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  1. Solar Telescope Recommendation for Astrophotography
  2. Solar astronomer dabbles in DSO
  3. First Light With the VRC-8 RC
  4. ISS Lunar transit
  5. My short film on light pollution published on the National Geographic!
  6. dithering and large number of subs
  7. Some Supermoon from yesterday.
  8. Newbie + Celestron CPC 11" + Nikon D3100
  9. Why We Use RGB Filters To Render A Color Image In AP
  10. M33 data processing for Ha+LRGB
  11. Some recent lunar images
  12. Moon spoofing my guiding?
  13. Canon 70D sensor size vs ASI174mm help
  14. First Light - ASI120MC-S, My First Attempt at Astro Imaging
  15. thursday super moon
  16. Pre-supermoon
  17. Problems with M31 image
  18. Need help choosing a scope/tripod for my Star Adventurer mount!
  19. Imaging space junk
  20. The Orion Nebula taken using a Nikon D3100 connected to a Skywatcher 8'' Dob
  21. NGC 891 (Best I could do on a weeknight, with a moon!) Photo 3 of 3
  22. IC 405 (Best I could do on a weeknight, with a moon!) Photo 2 of 3
  23. NGC 2264 (Best I could do on a weeknight, with a moon!) Photo 1 of 3
  24. LP getting thru CLS filter?
  25. Need advice with coma corrector for f/4 Newt
  26. Getting closer.....
  27. CCD solar system imaging - facing reality
  28. First pics of andromeda
  29. First clear night in weeks
  30. camera + scope magnification/setup for imaging planets question
  31. My First Real DSO Image - Pleades Cluster
  32. October 2016 Beginner AP'r winner!
  33. Flame and Horsehead
  34. My VRC-8 RC is Here!
  35. Multiple Exposures For "SuperMoon?
  36. The Ring Nebula! With a Celestron Powerseeker 80eq and a Nikon D 3100
  37. Silly Question about DSLR's and Filter Wheels
  38. First Attempt at Guiding & AP
  39. Polemaster Align & Autoguide Test
  40. Dipping my toe into the inky abyss of astro photography
  41. 10 in skywatcher Dob
  42. Very short exposure DSO test
  43. Converting Webcam?
  44. Perfect skies - So I Thought
  45. Why we use cooled camera's
  46. Up and running again!
  47. Cable Weight
  48. iOptron Skytracker vs skytracker Pro
  49. I Pulled The Trigger
  50. SkyProdigy 6 - suitable for deep sky photography?
  51. SW Esprit 120 Focal Reducer
  52. Improving eq-1
  53. Collimated telscope...still seeing "comet trails"
  54. Dark sky vs City Sky
  55. Solar Proms 8-bit vs 16-bit - examples
  56. rosette nebula Hubble pallet
  57. QHY Polemaster - Dancing Circles & Autoguiding
  58. Off Axis Guider for Celestron 8" Edge
  59. Help! poor tracking caused by the polar alignment. mount or motor (with video)?
  60. Considering New Scope - SCT, RC or ?
  61. Pacman Stars
  62. Laptop - Field Power/Charging
  63. Camera weight effects on collimation
  64. OTA - DSLR assemply with Baader Visual Back
  65. AP Setup Checklist
  66. Neat Image Noise reduction free download
  67. Need help with new set-up
  68. Question about narrow band imaging
  69. Advice on Mount....
  70. Sweet Spot
  71. The Orion Nebula! With a Celestron Powerseeker 80eq and a Nikon D 3100
  72. How to achieve sharp focus in astrophotography?
