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  1. NGC 5044 and NGC 5054 galaxy group
  2. attach a celestron 8-24 zoom to a ccd camera
  3. Canon 7Ti camera Light Pollution filter issue
  4. trying to do light frames with help from friend now I am confused
  5. Coma and other issues
  6. Need the right size polar alignment scope
  7. Rokinon 14 MM
  8. how to polar align for AP without being able to see Polaris
  9. Starizona Hyperstar 6" bargain!
  10. Which should i buy? Sky Guider Pro vs skywatcher star adventurer pro
  11. Hey, newbie to astrophotography and night landscape
  12. I need a filter drawer...
  13. Need advice for a second scope
  14. Prime focus astrophotography using 2x barlow
  15. Astrophotography enthusiast trying to capture the night sky on a budget
  16. General CCD questions.
  17. Problem - Celestron Off-Axis Guider with ZWO ASI174MM Planetary Camera, Please help
  18. Hi, Advice required for getting into Astro Photography
  19. FPS for lunar/planetary filming
  20. Unstable Moon with PIPP
  21. Suggestions needed for returning hobbyist
  22. Zenithstar 61 or Redcat 51?
  23. Finding filters for both f7 and f2 for the edge 11 and asi294mc, all in one options o
  24. pics
  25. Using a Celestron nexstar 130 SLT for Astrophotography? Some help needed.
  26. Moon Mosaics
  27. My first Saturn...
  28. Telescope type recommendation, reflector or schmidt-cassegrain?
  29. Webcam - projection or direct?
  30. Using BYE and Orion autoguider at the same time
  31. Weird halos around stars in astrophotography
  32. Alignment Procedures
  33. Aviodable T2 vignetting with full-frame DSLR
  34. Collmination or orthogonal issue?
  35. zwo guide scope 60mm
  36. Funstar, has anyone managed to fit corrector/lens on it?
  37. my first iss !
  38. Imaging with a SCT
  39. Problems (?) with Polar Align
  40. noctilucent clouds
  41. The Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project
  42. DSLR / cmos Lens mounting wide field to deep sky.
  43. Celestron Nextimage as guide camera
  44. Photographing Andromeda - begginer questions
  45. Astrophotography setups
  46. My first Jupiter effort.....
  47. A good Light Pollution Filter for Imaging?
  48. Is there anything I'm missing?
  49. Precise polar alignment with Star Adventurer Mini in the southern hemisphere
  50. Planetary imaging - obtaining focus?
  51. Help with Celestron NexImage 5
  52. Get an EQ mount for AP or a new telescope entirely?
  53. Strange lines in image after stacking.
  54. Imaging Jupiter with a Nikon D5600 and a Celestron 8" SCT/AVX mount
  55. Astro Imaging Camera for Current and Future Setup
  56. OIII filter advise for imaging please
  57. Milkyway Photography and 3D Printing for Astrophotography!?!?
  58. ideal pixel scale for OSC ccd - is it different than for mono ccd?
  59. Dslr lens
  60. SkyWatcher Star Adventurer vs SkyWatcher AZ GTi WiFi mount, help me decide.
  61. filters
  62. PhD2 Calibration
  63. fire capture slow hd writes
  64. Decent USB Hub
  65. Does a Guide/Imaging Camera do both at the same time?
  66. Nebulosity 4.3 crashing - no support (their support stinks)
  67. Any Orion EON 115/130 owners use a focal reducer?
  68. Imaging with ZWO camera not liking it
  69. SpaceX to put THOUSANDS of Satellites in orbit
  70. Astrophotography with the Celestron NexStar 8se
  71. another moon crater
  72. Imaging through a 1971 TASCO 4VTE
  73. Advice on first simple AP setup please
  74. Photo jupiter edit for clarity?
  75. moon with meade 12''
