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  1. The Astronomy League's Double Star List - How to find them!
  2. Check lists
  3. In the middle of the night
  4. Dark Sky Around Spartanburg, SC
  5. Enhanced Planisphere and R.A. slide rule
  6. Next trip: New Zealand or South Africa
  7. The angry red planet mars seen
  8. Pleiades
  9. make a photo log book for discoveries
  10. Saturn found!!!!,
  11. What it's all about!
  12. libra star.constellation
  13. meteor shower app
  14. standing or sitting observating
  15. my first light after iI got my tekescope
  16. awaiting venus
  17. They thought it was a supernova.....but it wasn't....not yet anyway :)
  18. Seasons changing
  19. Mars and Antares
  20. Anybody interested in a desert Halloween? Maybe Calico or Joshua Tree?
  21. Finding a good place to stargaze or photograph
  22. My Perseids Travel Adventure
  23. Rusty but everything still works.
  24. Heliacal Rising Of Sirius
  25. Finding a Good Viewing Site in a New Place
  26. Night Sky: Visible Planets, Moon Phases & Events, August 2016
  27. DarkSiteFinder (to the Sticks and Beyond)
  28. What am I Seeing near Andromeda?
  29. Nearly blind astronomer opens observatory for tourists
  30. Last night was the best seeing that I can remember in NY,
  31. why oh why do i do it to myself
  32. Most objects in one night, so far.
  33. A couple more first time clusters
  34. Andromeda Galaxy - how come HII regions not prominent?
  35. M13 and M92, first time
  36. Hey, I can look out my window and see Africa
  37. First "DSOs" with the new 6" F8
  38. Milky Way observation--a few questions
  39. Digging out really faint fuzzies with an Ortho
  40. Carbon: Z UMi Anyone has thoughts?
  41. My Observing Sites
  42. Jupiter Last Night
  43. My first attempt at a DSO - question re: M13
  44. First night of Good Seeing
  45. Strawberry Moon!
  46. Carbon Star List
  47. eye cups for binoculars DIY?