  73. PHD Autoguiding Setup - Didnt go to plan
  74. Cooled DSLR now available
  75. Which scope next?
  76. Auto Guiding Daylight Testing
  77. Can someone explain how to take the pictures to stack?
  78. Finderscope Alignment & Autoguiding
  79. What is the best way to capture the moon occulting Aldebaran?
  80. New additions to my AS Build
  81. HELP! Skwatcher ed80 apo VS at65edq
  82. Fat stars, so is it my equipment or atmospherics?
  83. Taking Flats in the Field
  84. An example of a Long Exposure Versus Stacked Short Exposures
  85. Astrostakkert - stacking frames how many
  86. Great Cluster in Hercules using a Nikon D 3100 with a Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ
  87. NEQ6\AutoGuider Cable Connections
  88. DLSR to OTA Connection
  89. First try moon with ASI174mm
  90. Meade Pictor 201XT
  91. ZWO ASI174mm temperature range
  92. Something needs cleaning
  93. Portable battery packs on Indiegogo
  94. Need advice on upgrading my OTA :)
  95. HOWTO: Using SGP & a 10Micron Mount
  96. Camera question
  97. Watch out for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update!
  98. PHD2 not calibrating
  99. September 2016 Beginner AP'r winner!!!!
  100. m42 ha rgb
  101. Andromeda Galaxy with Nikon D3100 and Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ
  102. sculptor galaxy ha rgb
  103. Oh my goodness, plate solving rocks
  104. What's going on with my red channel?!
  105. A camera with over 100% quantum efficiency?
  106. have ZWO ASI174 now need laptop with USB 3
  107. PK_Tether for astrophotography?
  108. Wide field MW shots: pricey wide field lenses vs less pricey lens with mosaic
  109. One observation and one questions for DSLR users - esp Nikon shooters.
  110. The filter adapter for my FF and the focuser extension just arrived.
  111. Best Zoom Lens for Astro
  112. A scheme that worked !
  113. IR Imaging in the Zone of Avoidance
  114. Attack of the Gremlins!
  115. Scope Speed vs. Exposure Length?
  116. ngc 253 ha (sculpter)
  117. ZWO ASI174mm worked yesterday, today bands on avi
  118. Cassiopeia from a Nikon D3100 Kit Lens
  119. Pleiades with Nikon D3100 and Kit lens
  120. Andromeda Galaxy with Nikon D3100 and Kit lens
  121. Can lithium ion jump starter pack be used to power dew heater?
  122. Celestron introduces the All New CGEM-II and CGX Mounts
  123. Orion Nebula with Nikon D3100 and Kit lens
  124. ASI 174 mm
  125. Using a PC at a Dark site - Red Screen?
  126. Is it possible to predict when dew will form on a lens?
  127. friday nights full moon + last month
  128. Finding the stellar magnitude limit of an image
  129. Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 winners
  130. Odd behavior in RA guiding
  131. How to Take Dark Flats?
  132. Polemaster monitor align?
  133. length of light subs in a red zone
  134. Portable Power for Astrograph
  135. DSLR on a EQ Goto Mount
  136. lagoon nebula processed HOS
  137. Free Digital Photography Course
  138. SkyProdigy wedge- is it possible??
  139. My Newest Dual Motion Milky Way Video
  140. AVX Meridian Flip?
  141. considering new mount...
