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  1. Photo Depth
  2. OAG Advice Needed
  3. Need advice about laptops for autoguiding and imaging
  4. Registration open for the Advanced Imaging Conference
  5. Making sense of gear aquistion pathway, couple of simple questions.
  6. Deep sky question
  7. Chesterton Windmill at Dusk
  8. Noob Alert. setup questions? could use some advice.
  9. Ioptron Sky tracker V2
  10. new scope
  11. OAG Spacing
  12. Revelation + Question
  13. question about Celestron PEC tool
  14. Intermediate Imaging Scope
  15. Defective object behind the eyepiece....
  16. I Took the Plunge
  17. Re: Finally used pecprep to analyze my PEC, now what?
  18. Backfocus with barlow?
  19. What settings do you use for imaging the ISS?
  20. Other software than ASCOM 6.3 to guide telescope?
  21. Best astrophotography setup for Celestron Edge HD 8"
  22. Astro Photog passion, at a budget
  23. My first milky way (and astro) shot - Any advice?
  24. New guy advice for equipment
  25. new flats needed for every re-focus?
  26. Looking for some easier DSO targets
  27. Recommended guidescope sizing
  28. SkyNews Photo of the Week
  29. How to point at objects too faint to be seen by eye
  30. OAG and Dual Scopes
  31. Question on quality of Jupiter image
  32. Zwo asi 120mm
  33. A Total Guide to Totality - from Canon
  34. Focal Reducer VS Field Flattener - what's the difference?
  35. Intermediate - Longer Focal Length Scope
  36. Planetary Imaging with webcams
  37. Polar Alignment with DSLR
  38. ZWO ASI1600mm-C horizontal bars in images
  39. What to image this time of year without a scope
  40. F-stop and exposure time
  41. DEC balancing - which end heavy, front or back?
  42. Newbie questions: Choosing between 6" and 8" Newtonian
  43. m104 first dso trial - need help
  44. Best way to transfer final DSS image into photoshop
  45. Comparison with and without tracking
  46. first image of orion nebula
  47. APT (Astrophotography Tools) question
  48. Orion XT-8 Adventure
  49. Processing Ring Nebula
  50. Need help with guiding
  51. Filter Identification Help needed please
  52. Newbie ?: Image stacking for OSX
  53. I'm detecting a pattern here... guiding issues.
  54. Help needed on two fronts.
  55. Help with buying a new scope
  56. Revolution Imager
  57. Just another moon image, but....
  58. Help on First pics of Moon
  59. Looking for first AP camera, need advice.
  60. Skywatcher Star Adventurer
  61. March 2017 Beginner AP'r Award winner!
  62. Zwo oag
  63. Getting ready for first photo through telescope t-tube
  64. Sky Watcher pro 80ed/Vixen 80sf
  65. Which guide scope
  66. Super Nova in 5643
  67. Which Adapter for DSLR?
  68. Help needed
  69. Curious
  70. Autofocus Options/Advice
  71. PHD guiding--star won't move enough
  72. Zwo as autoguider
  73. First night out with new setup, left one part behind...
  74. Devices That Work With USB 3.0
  75. 1st try with NASA MicroObservatory remote imaging
  76. Aligning RGB Images
  77. Bootes Super Void?
  78. Astro-Tech AT6RC
  79. comparison this year vs last year M65-66
  80. Which Way is Up?
  81. Threw color accuracy to the wind and went for beauty instead... My second image...
  82. Advise between 2 scopes for astrophotagraphy
  83. Spheres around bright stars only?
  84. 15% off ZWO Stuff at High Point
  85. Moon from last year Tycho - finally worked on
  86. Can Someone Look at My Guide Logs?
  87. Images "Too Blue." Theories Requested
  88. Guiding using a 6" SCT?
  89. Winter sky time lapse from February in PA
  90. What to expect out of the M96 group
  91. Exposure Lengths
  92. Image from last night test of 400D Alioth
  93. Is Anybody Here Using AstroToaster?
  94. CEM60 Questions
  95. Repeating Eddington's experiment this August
  96. Tips for shooting Jupiter
  97. February 2017 Beginner AP'r winner
  98. Dslr to CCMOS
  99. CEM60 USB Hub
  100. Solar System Align Nexstar 8SE
  101. To nurse or not to nurse! Looks like nurse until the new mount arrives.
  102. How much of a LAPTOP do I need? (goto, guiding, stacking, saving video OH MY)?
  103. Adjusting Play in RA for CEM60
  104. What the heck happend here!
  105. Torn between the Sony A7S, the A7S ii, and the Pentax K-1
  106. Guiding Pixel Scale
  107. Complete beginner looking for advice on current setup and procedures
  108. PHD calibration and CEM60
  109. My proposed AP shopping list
  110. Beginner DSO Astrophotography help - What should I buy?
  111. An ambitious sequence for Mid February
  112. Stupid question regarding plate solving
  113. PHD2 with EQMOD Pulseguiding Sending Excessive Corrections to Atlas
  114. Filter size for use in wheel
  115. Minimalist/Budget Setup
  116. SharpCap Forum
  117. Use of a Bahtinov
  118. A Valentines gift for me :D
  119. Using Leica M7 with a Newtonian
  120. LPS Filter w/ Prime Focus DSLR
  121. Unknown target...?
  122. Good beginner Equilateral mount and telescope for beginners
  123. Tips for shooting within light pollution?
  124. tracking comet???
