Binary Stars and Diffraction rings: Confusing me ..
  180. This forum saved me money!
  181. Star Diadem?
  182. Dear Light Pollution...
  183. flashing star
  184. I just saw a bright "FLASH" in the sky.
  185. Help with personalized plates
  186. Healthy Astronomy
  187. It's kind of like fishing.....
  188. Help
  189. Finally! Able to observe again.
  190. Any sky parties in the Mesa Arizona area
  191. What was the first object you saw in your telescope?
  192. good observing: yuba city/wheatland/sutter buttes area?
  193. My sky sucks, what can I look at? (light pollution)
  194. Dont forget the Geminids tonight
  195. Questions on three different stars
  196. What's your favorite constellation(s) and why?
  197. When the moon hits your eye...
  198. To get filters or not
  199. Saturday's Lunar Eclipse
  200. Observing Qua sar 3C 273
  201. Rain rain go away!!!
  202. TUCSON: I need some advice for the Lunar Eclipse saturday morning.
  203. Public telescope ...
  204. A very nice telelscope
  205. Detail in the andromeda galaxy?
  206. The weather channel...lol
  207. The sky at night magazine, My Jupiter pic`s
  208. Just some relaxation...
  209. Finally saw something nice!
  210. Carbon Stars for your Planetarium, and some Mira Variables
  211. Stars with visible color?
  212. I was about ready to give up...
  213. over polluted ski's tonight
  214. best object to see as a beginner
  215. which object above took longest...
  216. Partial solar eclipse 25 November 2011
  217. Transparency and visibility
  218. `The night sky is a tantalising tease.
  219. deep space chart anyone?
  220. analyzing trails of moons in photograph of Jupiter
  221. Aurora web cam
  222. Pic of the day from NASA
  223. Comet Elenin
  224. Who's planning on trying to see the solar eclipse in 2017?
  225. refractor or reflector
  226. Not 2005 YU55, but what was it?
  227. ISS Toolbag
  228. Conjunctions Mercury-Venus-Mars-Alpha Sco-Alpha Leo
  229. Asteroid 2005 YU55 Location ?
  230. Dark spots
  231. Near Earth asteroid
  232. Help me to observe garrad ?
  233. Report from Kampala, Uganda
  234. Have a new Astro nut in my household!
  235. Favorite double star scope?
  236. saw mercury
  237. Night Sky Star Chart a little off?
  238. YU-55 Asteriod near earth pass!
  239. TWO moons' shadows on jupiter! (anyone know which ones they were??_
  240. Last night
  241. Just curious....
  242. How did your passion for astronomy get started?
  243. Which is your favourite star constellation?
  244. Which is your favourite nebula?
  245. So far the best viewing night
  246. M5
  247. aurora borealis
  248. Lots of light pollution but best view of Jup ever
  249. Long range weather forecast for U.S. observing...
  250. Detail on jupiter