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  1. Gradient? in NB images with CCD.
  2. polar alignment question
  3. The California Nebula in the UK
  4. Astrophotography with EQ2
  5. Hello! Question about imaging with a Newt.
  6. Meade DSI for auto guiding
  7. M45 Plieades Reprocessed
  8. Anyone tried to image with the Celestron Guide Scope?
  9. managed to beat the clouds
  10. Celestron Photo Competition
  11. Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 ED APO Triplet for AP?
  12. How accurate polar alignment should be?
  13. Web cam, DSLR or CCD??
  14. Budget equatorial mount cg5 on craigslist
  15. Trying to beat the Moon = FAIL
  16. Eskimo Report - Early Morning Planets and Moon
  17. Jupiter: still learning...
  18. Auto-guiding: how to set up for 80mm Refractor
  19. Using IRfan Viewer with CR2 files
  20. Make money out of your hobby ! - any ideas -
  21. Where does the color come from?
  22. Naming Conventions in SGP
  23. Webcam autoguider
  24. When did astrophotography become so amazing?
  25. Flaming Star Nebula
  26. A quick pic of a Sun Dog
  27. EQ Wedge Question for Celestron CPC Scope
  28. Autoguiding, backlash compensation and deliberate misalignment
  29. Trying the Cocoon Nebula tonight
  30. L bracket for Goto mount
  31. M97 Owl Nebula
  32. Too much gear and not enough knowledge on how to use it!
  33. Winter moon from under my canopy
  34. Re: Anyone using an On-Axis Guider (ONAG)
  35. First lunar photos
  36. First M101 & StarTools processing
  37. What got you into AP?
  38. Question about Computer Specs for Astro image stacking
  39. Hyperstar attachment woes!
  40. Can you tell me what to buy with my budget?
  41. First light with new ED100
  42. Ha 7nm and Ha 35nm, Hyperstar and Prime Focus
  43. TV85 for AP... What are your thoughts?
  44. First (semi) successful Lunar Close up shot
  45. Indoor autoguider testing
  46. The importance of matching dark temps
  47. a question about the role of seeing on DSO astrophotography
  48. Mounting frustration and impatience.
  49. A bit of a late session
  50. Anyone with ONAG experience?
  51. Help Needed with Strange Artifacts
  52. Tracking issue?
  53. Summer spiders
  54. Do we need to take Dark frames , if the weather is cold
  55. RA Drift? What to do?
  56. A frustrating imaging session
  57. My First (Terrible) Sky Photos
  58. Re: Astrotrac v 'regular' eq mount?
  59. Grading Your Photographic Subs
  60. Website or book for new astro-imagers
  61. Mallincam Skyraider-G
  62. Can galaxies be imaged in light polluted skies?
  63. Hummm -- I may build an image processing box -- Suggestions?
  64. DSLR Piggyback on Celestron CPC925
  65. veiwing images through monitor..ccd or dslr..??? .going to be new to this....
  66. M45 ( second ) and M42 ( first ) pictures
  67. Orion Nebula - First crack at it!
  68. M31 HaLRGB
  69. Can anyone share any experience imaging with a DSLR at very low ISOs?
  70. Andromeda Galaxy - Using Nebulosity
  71. Sooooort of astrophotography
  72. First astro-photo
  73. Celestron AVX 9.25, questions about Astrophotography
  74. Exposure time with focal reducer formula
  75. Astrobin going to be a paid service
  76. Imaging with Alt-Az mount and wedge
  77. Help with identification/Iridium Flare?
  78. First pictures ...
  79. Off Axis Guider with a DSLR?
  80. My first DSO Photo - Andromeda Galaxy
  81. How many subs for stacking
  82. What to buy... to do some AP
  83. First webcam attempt!
  84. Phd2 when to recalibrate?
  85. Lodestar X2 new images
  86. How does Deep Sky Stacker rotate images?
  87. DSLR Setup: Differences between a MAK vs Newt?
  88. SGP Auto Focus is Causing Me Headaches!
  89. Assorted goodies from the last few weekends
  90. ISS near the moon
  91. How about these pixels!
  92. Advice for imaging with two scopes
  93. Imaging at f10. I Love big fuzzies (and I cannot lie).
  94. Help me figure out this problem, please. Star trailing with good guiding.
  95. Simple Setup with CGEM
  96. What works for me
  97. Total Power Failure -- "After-the-fact" Darks, Flats, and Bias Frames?
  98. My first outing with an Astro Trac
  99. AP set up
  100. Upgrade focuser on TPO Newt? Worthwhile?
  101. 4 days of play
  102. Advice on Initial AP Setup
  103. Anybody get a good photo of Mars/Jupiter conjunction this morning?
  104. AP Budget Help
  105. DSS wont open on Windows 10
  106. Affordable Equatorial Mounts for Canon
  107. DeepSkyTracker and using dark libraries (matching)
  108. Phone Camera Contest?!
  109. M33's twin: NGC2403 & M34
  110. PHD2 Newbie Question
  111. Advise me on balancing this beast
  112. Combining Various Exposure Times
  113. Encountered M42 this morning-first deep sky object!
  114. Question about Williams Optics Flattener / Reducer
  115. CCD Astrophotography - filters, filter wheels, filter wheel motors and compatibility
  116. First Picture of Saturn
  117. wide field imaging question
  118. canon 500 chip to outer flange distance
  119. Question about filters
  120. Yet another Andromeda
  121. Dark frames question
  122. Solar(flare) imaging with a newt?
  123. First light - set up, testing Atik 383L+ on TPO 10" f/4 Newt - advice appreciated
  124. Images to test Deep Sky Tracker and other Software
  125. The Super Lunar Eclipse, Any help :(?
  126. focusing issues
  127. AP with 4se question
  128. Do you use camera clip filters for astrophotography
  129. new purchase necessary for longer exposures and on a budget.
