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  1. Pre-viewing dark adaptation - red glasses or eyepatch?
  2. Alternate Star Hopping Method?
  3. Bored Today, So.....
  4. Something flew past the moon
  5. Scientists can make a human see (somewhat) in the dark. I like it !
  6. Finally!
  7. Truly inspiring video - a 'must watch'
  8. First night back
  9. Venus tonight?
  10. Stargazing Live tonight
  11. What's the most distant DSO you've resolved in the eyepiece?
  12. New Nova Found
  13. Has anyone seen the sunspots today?
  14. Visual of the Horsehead
  15. Borrego Sprngs, CA?
  16. Best stargazing night yet, but those pesky galaxies...
  17. Cleaning vintage binoculars
  18. Observing withdrawls
  19. Jupiter viewing question
  20. Fun with the laminator
  21. Mars and Venus
  22. Drafting circles for star hopping
  23. No Goto - How many of you?
  24. The shock and awe of stargazing and telescopes. <2007 PBS>
  25. Great Night for Stargazing
  26. DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Filter
  27. What to do on Moonlit nights?
  28. Stargazing from England
  29. solar filters to view our sun question
  30. finally got a glimpse of lovjoy this evening
  31. 2004 bl86
  32. Star charts for use at the EP
  33. Stop Light Pollution
  34. Clear outside ?
  35. Got a weeks worth of clear skies coming up
  36. Seeing, Transparency, and Darkness
  37. Moon Shadows
  38. Comet Lovejoy's Position - Helpful Chart
  39. Hopefully a good weekend's observing!
  40. Friday night/Saturday morning event at Jupiter
  41. New Aurora Map Site Link !
  42. The Best Time of Year for Astronomy
  43. Satellites & Comets
  44. Post laser operation on eyes - Problem with glare
  45. Those Pesky Clouds....
  46. could this be lovejoy?
  47. New set of videos from 'Eyes On the Skies' on Youtube
  48. How do you keep your children interested?
  49. Freezing clear night.
  50. Comet Lovejoy Observation
  51. Early morning phenomena...
  52. Whar sort of magnification do you need for planets?
  53. Meteor shower last night
  54. Online course: In The Night Sky: Orion
  55. What is your most frustrating part of astronomy
  56. Woo-hoo! Look at my Christmas present...
  57. Good observing night with lots of Messiers
  58. Messier Objects
  59. 3 Orange things in the sky?
  60. I love a rainy night
  61. A magnitude caiculator
  62. Festive Lights -- Grumpy Amateur Astronomers
  63. How Many Clear Nights Do You Get?
  64. Great night for Star Gazing
  65. Gould's Belt
  66. Joshua Tree in March anyone?
  67. Dark Skies map - what are you using?
  68. Is the 'Cooling Down Time' Advice Wrong?
  69. Carbon Stars
  70. Help with locating area of night sky based on celestial coordinates
  71. It's Clear...Ha Ha
  72. Great night in Central Florida for Star gazing
  73. Christmas in Hawaii
  74. Careful With Those Laser Pointers...
  75. Does the cold weather affect a telescopes optics
  76. Finally a good night for viewing in Beaverton, Oregon
  77. how to view when disabled
  78. Alert - Possible new nova in Aries
  79. ALMA view of planet formation
  80. Viewing 3C 273
  81. ISS pass over Florida Tomorrow AM
  82. How often do you use your telescope
  83. Best websites that identify upcoming celestial events
  84. Confusion with star names
  85. Where did "did i catch a daytime meteor" get moved to
  86. Could I really see it....
  87. Need some science project ideas
  88. Finally! A break in the rain and clouds!
  89. Urban astronomy
  90. great observing sessions and new finds
  91. Neptune, Uranus & a black cat in a coal cellar
  92. My first light and maybe my first mistake report
  93. a one eyed three legged hound can't hunt
  94. Topic about astronomical events?
  95. My Messier Hunt so far
  96. star hopping ??s
  97. What would you observe through a 100" telescope?
  98. How to you plan your stargazing sessions?
  99. 100,000 Stars
  100. What did I see?
  101. Great World-Wide Star Count
  102. Star Hops After Two Years of Electronic Gadget Dependency
  103. Autumnal Equinox is today, 22 September
  104. I'm just full of myself.
  105. Dealing with floaters, (eyes)
  106. A helping hand for hunting down those Messiers
  107. RAS releases new detailed catalog of the visible Milky Way: 219 million stars!
  108. Differences between Heavens-Above, CometChasing, and TheSkyLive
  109. Which Constellation?
  110. Nhill star party - 24 oct
  111. Scorpius
  112. Distance to Pleiades pinned down by triangulation
  113. Carbon star
  114. Caterpillar Comet
  115. fuzzy fever !!!
  116. Ready for Action
  117. Observing through a 130mm scope
  118. Spectroscopy
  119. My Saturday morning stargazing report
  120. Monthly challenge
  121. Messier objects with binoculars. Just how does one do that and succeed?
  122. Owl Nebula- M97 Attempts at visualization
  123. A clear night - hurrah!
  124. Finding good observation sites...
  125. This weather is tedious
  126. Orion is back. :)
  127. Accidental awesome view of the moon
  128. Perseids Tonight (morning of aug 14 2014)
  129. “A Spacecraft for All”: The Journey of the ISEE-3.
