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  1. QHY5L II for jupiter
  2. A New Toy.
  3. 2" LP Filter
  4. Searching for images taken by specific telescope
  5. Advice on adding an ES102 to an EdgeHD8?
  6. Eta Carina widefield.
  7. Camera cable routing
  8. Plsnetary imaging vs autoguiding
  9. Announcing our 2nd Beginner Astrophotography Award.
  10. personal experience -- minimalist AP
  11. what kind of distortion is this
  12. Dealing with chromatic aberration
  13. Barlow to use with ZWO ASI120MC?
  14. Helpful info on how to set up ZWO camera
  15. Barlow?
  16. Gold Focus Mask - opinions and experience sought
  17. Trying to photograph the sun with visible sunspots
  18. Olympus SP-610UZ
  19. Two new beginner images!
  20. Best time and way to captured jupiter
  21. RAW or JPEG
  22. 8-16mm Unguided photos
  23. Celestron 5SE, What do I need to use my nikon?
  24. Newbie needs help
  25. Jupiter last night (Cebu, Philippines)
  26. Problem imagine at the moment!
  27. Polar alignment issues
  28. Rotating camera?
  29. A $400 budget can get you some great results!
  30. Medea LX70 R8 or Orion 203mm 4/9F or ????
  31. iPhone adaptor
  32. Prospects haven't been...
  33. HELP Please with ZWO ASI178MC and Celestron CPC 800 f10
  34. HA filter orentation
  35. cropped 35mm Constellation of Orion
  36. Big scope, but red zone
  37. Question about exposure length
  38. A SmartEQ Pro, an Orion 120mm f/5, an el-cheapo 2x teleconverter and M51.
  39. re process on M57 Ring nebula
  40. So you want to use a hypertar
  41. Is afocal photography now dead?
  42. Using a barlow with a DSLR
  43. Bad Collimation? Help!
  44. I built a light box
  45. Dec balance issues
  46. Help me spend my tax refund! (Filters)
  47. Baader LRGB filter colors?
  48. An Astrophographer is Born...
  49. Shooting flats... questions!
  50. Planetary imaging. First try. tips?
  51. Imaging with a ST80-A and Focusing
  52. Maui: land of the dark skies
  53. Back to imaging...Need laptop purchasing help
  54. A lesson in frustration, a tale of M67 in lousy seeing
  55. How can I get more structure and colour in the core of M42?
  56. Back to imaging again
  57. Here is a perspective I doubt any of us will ever see
  58. Whats my theoretical maximum exposure length I can achieve with my setup?
  59. Hyperstar - Bahtinov Mask - Focal Length Question
  60. Light Pollution Filters (LPF's) in Astrophotography - DSLR's
  61. Orange zone, 5nm or 7nm HA filter?
  62. Vixen polarie
  63. Powered USB hub
  64. First nightscape image.
  65. combos of different exposure times
  66. That near perfect night!
  67. Astrophotography Equipment
  68. M93
  69. Celestron ASCOM driver crash?
  70. Histogram question
  71. Does anyone have backlash measurement for an EdgeHD 1100?
  72. verses question for planetary
  73. Simple question for the experienced about focus (or lack thereof)
  74. Donut or halo around bright stars like Alnitak and Rigel
  75. Flat frames help!
  76. Webcams and Linux
  77. Bringing colour into this average M42 photo?
  78. Which T-ring adapter?
  79. Focusing between filters?
  80. ASI120MC + ST-80: Can't Achieve Focus
  81. Beginner Astrophotography Award.
  82. Guidecam Recommendations: 90SLT "Guidescope" Piggbacked on ST80
  83. Camera for planetary imaging
  84. How do you get your luminance frames
  85. Announcing our first beginner Astrophotography Award
  86. Photographing space.com
  87. phd2?
