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  1. M82 Possible Image of the Supernova
  2. Viewing M45
  3. fun facts about the M82 supernova
  4. first light recomendations
  5. Priority! Supernova in M82 - may soon be able to see with binocular!
  6. 17 nights in - sanity restored!
  7. Interpreting SQM Data
  8. Stargazing dates for your (electronic) diary
  9. Apparently don't bother looking for borealis until the chart goes nuts
  10. Viewing brief for Jan 6, 2014
  11. A star set to explode
  12. how to calculate star position?????
  13. Lyra Constellation
  14. Nova Centauri 2013 Turns Pink
  15. is the clock running out on Betelgeuse?
  16. Aperature need to see Andromeda galaxy in color?
  17. Stargazing parties
  18. Awesome image of Lovejoy and a meteor
  19. Winter stargazing: Gloves?
  20. First Look at Venus, Searching for Neptune & Uranus
  21. How Dark Is Your Sky? An Easy Way To Measure
  22. Seeing LMC/SMC from Thailand
  23. Cmdr Chris Hadfield - Book Signing
  24. How many stars are dead?
  25. The Science Channel: SUPERCOMET ISON 2013 (December 7th, 2013)
  26. Tracking speed
  27. A Naked Eye Nova Erupts in Centaurus
  28. DIY: Using MiniDV Cam with a Dobsonian telescope
  29. Tonights treats out there.
  30. What was that? Help!
  31. Did you know ??
  32. How/When to see ISON near NYC
  33. Question about pulsars!?
  34. Visiting Kielder Forest (UK Dark Site)
  35. Stumbled across an interesting View!
  36. Foodlights on Table Mountain Cape Town: severe light pollution ?
  37. 6 tailed comet P/2013 P5
  38. Lovejoy
  39. Where is the milky way?
  40. How do you plan out your night?
  41. Two stars close together, near Vega ??
  42. Cosmos - revisited
  43. Solar eclipse 3th November 2013
  44. Taurids are coming up
  45. How good is stargazing out the window of a passanger jet at 35,000 ft?
  46. I May Be Crazy
  47. Fantastic Evening...YeeHa
  48. Comet ISON Resources
  49. Brrrrrr, it's cold out here!!!!
  50. Where have the dark skies gone?
  51. Darkest skies in US?
  52. What to do with a full moon
  53. M57 Ring Nebula
  54. No talk about the Draconids!
  55. International Observing the Moon Night
  56. Visiting British Columbia
  57. Tonights observation from NE Florida
  58. New gadgets - M27 more or less identifiable
  59. The 31st Annual NOVAC Star Gaze
  60. tonights observations..........
  61. Observing Alert: Rare Triple Transit Of Jupiterís Moons Happens Friday Night (Oct. 11
  62. The Draconid meteor shower peaked tonight, 1st time for me!
  63. Some Caldwell hunting
  64. Why can't I see any black sky even at a Bortle class 2 site?
  65. Comet ISON Update - Interesting Story
  66. Bortle Class 1 This Weekend - I'm Actually Excited!
  67. Tablet for astronomy?
  68. The Coathanger Cluster Cluster? And two UFO's!
  69. Constellations or Myths first?
  70. Call for small-scope Observers
  71. need a plan for 8 inch first light
  72. Filters on different objects, what's your preference?
  73. Breaking out of the messier shell
  74. What was Your Longest Consecutive Night-time Observing Streak?
  76. Enif already!
  77. NGC 884 and NCG 869
  78. I plan to bring my binoculars to work and ask my coworkers to have a look.
  79. There's got to be something wrong here!
  80. Tyc 3979-0591-1
  81. Green laser pointers, for observatory public nights
  82. Help me identify double spiral in sombrero galaxy photo
  83. Need help explaining something I saw in Ursa Minor
  84. Bamberga and Lemmon
  85. My coworkers don't care that constellations can't be seen in the sky.
  86. How can I get my brother to see the Andromeda galaxy?
  87. Crescent Moon and Venus tonight
  88. Circus lights - victory for tonight at least
  89. Some More Messier Objects & Lesson Learnt
  90. My first Messier object!
  91. Last nights astronomy report:
  92. First Light suggestions
  93. Raining cats 'n dobs!
  94. Deep sky object in Constellation of Cygnus
  95. M31
  96. Close Doubles by Seasonal Constellations
  97. One week to go until the Herbert Star Party
  98. Darken Evenings & No Cloud
  99. ISS over Temecula
  100. report 8/23-24 Hemet
  101. Milky Way characteristics
  102. Do we know of Oort clouds around other stars?
  103. Exploding meteor captured on video
  104. a question about polar alignment
  105. Anybody from Alabama?
  106. Did I see Antares move?
  107. A small break in the clouds!
  108. I just realized yesterday we are not in a good place to see the Orion Nebula...
  109. I don't think Vega is the brightest star in the northern hemisphere...
  110. What do you do?
  111. Wierd observation in Sweden mid-1980s. Satellite?
  112. Did I see a spinning satellite?
  113. Comet ISON Debate continues...
  114. has anyone built any observatory goggles?