  48. I was just minding my own Business aligning the Finder scope.
  49. What did I just see?
  50. Laptop screen
  51. What to see in southern NM, USA
  52. Best Night Sky Events of June 2016
  53. Possible Aurora June 4 and 5, 2016
  54. UY Scuti - 3,400 Times Larger Than Our Ol' Sol
  55. Matched-pair Doubles in Bootes
  56. Tried to locate m51, Need help
  57. Summer time scoping?
  58. Naked eye Messier objects
  59. Contract to construct giant telescope
  60. Moon and cloud connection
  61. Who's going to the Julian Starfest
  62. Groombridge 34
  63. Doubles In Virgo
  64. Astronomy Day
  65. Double Stars Anyone?
  66. Looking at the scale of things!
  67. Some More Doubles
  68. Hubble POV
  69. Who did this?
  70. Got some doubles in last night
  71. How Long Do You Observe An Object?
  72. The New Explore Scientific FCD100 Triplet APO 127 coming out in July
  73. Australian Outback Timelapse
  74. Best Night Sky Events of May 2016
  75. Why are ray systems not so visible near the terminator?
  76. Dark Sky Chart... Different Colors?
  77. Fighting Astigmatism
  78. DSO List for Binoculars
  79. Split Sirius!
  80. Finally got to see Jupiter
  81. Trying to understand Parallax
  82. Who's planning on trying to see the solar eclipse in 2017?
  83. Double Star Marathon
  84. Bino Mount Options and Red Lights
  85. March Video
  86. Clear Sky Charts Question...Cloud Cover?
  87. Best Night Sky Events of April 2016
  88. Roofline turbulence
  89. Next big astronomical event
  90. Flashing Star
  91. Pollen
  92. Great night for Star gazing
  93. 20 minutes under a hole in the clouds
  94. RASC NGC Finest Objects SkySafari Observing List
  95. focal reducer vs eyepiece
  96. Aurora Alert
  97. Scary uncomfortable experience trying out supposedly dark site.
  98. Everything you ever wanted to know about Charles Messier
  99. Best Night Sky Events of March 2016
  100. Clear, for a bit and bad planning.
  101. Great ISS Live Streaming Site!
  102. Is that really a galaxy?
  103. Trapezium E and F
  104. Comet and Binos
  105. Before I turn left at Orion
  106. NELM Question.
  107. pliedes question
  108. Light Pollution
  109. Location of the constellations along the Milky Way
  110. The Digital Universe Atlas
  111. Sharing sources to study constellations
  112. Laser pointer or Telrad for star hopping.
  113. February 7th the second good viewing night of 2016 in Portland
  114. Anyone been to Arifjan?
  115. Best Night Sky Events of February 2016
  116. remember the kids
  117. K Pup & Markab???
  118. Question on Seeing/Transparency
  119. This AM 1/25/16
  120. S&T Constellation Basics Webinar
  121. Jan 20, 2016 Cool Clear Night for Observing
  122. Observer's Inn - Julian, CA
  123. A Brief Session with a New Scope in the Sub-Zero Cold
  124. Portland Oregon area finally a clear night 1/10/16
  125. Comet catalina
  126. First clear night in a while and it's 7 F outside
  127. Star Hopping
  128. Best Night Sky Events of January 2016
  129. Everything you need to know about the Quadrantid meteor shower this January.
  130. New Year's Eve CME, who's seeing it!?
  131. Stargazing 2016
  132. Just whining about the obvious
  133. Think YOUR LP is bad? Look at this!
  134. How to measure degrees through scope?
  135. Best/Greatest WOW Moment
  136. How Do You Record Your Observations?
  137. Finding Wolf 1061 ( HIP 80824 and V2306 Ophiuchi)
  138. First WOW Moment
  139. Volunteering for outreach events and bring the telescope
  140. Asimovs
  141. Help/Suggestions needed
  142. Best Night Sky Events of December 2015
  143. Solar Eclipse 2016
  144. Daily/nightly viewing website
  145. When The Stars Are Not Out....Look at the Clouds!
  146. Everything you need to know about the Geminid meteor shower this December.
  147. Double star 100 list for SkySafari
  148. Comet Catalina is making her appearance!
  149. Relationship between earth's axial tilt and the observed path of sun/planets
  150. Double Stars!!
  151. Constellation Observing - Helpful Or Not?
  152. Did anyone see the aurora last night/this morning?
  153. Best Night Sky Events of November 2015
  154. Can u help me indentify the star i saw (details below)
  155. Viewing last night 28/10/15
  156. Star gazing in Norther Virginia
  157. Attending my first star party in 2 weeks
  158. lyra's double double
  159. There's an asteroid coming
  160. STARFEST 2015 - Bay's Mountain Park and Planetarium
  161. I'll Have A Few Constellations With Some Sprinkle of Meteors
  162. Who knows some interesting, viewable, Star Lore?
  163. Best Night Sky Events of October2015
  164. quick session with a camera shy fuzzy
  165. NASA/JPL's Top 10 Skywatching for October 2015|Video
  166. If there was a city wide power outage..
  167. Lunar Eclipse
  168. Supermoon and Eclipse
  169. Sharing the lunar eclipse with my neighbors
  170. Where do u buy ur asrrophography filters from
  171. Dark Adaptation / Eye Dilating Drops
  172. Any tips for tonight's super moon total eclipse?
  173. Dark skies vs aparature
  174. Finally!!!!
  175. Total Eclipse of the Moon on 9/27/2015
  176. Why do I gaze into the night sky?
  177. Taking advantage of these clear skies
  178. Are any Galaxies or Nebula viewable with Celestron 114 LCM?
  179. Polaris off 10 degrees?
  180. wasn't going out tonight - Pleiades
  181. How do YOU navigate the skies?
  182. Mount and tracker question
  183. the addictions of a computerized mount
  184. Best Night Sky Events of September 2015
  185. Mars, Jupiter & Venus conjunction in October
  186. Fires and the jet stream conspire against astronomy
  187. Not sure what's worse...
  188. 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower Aug 13
  189. Perseid's 2015-the best & worst ever
  190. Eric Whitacre's "Deep Field"
  191. East coast trip
  192. How many perseids can be seen on the 16th?
  193. Thats no meteor....its an ISS!
  194. Quick question on the Perseid shower tonight....
  195. Who is taking Thursday off?
  196. Perseid meteor shower expected to be stellar
  197. Bortle Scale Query
  198. Dismal Weather and a brief viewing.
  199. Best Night Sky Events of August 2015
  200. Everything you need to know about the Perseid meteor shower this August
  201. Vacation time and the perseids
  202. Orientation of Earth relative to our galactic core
  203. Did some real-time observing (vs imaging) for a change!
  204. Spotting a star by general direction and color temperature
  205. Kepler-452
  206. I believe I've located Andromeda Galaxy :)
  207. Target for first light in Ursa Minor?
  208. Alternatives to Polaris alignment? I can't see Polaris
  209. Portable rich field telescopes- good as a second scope (Moon/Venus Conjunction 7/18)
  210. backyard astronomy
  211. Strange Objects spotted
  212. Ye Old Milky-Way
  213. Looks like a great evening ahead
  214. Are the Canadian fires affecting your observing?
  215. Quiz of the week - What's this?
  216. First sights of Saturn and Venus
  217. Lowest altitude object you've observed?
  218. Durban SA and Folkestone UK. A different view.
  219. Sitting next to Stellarium
  220. Best Night Sky Events of July 2015
  221. Surface brightness
  222. New Star Gazing Strategy
  223. 50 Shades of Twilight
  224. clouds... moon... air... SHOOT! Air wins!
  225. First Ever Night Out!!!
  226. Places to camp/ stargaze in Maryland
  227. What are Your Star Hopping Techniques?
  228. Andromeda vs. M51 please help!
  229. Aurora alert!
  230. Waiting on the clouds to disappear
  231. Ophiuchus
  232. Wow! Anyone watching Jupiter last night?
  233. First timers
  234. Target Suggestions for the Southern Sky
  235. Thinking about going on a camping trip
  236. Time for some camping, observing and relaxation!
  237. What was that bright light?
  238. First light AVX and ES 127ED (part 1, 2,...)
  239. I know I'm not crazy...
  240. Anyone planning stargazing party in Yellowstone?
  241. First time with my new Orion XT6. Deep sky recommendations?
  242. Fireball seen from my apartment in Miami FL ( around May 11-13)?
  243. What will the sky look like in year 27,800 AD?
  244. Can we start a Kickstarter campaign to build a temple to the NEPHELAI ??
  245. What is the best light tool for pointing out stars in the night sky?
  246. Meade 911B Broadband nebula/lp filter
  247. Transparency and DSOs
  248. Never give up
  249. Short notice, but time for a quikie trip?
  250. Seeing Forecast Web Page!