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  1. How do you organize your images? (Also my 200th post :D)
  2. Wizard Nebula without narrowband
  3. Black Friday
  4. How dim can I go?
  5. Re: Purchasing my first mount. Is a Celestron Advanced VX a mistake?
  6. What hardware is required to connect Windows 10 Dell laptop to Atlas EQ-G?
  7. Combining Narrowband Images
  8. Bright side of thr night
  9. Noise. -13C vs -20
  10. Astrographs and filter wheels
  11. Nightfall next weekend, Who's going?
  12. BackyardEOS vs APT?
  13. Help identify causes of drift
  14. Found the Assassin!
  15. What in the world??
  16. How to get hi-magnification planetary image with 8" Edge HD and DSLR?
  17. Periodic Error Photo - What can I Learn
  18. Perfect Balance or East Heavy
  19. Silly Question
  20. Testing and mounting of usb3 hub
  21. Guiding camera conundrum
  22. September 2017 Beginner AP'r award!
  23. My issue, I think, is the optical train, not guiding...help!
  24. Next steps?
  25. Orion StarShoot?
  26. elongated stars, more guiding issues
  27. How to use PEC on Atlas mount with phd2
  28. Intervalometer Android app
  29. guiding woes...not sure how to fix!
  30. 1.25" vs 2"