  76. Jupiter from 5/11/19
  77. 2" Filter and Back Focus on Skywatcher 80ED with FF/FR
  78. lagoon nebula sho
  79. Speck of junk nebula
  80. How to match imaging sessions?
  81. Question about a Bahtinov Mask for my Dob
  82. Advice needed: what to do with the QHY247C...
  83. Modified webcam issue
  84. CGEM Nylon "safety" gears
  85. What aquisition software?
  86. Celestron CGX ????????
  87. Polemaster???
  88. Barlow or not to Barlow?
  89. Any word on the picture posting issue?
  90. Celestron CPC 1100 with a vintage Cannon AE-1
  91. AP with small refractor
  92. Keeping track of image data
  93. My experience this Spring so far with imaging Galaxies!
  94. PHD2 and Dithering
  95. black hole image
  96. Landscape Astro Star Enhancement for a Newb
  97. My rig and basic astrophotography questions
  98. Newbie's Rough Night Out
  99. My First Astro Image Processed...Orion Nebula
  100. Projection photography w/ ZWO - Tell me if my reasoning is flawed here
  101. Sky-Watcher Evoguide ED50
  102. Markarian's Chain With Not Much Data
  103. Advice on adapter for use with Rokinon 135mm F2
  104. Using Filters on Mono Camera for Nebula
  105. PHD2 Video
  106. Quick tips on m42 Orion Nebula for imaging tonight
  107. Aurora borealis in the boreal forest
  108. Nightscapes With DSLR - Newbie Needs Some Suggestions
  109. Total newbie with equipment list - looks ok?
  110. Nebulosity for Mono camera with filters LRGB workflow? Need help
  111. Imaging Field Of View Question
  112. M63 Sunflower Galaxy Under Dismal Conditions
  113. SAGPRO Autoguiding Camera Issue with PHD2
  114. Good Filter Set
  115. Perseids 2016
  116. Eq6-R pro and 126mm refractor
  117. Auto Guider Issues
  118. SLOOH remote scopes for AP - I am sold for DSO's
  119. Too much amp glow? ZWO asi1600mm-c
  120. ASI120MM vs ASI290MC for lunar and planets
  121. Hotech 2" fft58 Field Flattner with ZWO 294MC Pro backspace Quetion?
  122. exchanging ideas on the ASI 294
  123. prawn and tarantula
  124. No aperture on telescope can I add one?
  125. Innovations Foresight ONAG-SC - Calculator Spreadsheet
  126. Bad Lens?
  127. Astrobatics and the rosette nebula in H-alpha
  128. ASI 294 MC Pro and DSS
  129. ASI 294MC Pro and Coma Corrector
  130. Running chicken sho
  131. CMOS OSC Imaging under city skies
  132. Running chicken!!! bok bok!
  133. Telescope Cable Management -How Do You Do It?
  134. Celestron C8-XLT Imaging?
  135. IMAGE OF THE DAY: Exclusive Eclipse Seen from Space
  136. M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy Attempt
  137. New curved sensors.
  138. Thinking of buying an APO Refractor
  139. zwo filter wheel software
  140. My latest video: cloudy skies and capturing the irish jig nebula!
  141. Meridian Flip
  142. New 294 MC pro arriving tomorrow ....
  143. How to and what is stacking?
  144. A new Excel spreadsheet to assist with PixInsight's new SubframeSelector
  145. What's the difference in size 1.25" and 31mm filters?
  146. First Guided AP Image
  147. First Guiding Session With Some Issues
  148. ZWO 294MC Pro start up accessories?
  149. statue in sho
  150. Best setup/recommendations for deep sky?
  151. C8 for galaxy season?
  152. First time Astrophotography Setup with a DLSR camera... what telescope/setup is best?
  153. Check out some of my Astro time-lapse videos
  154. Check out a couple of my time-lapse Astro videos :)
  155. big bright shiny dso imaging destroying rock
  156. statue of liberty
  157. Just Starting; shopping list for AP
  158. The Moon with 400mm
  159. Iwamoto spotted!
  160. Canis Major
  161. What would you shoot besides the Milky Way this weekend?
  162. AVX, or Something Better
  163. Stellarium 'Oculars' Plug In Question