  125. Well, at least I know my guider is working well..
  126. Great day! DIY Autoguider complete and working!
  127. Mod my DSLR or get a CCD ?
  128. Lunar Astrophotography Awards Apply Moon Photography Contest Winners
  129. International NightScape Imaging Members Choice Award for Imaging a NightScape
  130. January 2017 Beginner AP'r award!!!!
  131. Planetary Imaging Contest Planet Astrophotography Winners
  132. Astrophotography Imaging Champions World-wide Award Apply Here for Contest
  133. Deep Sky Astrophotography Imaging Awards
  134. first light with ASI224
  135. How often to refocus
  136. Bloated stars caused by wrong RAW conversion
  137. Another cable question regarding ascom
  138. ZWO 1600 and back focus
  139. First galaxy ever
  140. Can Celestron CG4 Mount dual axis motor be used for more advanced guiding
  141. QHY miniCAM5F too good to be true?
  142. THin OAG with Orion ED80
  143. Atlas EQ-G First Light!
  144. Field Rotation And Your Polar Alignment -- Caution Math Involved!
  145. suggestion: separate winners for nebula verus galaxies
  146. Low-profile 2" adapter for Synta focuser?
  147. Astro imaging on the cheap - I'm sure this will be futile :)
  148. Problems with the ASCOM driver for MoonLite focuser (I think)
  149. question about cable for ASCOM using Celestron Nexstar on AVX
  150. Why ASCOM over Autoguider port?
  151. Unguided widefield - recommendations
  152. leo/hamburger, ha
  153. A stupid thought (probably)
  154. Superbowl Stars
  155. PH.D. Settings
  156. Anyone Shortened their RJ-12 Cable
  157. telescope or lens for DSO?
  158. Picked up a mount, need advice on auto guiding setup.
  159. What Causes Halos Around Bright Stars?
  160. looking for suggestions on how to autoguide an ioptron iEQ45 from a Mac
  161. Where am I going wrong with autoguiding?
  162. ZWO120MC and PHD2
  163. Better alignment process with polemaster?
  164. Sequencing dome events in SGP
  165. Fujifilm X-A1 / need help with using new camera
  166. Bayer Matrix Resources
  167. AP & Light Polution
  168. To Ferrite or not to Ferrite, that is my question
  169. The ole Cannon still got it!!
  170. Using Lodestar in OAG for APCC modelling run
  171. Need to buy Pc for imaging
  172. Alignment without Polaris?
  173. Taking 6" imaging Newt to next level
  174. Can't Get To First Base!
  175. Announcing the AF.net December 2016 Beginner AP'r Award!!
  176. What is duration time of 5 stages of total solar eclipse
  177. Which Autoguider.
  178. A few pics
  179. What ISO with Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR?
  180. New Mount for AP
  181. Can I use the Ursa Minor Autoguiding Interface as an alternative to Shoestring GPUSB?
  182. A cold weather tip
  183. Modded DSLR?
  184. After a few years away I'm finally back at it
  185. Purchased narrowband filters... now, clouds!
  186. Finally a clear sky and another M42
  187. Help with guiding please.
  188. Rattling Polemaster
  189. An idea for polar alignment with a DSLR
  190. Freezing on New Years Eve
  191. Welp... I'm 100% completely and Toally HOOKED!!
  192. Alright, time to completely upgrade equipment. Need advice!
  193. Post Your Best Photo of 2016
  194. First Time Photos
  195. What kind of barlow for webcam photography?
  196. Pixel Scale and Guiding
  197. Baader or Astronomik filters
  198. Feedback for ZWO ASI120MC
  199. Buddy of mine needs some advice
  200. Some assistance please
  201. PHD2 question.. what do these numbers mean?
  202. Imaging with a Mono Camera
  203. Which OAG and why?
  204. 12v Mains PSU - is this suitable
  205. advice on telescope for AP
  206. Imaging in moonlight
  207. Is off-axis guiding difficult?
  208. North Pole on the Moon, where is Santa?
  209. How does one attach an ATIK filter wheel to a Celestron 6.3 reducer?
  210. Thinking of SV70T - shooting with Canon 70D should I get the 2" diagonal
  211. November 2016 Beginner Astrophotographer award
  212. 11 day old moon, but have keys to the observatory, what should I try to shoot
  213. DSLR v AstroCamera
  214. Color balance in flats
  215. Sorry.....
  216. SGP & Platesolve2 Simulation
  217. Large Image Upload Site
  218. Image Run - Following Progress Remotely
  219. QHYCCD miniGuideScope Ultra Lightweight Scope and QHY5-II
  220. Looking at a used CG4
  221. Plate Solving - Is it worth it?
  222. Are these reflections in my image?
  223. Laptop shutdown because it was too cold????
  224. Transits - What does it mean?
  225. do short exposures work? how short is too short?
  226. Skyris 618C as a Guide Camera???
  227. Flame and M33
  228. Bit the bullet - got Photoshop CC, dropped Elements : M31
  229. Imaging in the cold - Musings from an Alaskan
  230. Do I really need a 10" RC?
  231. Sharpcap vs Nebulosity for DSO's
  232. 60mm question
  233. Weird shadow in my flats
  234. How to set up multiple targets with SGP?
  235. Sequence Generator Pro Target Generation?
  236. Deep Sky Stacker won't save same as what is on screen
  237. thinking of getting this
  238. Are these the right exposures for light frames?
  239. Sony A300 compatibility issue with DeepSkyStacker
  240. First legitimate AP attempt, need some hardware advice!
  241. Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Autoguider worth $600?
  242. Atik 383L+ specs on the internet don't agree with each other
  243. What software???
  244. Some stars have coma, most do not
  245. What do you use on the heart and soul?
  246. Need For OAG
  247. SGP not working real well with "Center here"
  248. Some Ideas
  249. First successful Orion Nebula attempt
  250. pawn shop deal