  88. Warning to battlefleet! - or when standards aren't - a tale of two Nikon T-rings
  89. Any recommendation for a light pollution filter for DSO imaging?
  90. Where to set Focus?
  91. Astronomyforum.net beginner Astrophotography award information & hall of fame!
  92. Pixinsight and saving images?
  93. Smart phone adapter
  94. Awarded for my astro photos!
  95. Need help diagnosing a star shape problem -- the bane of my imaging life
  96. What is this pinker circle?
  97. Orion Skyglow astrophotography filter
  98. Canon XSi Baader BCF1 DYI Mod
  99. What is this object?
  100. A Link to my Astro Pics.
  101. IDAS LPS D1 filter issue?
  102. Please help me with Jupiter
  103. Bahtinov Mask Usage, and Tip
  104. First Pictures - Pleiades
  105. Stars just white, no color
  106. Image processing software?
  107. Can I automate taking darks?
  108. Exposure length vs Stacking
  109. Anybody shooting with twin scope / camera setups?
  110. Beginning without a DSLR??
  111. Filter(s) Configuration
  112. Guiding rates in case of guiding without using ST4 port
  113. Custom Connector
  114. light and dark frames from two different cameras
  115. Off-axis halos
  116. Starting to get ready for astroimaging
  117. F ratio
  118. Image stitching
  119. Dithering vs dark frame subtraction
  120. New PoleMaster Camera review
  121. Well, it's not the same as APOD...
  122. Question concerning Bahtinov mask
  123. Maybe it's me and I'm guilty also!
  124. Image capture automation question
  125. Jupiter looked incredible
  126. First try at a photo
  127. SII with the moon out?
  128. List of TOP 22 targets for DSLR beginners
  129. Filters for photographing reflection nebula
  130. New Takahashi FSQ 106ED ready for first light
  131. Orion nebula 35 image stack sony a3000
  132. One Frame with Elongated Stars Every so Often
  133. Guiding question
  134. An easy nebula target for a first attempt
  135. Reticle Eyepieces
  136. star trail issues
  137. RA Drift in images even though PHD shows good guiding
  138. Will my mount survive in -30 degree celsius
  139. SBIG ST-4 CPU with CCDH-1 camera.???
  140. problem installing registax
  141. What does this mean?
  142. Ufo
  143. C11 Edge + Focuser and OAG
  144. Long exposures and brightness?
  145. PHD2 v 2.6, dynamic backlash compensation
  146. Choice between tracking mounts for a DSLR + Lens.
  147. Trouble"shooting"
  148. Blind Luck!
  149. New toy
  150. Orion 50mm Mini Guidescope and ZWO ASI120MC Camera
  151. ISS on a timelapse video
  152. I need a little clarity on darks
  153. Noob diving in
  154. Setting up ASCOM control of my Celestron AVX mount
  155. What is the correct order of starting up all my gear?
  156. What is making my stars look like little comets?
  157. Astrophotography with Celestron VX 8"
  158. M42 using canon 650d with 250mm lens and piggybacked on Nexstar 4SE
  159. Exposure Time and Video Length?
  160. Newbie question re focusers.
  161. how to reduce/prevent reflection/spider veins in image? (IC434/AT6rc)
  162. Sony IMX line
  163. 300x atmospheric limit?
  164. Planning to use my ST80-A for AP
  165. My Latest Crab
  166. Dark Frame Question
  167. Simple astrophotography?
  168. Re-aligning the guide scope and guide camera. Advice needed please.
  169. Large spikes in RA - Dec OK
  170. How to hook up my equipment
  171. Problem with PHD2 - "no camera found" (ZWO Camera )
  172. Pics of Orion Nebula and Pleiades using Sony a3000 and Powerseeker 114eq
  173. Possible help?
  174. First narrow band image
  175. DSS Live - anyone use it?
  176. hyperstar sensor distance?
  177. First Steps into DSLR AstroPhotography
  178. My best so far
  179. what's the dumbest thing you've ever done in AP?
  180. possible noob question regarding dslr DSP
  181. First light Orion 8" Astrograph
  182. My photo on the cover of a magazine
  183. BYEOS/BYN laptop setup
  184. Your Best Image of 2015, Post it Here!
  185. Jupiter photos and Video from recenty observation
  186. Where to place heater on refractor when imaging?
  187. High Dynamic Range imaging
  188. Focusing on a Comet?
  189. Imbalanced Diffraction Spikes
  190. Anyone used this cameraZWO ASI120MC
  191. My Image of NGC6960 the Veil Nebula
  192. Mount option for PHD2 for 10micron mount
  193. Auto guide camera
  194. Phd2 finding star
  195. Need help with astro imaging setup very low budget
  196. Just Made AAPOD!
  197. Dithering
  198. Hyperstar EdgeHD 8 + QHY8L CCD Resolution
  199. Pleaides image with weird artifacts ... any ideas?
  200. Standalone Autoguider Help
  201. Moon 19/12/15
  202. Pleiades with SX50
  203. iPhone pictures
  204. Is this setup correct?
  205. Looking for a beginner camera
  206. Increase ISO or Exposure Time, or Both
  207. Celestron ASPA warning message
  208. Cables needed... I hope not Celestron specific
  209. Star Adventurer Auto-Guiding
  210. When is it "dark enough" to start imaging?
  211. Neximage 5 Burst Color Dead Pixel Fix
  212. Drift align for imaging
  213. PHD Guiding (strange DEC issue)
  214. Orion Atlas or Skywatcher EQ6??
  215. Dew heaters - question
  216. IR/UV Cut Filter
  217. Using RAW files from a canon 6D for DSS
  218. avx wit 6"sct celestron
  219. Beginner question about imaging moon / planets
  220. My QHYCCD Polemaster arrived today
  221. Processing pictures
  222. Acclimating before imaging
  223. Powering my dSLR - Canon 60D
  224. Low profile focuser with AVX 8" reflector...
  225. APT Update
  226. 5000 mega pixel sky panorama!
  227. Finder Scope or Polar Scope?
  228. First refractor ordered!
  229. Few questions relating to A.P.
  230. My first try at astrophotography and the Orion Nebula
  231. webcam to replace ladder ?
  232. ST-4 Versus ASCOM Guiding For AP
  233. Celestron Omni XLT 150 Reflector vs Orion AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope
  234. Orions Nebula
  235. Lights flats darks bias
  236. Orion AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope
  237. About $1000 to spend on a scope
  238. First night using the iOptron Skytracker (M45/M31/M33) and meeting two members!
  239. Orion Nebula
  240. The Belt of Venus
  241. testing the 35mm Prime
  242. Out of focus ghosting/lens flare?
  243. Why did a jet do this to my image?
  244. DSLR vs CCD
  245. Comet Hunting
  246. Focal reducer question
  247. bahtinov mask for my 10" dob
  248. Do I need an IR cut filter?
  249. My Catalina Shots
  250. Anyone used a Duncan Mask for collimation? WIll it work for my RASA??