  31. Re there any dark sky sites with Verizon coverage in southwest US?
  32. Gosky 12.5mm illuminated reticle batteries.
  33. Using an Orion ED80 with a field flattener and Nikon DSLR
  34. Using a cls filter and imaging with the moon out
  35. Realistic expectations for AP with 8" Dob
  36. Filters for a ZS71ED scope
  37. Moon Shot
  38. Need advice on setup
  39. Taming bright stars
  40. My very first DSLR images...
  41. modification of AVX mount
  42. Keep those batteries warm
  43. Ioptron Electric Focuser for RC Scopes
  44. m33 in LSHO - first draft
  45. Celestron Edge 8 HD vs Orion ED80 for astrophotography
  46. Flats, Darks, Bias - When to take
  47. Help With Improving RA Guiding
  48. Flat frame histogram
  49. Imagers: do you do your images sequentially or in parallel?
  50. Weird night - no consistency
  51. Tracking issue with Celestron AVX
  52. Polar alignment on Celestron AVX
  53. Basic LRGB Question
  54. Little things that can really improve your astrophotography
  55. A friend interested in contests but doesn't own a scope.
  56. Darks, bias, and flats
  57. Creating a master bias with DSS
  58. IC63 (Gamma case nebula) in SHO - first draft - C&C welcome
  59. open dataset to use/practice with
  60. Is anybody going to the Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose?
  61. IC63 (Gamma cas nebula) - livestacking vs. restacking in PI - some thoughts and qs
  62. M57 in Color (It's Blah)
  63. First attempt at M45
  64. Red Eye Light Shield?
  65. Meade ETX-70AT -
  66. Ioptron trackers and a 150-500 lens
  67. Autoguiding a C9.25"
  68. Latest images
  69. Filter Placement
  70. Newbie seeks help
  71. Taking Milky way pictures on the canary islands
  72. Drift Alignment Woes
  73. Tecniques for outer palnets.
  74. Autoguiding
  75. What are some good DSO's to image aside from the messier objects?
  76. Astrophotography Metal Prints mild review
  77. IC1848 (Soul Nebula) in HOS in three flavours - which one do you like/prefer?
  78. Equipment check, please
  79. My feeble attempt at imaging the Bubble Nebula and M52
  80. Prime focus with ES80 APO
  81. How many dark/bias/flat frames is "good enough"?
  82. Increase focal length when camera is attached to telescope
  83. The New Astrograph - First Light
  84. phd2 guide logs - will try again tonight...not working right
  85. CEM60 Board Replacement
  86. The New Astrograph Is Here, The New Astrograph Is Here!!!
  87. How to capture elephant trunk?
  88. Autoguider suggestions please
  89. IC1848 (Soul Nebula) in Ha - imaging through the clouds, etc. questions
  90. wide filed astro imageing on the cheap
  91. ED80 Coma corrector
  92. next step up the ladder
  93. Which mount would you suggest?
  94. Another phd2 guiding issue...
  95. Reducer/Corrector
  96. Filters
  97. Are the lower end ZWO cameras worth looking at?
  98. Crater Clavius - lunar
  99. ETX-125 and astro imaging...
  100. Am I fooling myself into thinking I can long exposure AP with a manual scope?
  101. Camera for beginner
  102. The whole eclipse in 1 minute in 5k resolution
  103. Equipment vs. Conditions?
  104. Which mount to choose?
  105. Ph2 guiding issues.
  106. Q on using Darks
  107. Collminating an SCT part2
  108. Canon 70D Bundled With 18-135mm Lens or With 18-155mm Lens?
  109. colminating an sct
  110. Eclipse filming?
  111. Cocoon nebula C19/IC5146 in HOS
  112. Image capture Software
  113. Tiangong-1 image
  114. Cocoon nebula (IC5146) - my second Ha image!
  115. Who uses Starsense Polar Alignment for Imaging Please?
  116. How Useful is This Wifi Telescope Camera?
  117. Strange streak by M72 - 6 minutes to cross ASI174 field
  118. Confused by Stacking Different Exposures/ISO
  119. Andromeda Framing + LP + F/#
  120. How Good is this Setup for Astrophotography?
  121. Is Star Tracker Polar Alignment Without Polaris Possible?
  122. Imaging over multiple nights
  123. Basic question on imaging with DSLR and Refractor
  124. C9.25 & Canon 1200D without a focal reducer - question
  125. New to Astrophotography...
  126. July 2017 Beginner Astrophotography award!
  127. eyepiece projection - Rebel T2i - Planets using video mode to obtain single image
  128. High-Speed, Dithered, Dual-Shot Astrophotography
  129. Using M76 as guinea pig for MyT/FS128/TSX learning and testing...
  130. CEM60 Guiding - Getting Better
  131. Declination spike problem when tracking
  132. Imaging with an narrowband filter
  133. Autoguiding: ZWO vs. Orion Setup
  134. Auto guiding Meade Classic LX200
  135. Imaging Advice Needed
  136. Questions on imaging
  137. Adirondack Astronomy Retreat with David Levy - my first AP pics worth posting!
  138. Alignment with reticle eyepiece or with dslr camera ( backyard eos)
  139. Can somebody answer this beginner question for me?
  140. saturn 5 x barlow
  141. Canon Powershot A570is direct fit on focuser
  142. Beginner question!! Best astrophotography lens and adaptor for Canon EOS M6?
  143. Guidescope Orientation
  144. Nikon 5300
  145. Looking for advice - Star trackers
  146. US National Parks & Astrophotograhy
  147. Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 shortlist
  148. SGP Autofocus
  149. Changing Opacity of Layers?
  150. PHD2 Target Bulls Eye
  151. Narrow band filters.. I'm confused...
  152. PHD2 - Strange DEC Movement
  153. Solar Eclipse, Your Last Best Chance For Setup
  154. M27 from last saturday 07_22_2017
  155. What would be the cause?
  156. Taking the AP Plunge
  157. Using a Barlow in AP
  158. It's blazing hot and I don't feel like fooling with it anymore
  159. Impact of improving Mag/arc second skies on exposure time required
  160. Lagoon
  161. short data set m27
  162. IC1805 (Heart Nebula) in Ha - my very first narrowband image!
  163. More coma corrector Blues
  164. Stacking vs Guiding
  165. Canon 70d green bias
  166. ASI 1600 Exposure / Gain Confusion
  167. .8x focal reducer causes coma?
  168. Solar Eclipse Exposure Script Help
  169. 4SE under the moonlight with M8
  170. Best way to find dso using DSLR canon/atlas mount/ es ed80mm?
  171. Successful test with NexRemote and all the other software.
  172. Best telescope for super narrow deep space images?
  173. Astroimaging issues.
  174. June 2017 beginner Astrophotography award winner!!!
  175. Zwo asi 1600mc uncooled
  176. Solar eclipse exposure settings
  177. Autiguider
  178. Samsung Galaxy S8 widefield
  179. Filter planning: UHC, IV-IR, moon and skyglow, what?
  180. Best for AP,
  181. New imaging setup
  182. Patience Rewarded! New Astrograph Ordered
  183. My first high resolution image (test) with the QHY163M - m31 in 195s (15sx9)
  184. Imaging the veil nebula
  185. Color CCD and HII Regions
  186. Still Not Impressed With PoleMaster
  187. The EAGLE has landed.
  188. Can't use the D7100 for astrophotography-Looking for a new camera
  189. PHOTOBUCKET wants $400 a year to allow me to post images to AF
  190. Connecting windows 10 laptop to Orion Atlas EQ-G. HELP!!
  191. First AP light on my new setup (SV70T/Atlas)
  192. More Coma Corrector troubleshooting
  193. Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT + ZWO ASI224MC?
  194. Second Light- Andromeda again but with better polar alignment
  195. Which dedicated mono AP camera to get?
  196. Lens Stacking
  197. Use a guide scope temporarily as finder scope
  198. Moon tracker
  199. Processed first light
  200. QQ on how to use the Bahtinov Grabber software
  201. Saturn opposition day Philippines
  202. Such a thing as TOO many hours of exposure?
  203. First serious first light
  204. My very own MW images using canon 60d with 18-200mm kitlens
  205. Back to basics
  206. Eclipse 2017 and Prime Focus Astrophotography
  207. Need for remote if using backyard EOS?
  208. EQMOD - I can't find the download file?!
  209. Summer Targets
  210. Atik 383L+color is here
  211. check out M89 in APOD
  212. Better guide cameras...
  213. Guidescope and autoguider suggestions
  214. 5x Barlow for planetary imaging with a 6" reflector
  215. May 2017 Beginner Astrophotography Award
  216. Pulled the trigger, need help on tools!
  217. Etx 90 OTA on GEM?
  218. Moon tonight
  219. Celestron Go-To Vs. Computer Based
  220. Guide scope and Barlow question
  221. need help with selecting PORT / ASCOM & AVX
  222. Newbie questions on beginner astro imaging
  223. How to photograph venus?
  224. Even a bad session can have it's highlights
  225. Remote site power
  226. New Toys Enroute + New Gear Weather Curse
  227. Trying to reduce the noise
  228. Astrophotography in the worst light pollution.
  229. New PC test
  230. Amateur wanting to break into the Astrophotography World!
  231. Looking for suggestions of noteworthy AP books, blogs and channels
  232. Newbie questions about auto-guiding aned scope control
  233. Changing low laptop battery while imaging
  234. QHY5L-II - No Auto Exposure??
  235. Autoguiding question
  236. Neat educational composite
  237. Anyone aware of any astrophotography contest for teenagers?
  238. advice needed on AP problem
  239. Which DSLR (if any) should I get using my miles?
  240. Gear upgrade?
  241. Finally - my first shot- Tarantula Nebula
  242. L to RGB Ratio
  243. Quality AP setup
  244. Finally purchased a DSLR
  245. Jupiter through iPhone with NightCap Pro
  246. Still dealing with this weird coma effect with the Blue filter
  247. Focal Ratio vs Aperture (as it pertains to imaging)
  248. Waste of money or no?
  249. PHD2/New Laptop Question
  250. 8" Newtonian Advice