  115. just chillin the the backyard
  116. Difficult M33?
  117. Milky Way Galaxy questions
  118. Back to Hemet CA - another clear night :)
  119. Starry skies last night in Hemet CA
  120. Andromeda gazing report:
  121. Sky at sea level
  122. Article: The Heartbeat of an Exploded Star
  123. Constellations
  124. What fraction of city sky glow is low pressure sodium?
  125. OK, enough already!
  126. Viewing opportunity missed - feeling guilty!
  127. Red lights in the field
  128. Mosquito invasion - The herb that helps
  129. Returning to Astronomy (and dew)
  130. Lasik surgery and stargazing
  131. where is the most up to date light pollution map?
  132. Clear night tonight in Florida, Taking the GAGs and having alook
  133. Underwhelming
  134. Make the Milky Way a Messier Object? Caldwell 110?
  135. Anyone use SETI@home?
  136. Light Pollution
  137. what else can I see with a inexpensive scope
  138. My darkest sky ever
  139. Clear skies in the forecast
  140. ALMA says, my star is bigger then your star.
  141. hows best to sell ?
  142. Satellites
  143. A Night with Ursa Major and the Milky Way
  144. Best DSO's to hunt with a 6 in Reflector?
  145. Amazing "Double Triple" STF1840 and STF1841 in Ursa Minor
  146. The toughest Messier?
  147. 88 Thisby
  148. Another Amazing Night with our xx12g and Wireless System
  149. Disgusted with Florida for viewing
  150. M4, what magnification
  151. New Stargazer Questions
  152. Astronomy weather 2013
  153. and another thing...
  154. Mercury-Venus-Vesta
  155. Planisphere Recommendations?
  156. Hubble finds planet that shouldn't exist
  157. Satelite seen last night
  158. Strange star that disappeared before my eyes!
  159. You know you've had a good session when .........
  160. Meteor Outburst ALERT!
  161. Gamma Delphinid Meteor Shower Tuesday AM
  162. Large Comet?
  163. Thejoy of the green laser!
  164. Great night
  165. Rewarding Evening of Night Sky
  166. Interesting night
  167. Aurora activity last night
  168. Conjunction asteroid Ceres-Beta Gem
  169. Wales Dark Skies Zone
  170. Near-Earth Asteroid "285263 1998 QE2"
  171. Messier Calander?
  172. An idea for numbering the lunar and planetary craters
  173. Star Occultations
  174. Looking for a friend
  175. Whats the name of this double star?
  176. Reunited with old friends
  177. fort mcmurray
  178. Antares questions?
  179. 24 Coma Berenices
  180. Zero cost galaxy hunting aid
  181. Cables, Stars and Clouds
  182. M51 can blow your socks off.
  183. Izar, Epsilon Bootis
  184. Saturn closest to Earth tonight
  185. i need tuition on this one! - Possible viewing session for the public.
  186. Southern skies from our South Pacific cruise.
  187. NGC 3242 Ghost of Jupiter
  188. Backyard observatory
  189. Messier Marathon
  190. WooHoo All Blue Blocks From Clear Sky Charts
  191. Dark and Clear Skies in Derbyshire
  192. Messier hunt but first a question...
  193. The Limitations of our own Mortaliy
  194. Saturn and the boy...
  195. Aurora Borealis Tonight -- Anyone?
  196. Spring in central usa
  197. Personal Constellations
  198. Golf Courses
  199. Unexpected night out viewing
  200. The 110 Messier hunt has started! :-)
  201. Are all beaches bad locations for stargazing?
  202. Aldebaran Tonight
  203. Change of view
  204. What a night for Star gazing!
  205. Clear Sky, at Last! + M3
  206. Can someone confirm what I am seeing
  207. Anyone on Astronomy Forums discovered a Supernova?
  208. Great night for star gazing
  209. Report on a newly discovered astronomical phenomenon
  210. Betelgeuse
  211. Sidereal time keeper
  212. First "clear" night with nexstar 114gt
  213. Bahtinov mask question
  214. AstroCatalog software for old IPOD touch gen 2?
  215. SkySafari Tips and Tricks
  216. Canon lens for time lapse of the milky way?
  217. Dark Sky Tourism
  218. 21st December night sky
  219. Observing Report, Central Texas, March 12/13
  220. panSTARRS in Stellarium?
  221. Momentary Very Bright Stars
  222. Double star suggestions
  223. Filtered- vs. unfiltered magnitudes, and more
  224. First time Iridium Flare
  225. PanSTARRS from Texas
  226. Eta Carinae
  227. Brief PanStarrs Report from Southeastern US . . . .
  228. Need some opinion
  229. FK5 common star names?
  230. Brightness η Carinae ?
  231. Daylight alignment of equatorial mount and daylight stars viewing
  232. My sons commandeered my Scope!
  233. Any UK residents get to see PannStarrs yet? Post your pics from the Northern Hemi
  234. CalSky - Bad Request
  235. Rosette Nebula
  236. Large telescope vs small telescope
  237. Was this an Iridium flare?
  238. Conjunction Ceres-Beta Tau
  239. Celestial Objects and the Equator
  240. What was special about seeing M44 and M67 tonight?
  241. WTB: anti cloud incantation
  242. Messier Marathon time
  243. Pannstarrs
  244. Looking for TriAtlas B/C set
  245. First Night with my 1145P Skywatcher
  246. Transparency & seeing
  247. Funny Story
  248. Eyes burn after looking at sun through Baader solar film
  249. Telrad Charts or Stellarum
  250. NEW 0.12.0 STELLARIUM: No Sky on My Sceen. Help, please!