  164. ASCOM Driver for Nikon DSLR
  165. Ngc 2467
  166. Beginner 4k Eclipse time lapse from live stream
  167. More takes on Jupiter (22-Jan-2019 @ 06:12 UTC+3)
  168. Big telescope/big sensor versus small telescope/small sensor?
  169. Lunar Eclipse Image Chain??
  170. Calibration Frames: How many and why?
  171. Favorite all-around focal length for "smaller" sky objects
  172. Basic DSLR Exposure Question
  173. New Autoguider - Second Try!
  174. jellyfish sho
  175. The turbulent shores of Serenity Sea
  176. Data: How Much
  177. First photos ever!!
  178. Nikon and Canon for astrophotography
  179. New Autoguider - First Testing!
  180. How's Everyone Putting Images In Posts?
  181. Deep Sky Stacker with Manually defined bayer matrix for Orion starshoot g3 color ccd
  182. Is an achromatic refractor as effective as an apo refractor for narrow band imaging
  183. collimation ,printable diy mask , gold focus
  184. Returning to same FOV
  185. Single board computer - StellarMate OS
  186. Cat5 or usb3 repeater cable?
  187. OT: CEDIC'19 registration is opened
  188. Things Flying Through M42
  189. Found this little beauty of an imaging site!
  190. Guide camera to go with zwo 60mm guidescope
  191. What are motors for in EQ mounts?
  192. Can a telescope be too big for terrestrial viewing?
  193. My second attempt in imaging M45
  194. astrophotography
  195. Guiding Recommendations
  196. Lens mount / tripod collar for Nikon ED AF Nikkor 180mm 1:2.8 ?
  197. What is this optical issue when imaging sirius?
  198. SkyNews Photo of the Week
  199. I just don't get it !!!
  200. Photoshop vs pixinsight
  201. How do I improve these astrophotos of Pleiades?
  202. Wirtanen the Image, Wirtanen the Movie
  203. Learn something new every night out
  204. A Christmas Tree for AF.Net
  205. Wirtanen And 20 Second Images
  206. Newbie to Astrophotography - looking for advice
  207. Square bahtinov mask and filter holder.
  208. another closeup picture of the moon
  209. Imaging a comet
  210. How do I shoot a comet?
  211. Ioptron skyguider pro camera mount
  212. New camera lens purchase incoming - need feedback.
  213. F ratio and imaging, someone check my math :)
  214. are there many on here using the skywatcher star adverturer mount
  215. ZWO Camera Drivers (Their site is down and need drivers)
  216. Shocks from HEQ5 and Mains
  217. 103mm Doublet vs 81mm triplet APO
  218. Handling dew on ZWO Fisheye?
  219. Interest in astro imaging
  220. How to Insert an Image From Flickr Into a Thread
  221. Orion Starshoot Deepspace II camera, anybody have an idea on how it works? lol
  222. Suggestions for autoguiding setup
  223. My second AAPOD! - M20
  224. T-mounts / T-adapters ??
  225. It's taken several months
  226. It's been a long time!!!
  227. Any iOptron skytracker/guider users out there?
  228. Guide Camera ideas
  229. Unguided imaging on 2000mm focal length sct
  230. toucam pro to spc900nc
  231. Computer to buy
  232. Beginner AP'r award suspended.
  233. Contemplating the Route to Get Into AP
  234. Next Purchase?
  235. Allsky camera lens?
  236. Problem with star shape - suggestions please.
  237. Readers for Astrometry.net's fits files
  238. High End Reftactors
  239. Recommended Guidance Questions
  240. New ZWO Product ASIair
  241. camera ideas
  242. Coma Corrector and extended objects (the Moon in this case)
  243. DSLR lens advice
  244. Filter recommendations for a monochrome camera?
  245. Astrophotography with a Non-Equatorial mount
  246. It might be time to buy an APO triplet
  247. How to battle the cold
  248. good news on my Altas EQ-G
  249. My M13 image will be in SkyNews
  250. Sub $400 astrocam upgrade?