  130. Preparing for astro photography.
  131. Will the supermoon fit in frame on a C8 + focal reducer?
  132. First AP image. Single sub, need input.
  133. My first astrophotography (the moon)
  134. My first M31,M33 and M45
  135. Help understanding the relationship with Focal Ratio in Telescope and F/Stop in DSLR
  136. Pulled the trigger
  137. Help Needed Polar Align Skywatcher Star Adventurer
  138. Lodestar x2c: m1 (two views)
  139. Imaging Pluto
  140. Branching paths, which one?
  141. Sequence Generator Pro Mount Control
  142. DSS Stacking problem - help please.
  143. Supermoon Eclipse
  144. Listen to your elders (in experience) when they tell you to align OTA and guide scope
  145. my stars look like comets
  146. Messier Catalog achievement question
  147. How to set up spacing for ZWO ASI120MM-S
  148. Lodestar X2 (m and c): m27
  149. laser ollimator (holographic attachment) question
  150. Influence of wind on images
  151. Some of the winning astronomy pictures
  152. Can get Registax to work for me, here are pics and a vid
  153. Flats fiasco
  154. Lodestar x2m: c5/ic342 and c7/ngc2403
  155. My next -- Hey don't forget to check that dummy (download speed)
  156. DIY Barn Door tracker for DSLR
  157. Which h-alpha filter?
  158. What else would I need to get started?
  159. A question of balance - or how heavy is too heavy?
  160. A well trodden path...
  161. Stellarium question
  162. Fits files to tiff files help needed
  163. Can I?
  164. What are there weird objects in my pictures?
  165. Lodestar x2m: m33 and m110 images; also questions about focal reduction
  166. Flat frame questions. Help please
  167. Recommend a camera?
  168. Opinions sought on CCDinspector
  169. Effect of binning?
  170. Getting a feel for sub count - by the numbers
  171. Getting a feel for sub count 2 of 2
  172. Getting a feel for sub count 1 of 2
  173. Newbie here, looking for advice
  174. Am I looking at a saturation of my sensor?
  175. Using Filters with a DSLR
  176. The MoonLite is Here, What a Beauty!
  177. M74 with Lodestar X2c
  178. Guiding lloks good... But I have eggy stars...
  179. Got my RASA back from repair, Is this image the result of camera tilt?
  180. My camera power control unit melted overnight -- or why do the astorgods hate me??
  181. What do you think of the Celestron CGE PRO for imaging?
  182. Can an experienced imager please look at this frame and tell me what is wrong?
  183. A positioning puzzle
  184. Combining Barlow lens to do astrophotography
  185. Image Platform stabiity question
  186. Focusing for DSLR at prime focus
  187. set-up / take-down / set-up again and polar alignment
  188. A very basic question
  189. Need help diagnosing streaky stars
  190. Moon photos surprisingly dim
  191. Will this machine suffice?
  192. Can I guide my Celestron 1100HD with this?
  193. Help me Obi-Wan! Decent skies and can't connect to mount!!!!
  194. How many software packages do I need?
  195. What do you do with your finished photos?
  196. SBIG 6303 vs 11002
  197. ZWO v Modded DSLR
  198. ASI120MC & SharpCap
  199. OAG & Autoguider/imager, what to do, what to do!
  200. RC6 focuser collimating ring?
  201. Dumbbell Nebula
  202. Which new TV set for astronomy work ??
  203. FoV drifting
  204. Are these Baader LRGB filters???
  205. First Light
  206. How often do you refocus and what kind of focuser do you use?
  207. Second story observatory with no ground floor pier
  208. Open source field derotator available for download
  209. Happy Guiding tonight
  210. UPDATE!!! Need Guidance On PHD2 Settings For The AVX Mount
  211. What's an ideal subframe length?
  212. Where do most people buy filters from
  213. PHD and dec guiding question
  214. Just Made AAPOD
  215. Focuser replacement for Orion newtonian?
  216. BYE or APT, PHD or PHD2?
  217. Anyone have practical experience shooting high FL (400mm) untracked?
  218. Deep Sky Browser
  219. Dso-s "dobcam"
  220. Cooling help !
  221. Random ASCOM driver crashes
  222. Will the Perseid Meteor Shower Interfere with.....
  223. Autofocuser project
  224. New to Widefield/DSLR, going camping for the Perseids. Any tips?
  225. Is there any reason I cannot integrate, then debayer DSLR bias, flats and darks?
  226. Astrotortilla 0.7 & Windows 8.1
  227. Took the plunge... finally guiding. a couple questions. (zeq25/mmag/phd2)
  228. Travel focus for FW
  229. Another Summer Milky Way
  230. Is anybody going to the Advanced Imaging Conference?
  231. Unguided exposure time
  232. How to get rid of STAR TRAIL Digitial Distortion
  233. Not many nikons converted?
  234. PixInsight RAW conversion issue.
  235. First Shots of Sun with Olympus Point and Shoot - I was nervous
  236. GoPro Night Lapse
  237. Trying a new setup
  238. PHD starlock problems question
  239. PHD guiding problems
  240. Nikon Bayer Pattern ???
  241. Blue Moon
  242. Pick my target for tonight
  243. Darks: one set or multiple sets for average?
  244. How best to watch and shoot Perseid Meteor Shower
  245. Some musings and a question - Foveon sensors
  246. What is that circular glow in my dso pictures?
  247. Windows 10 and compatibility
  248. Question of prime focus photography
  249. Mosquito hell, auto guiding heaven
  250. CCD camera's coolling