  142. SGPro troubleshooting
  143. August Beginner Astrophotography Award.
  144. Mosaics and Barlows
  145. DIY super-thin light box
  146. Pulse Guiding
  147. Mysterious objects passing through frame
  148. re proccessed triffid
  149. A totally newbie question about cameras.
  150. Anyone here autoguiding the Star Adeventurer?
  151. Perhaps I abandoned guiding too soon - a lesson being learned
  152. Just Made The SkyNews Photo of the Week
  153. SGPro-What am I doing wrong?
  154. wide shot uranus and moonings
  155. An inexpensive flat fielder - preliminary report
  156. Sorry about the weather...
  157. Now that I've fallen down the rabbit hole, a question about guiding
  158. How do I autoguide with a DSLR on an iOptron zeq25?
  159. A New Type Of Star Wide Field Video - Need Opinions
  160. Time has caught up with me....
  161. Vibration pads required?
  162. Isn't this passing the star test?
  163. Best telescope for astro imagine at both a 300-400 dollar price and sub 800 price?
  164. need advice on horsehead
  165. Refractor Purchase Advice!
  166. Last Night’s Conjunction of Jupiter & Venus
  167. Astrophotography With a Dob <Gasp!>
  168. The Twitter Telescope!
  169. Top of Mauna Kea or Not?
  170. horsehead ha
  171. Darker skies on the horizon for a bit.
  172. Palomar 9
  173. Helo with Light Shields
  174. Narrowband or line filters for DSLR imaging
  175. m8 (lagoon nebula) Hubble pallet
  176. New filter(s)!
  177. A stupid question but I'd appreciate advice
  178. H Alpha filter - Baader 35nm or Optolong 12nm @f/2 Hyperstar and f/7
  179. Getting the itch for AP.
  180. AP question about imaging without a scope
  181. Simple BW photo in lieu of sketch - is there such a thing?
  182. Do you have an opinion on who does the most with the least?
  183. Am I suffering from flexure?
  184. Questions about a guide camera
  185. ZWO email is confusing... help? About sensor distance tolerance
  186. Opinion sought on a different timelapse strategy
  187. AstroTortilla seeing some Forward Motion
  188. M31 and Pleiades
  189. Probability Or Just A Case Of Sadistics
  190. Expect clouds across the entire northern hemisphere
  191. Questions for SGP users
  192. July beginner AP'r award
  193. Lagoon Nebula (m8) ha
  194. Advice Needed. How to capture Neptune and Uranus
  195. Auto-guiding with the Star Adventurer?
  196. m42 7nm ha
  197. IP control Vixen Starbook Ten Dilemma
  198. couple from last night
  199. Autoguiding success - at last!
  200. Help with flats, can't get rid of vignetting in OIII image
  201. M27 Single shoot
  202. longer milky way shot for anyone to play with
  203. lrgb omega
  204. PHD2 and ASI120MC - can't get rid of Bad Pixels
  205. not much.quick m15
  206. Guiding a Paramount MX+ with PHD2 - Nice!
  207. The Moon, Mercury, & an Airplane
  208. Help with choosing astrophotography gear
  209. PHD2 pulse guiding fiasco
  210. What filter would help with light pollution?
  211. Camera Advice
  212. Promised single image Milky Way shots - with source files
  213. First Trial of Astrophotography .. New Crescent
  214. Setting up ASCOM for AP
  215. A comparison of 32 subs v.s. 1 sub for a Milky Way shot
  216. You just never know when
  217. triffid rgb 10'' newt. they wants colour.
  218. Bubble nebula (single shot)
  219. registering 112.5˚ HFOV images in PI - what works and what doesn't
  220. bigger is better, imaging with dob 10'' asi1600
  221. COAG on its way to address flexure
  222. Disappointed in Nikkor 24 f/1.4 for AP
  223. unguided manual shooting
  224. little help on ngc7479/m74
  225. Carina Nebula
  226. NGC247 galaxy attempt with moon out
  227. Flexure/stiction - or something else
  228. entery level scope for around 180
  229. Question about image circle size...
  230. Cables - how do you run them and keep them from snagging and dragging
  231. Im Back
  232. My first APOD!
  233. New Toys!!! Hutech LPS-D1-48 + ES 2" Field Flattener
  234. finally 2 images,moon&m17
  235. Saturn
  236. new Bahtinov mask tried
  237. Printing your AP work
  238. OMG - It's true! Here is a unguided 12min Ha exposure from the GM1000HPS
  239. I tip about sizing OAGs -- or, don't forget what I forgot -- and a request for info
  240. Look Ma, no guide pulses
  241. Offering Advice or Critique
  242. Timing two cameras while dithering
  243. June Beginner AP award.
  244. Can you hear PHD2's alert on a remote computer?
  245. QHY OAG-M cautionary tale
  246. What's wrong? Experience or equipment
  247. What are these in the image?
  248. PEC training
  249. AstroOptic - 2" CLS Filter... Anyone Familiar with it?
  250. Beginner Planetary Astro with Dobs?