  130. Darkest nights...
  131. First light tonight!
  132. Hoping to get to take the scope out tonight
  133. I thought everyone did this... Az/Alt Dob "Trick"
  134. Apologies in advance
  135. Observing C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) (from Australia)
  136. How easy is it to see the different types of DSOs?
  137. Friday and Saturday at Mt. St. Helens
  138. My backyard sky
  139. July 11 - 12 Supermoon
  140. This is impressive
  141. Ordered a Kendrick Stargate II astronomy tent today
  142. Help identifying triangle within a triangle star alignment
  143. Nebulae question
  144. Maui "Tour of the Stars"
  145. Hoping for clear skies this weekend
  146. UK - Stolen Scope - Mead LX200 10" - Please share, look out for second hand sales
  147. Another awful night thanks to planes
  148. Learn Kepler's& Newton's laws, Escape Velocity, Fairly Easy Site
  149. Antares
  150. Eyepiece recommendation?
  151. What did I see? Two separate fireballs tonight in Calgary, AB
  152. Deal (UK) Expedition
  153. What's the best way to find out which satellites you've viewed?
  154. Amazing transparency in S. Florida tonight
  155. How Do I Use Heavens Above?
  156. sky chart for good vieuwing
  157. Interview at Starlight Festival
  158. I saw the ISS!
  159. First polar align with LX90
  160. You thought the M106 SN was tough? Try for a Nova in M81!
  161. Finding Quasar 3C 273 in my Celestron 8SE?
  162. From Winds to Calm, and Then, Total Bliss
  163. Shooting Star near LA
  164. Supernova in M106
  165. paving stones?
  166. How many of you can see the Milky Way at night? Part II
  167. Think I solved my collimation issue
  168. Sun's Sibling - a good candidate found
  169. Past Perseid Storms In The Last 40 Years
  170. Stars and double stars
  171. Your oldest astronomical equipment?
  172. R.I.P. Dudley Fuller, 1929 - 2014
  173. Saturn Occultation of Moon Best Visible to Observers in Australia
  174. Your favorite 3 astronomical experiences?
  175. fingers crossed for clear skies
  176. Any luck with the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower?
  177. Large daytime meteor over Canada and US Northeast
  178. Wind farms - effects on seeing conditions
  179. Meteor Shower Night of 23 May into early hours of 24 May 2014
  180. Anxious to get out an see the results of my first collimation
  181. Cabin Fever was Lessened Last Night
  182. 1st Star Party
  183. Phone Cover
  184. What power eyepiece do you use when viewing M42
  185. Suggestions wanted for 1st dark sky star party
  186. Lyrid Meteor Shower
  187. Clear Skies again tonight!
  188. Saturn right now
  189. Shooting stars
  190. Sky and Telescope to stop producing Skyweek videos
  191. The Moon and Mars
  192. Wonderful outdoor lighting booooo
  193. Lunar Eclipse Viewing - First Ever Report
  194. Wild night trying to see the lunar eclipse
  195. How "Red" Was the Moon At Your Kocation?
  196. Nobody Has To Miss The Eclipse!
  197. Good luck to Lunar eclipse chasers
  198. Difficulty in Finding objects with AVX GOTO
  199. OzSky Star Safari for northerners
  200. I can see blue sky!!!!!
  201. What to do on a rainy night
  202. Cal Sky
  203. Nova Alert: New one in Cygnus - PNV J20214234+3103296
  204. Had to take a break last night
  205. CNN lists number of dark sky sites
  206. Saharan dust and air pollution
  207. Now under orange urban skies - need words of encouragement
  208. Your Favorite Observing Conditions?
  209. Arcturus
  210. What are the most extreme circumstances you've observed under?
  211. Messier Marathon Woes
  212. Change to summer time
  213. Any recommended binoculars?
  214. Any recommended binoculars?
  215. What apps do you use on your phone for astronomy
  216. Sky & Telescope What to See
  217. What kind of stargazer are you
  218. enjoying the night sky without telescope
  219. how long it took you to buy your scopes
  220. A New Way of viewing the Milky Way
  221. Most Amazing Observations ?
  222. Hoping for clear skies tonight
  223. Stellarium -- a quick question
  224. Reminder to switch settings
  225. I hate cloudy nights
  226. what gives you the biggest buzz
  227. National Stargazing days Belgium / The Netherlands – March 7 -8 -9 2014
  228. First Light with my new ES102ED Triplet
  229. NEO Asteroid DX110
  230. Seeing Over a heated roof
  231. where do you go for weather information?
  232. 4am - Mars & Saturn
  233. Mars and Betelgeuse
  234. Asteroid Pallas Visable
  235. should be a great night for viewing one minor issue
  236. Regulus Occultation on 20 March 2014 - IOTA needs volunteer observers
  237. First real night of viewing
  238. The Darkest Sky You Ever Had?
  239. Project
  240. Asteroid near earth fly-by tonight (Feb 17, 2014)
  241. A Night of Planets and Experimentation
  242. any points of interest tonight?
  243. COMET Arend-Roland an What i Saw 1956-57
  244. Nice view of Jupe and the Moon
  245. Best eyepieces for DSO gazing?
  246. One of the best M82 images I've seen (with SN)
  247. Unique opportunity: Occultation of Regulus Mar 19/20
  248. Help me beat the clouds!
  249. strange object
  250. Looking for "must see" binocular targets to observe in Hawaii?