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  1. Anyone ever managed some deep sky objects with an AZ mount?
  2. In Praise of the Astrotrac!
  3. Jupiter under bad seeing
  4. Editing help!!
  5. Editing help!!
  6. guiding help, can my PA be that bad?
  7. Adobe gives out PS CS2 today
  8. Astrophotography question
  9. Vixen Polarie and Polar scope
  10. Combined LRGB+Ha+OIII Work on Orion Nebula
  11. Astrophotogrphy Website
  12. Meet Big Linda!!! 10" F4 SN
  13. How sharp should my webcam image appear in wxAstrocapture?
  14. Celestron c8 sgt (xlt) for AP???
  15. First Photos
  16. complete beginner here! Film camera / DSLR
  17. Apple Mac Software?
  18. sony cibershot digital or iphone?
  19. Wow, only my luck.
  20. ETX 125 Mounted on an Atlas for Astrophotography?
  21. What should I get next?
  22. Success with stacked image!
  23. Dots in the middle of stars.
  24. Imaging with dob
  25. Hi-Res Sombrero Galaxy
  26. M42 Orion Nebula in Narrowband (Bicolour Palette)
  27. What do you think about this?
  28. Am I going to have a problem!?
  29. PHD Log real time analyser
  30. completly new but interested
  31. Diagonal for DSLR?
  32. optical device order for DSLR AP
  33. Connecting a DSLR to an 8" SCT
  34. My first ever image!
  35. Revised NGC2237 Rosette Nebula Narrowband (Hubble & Bicolour Palettes)
  36. AP Setup
  37. New years first Jupiter pic! Who,ll be the first????
  38. Webcam issues - help appreciated.
  39. Skywatcher 10inch Dob photos
  40. What am I doing wrong with deep sky stacker
  41. Could not focous camera lense.
  42. Meade LX80/90 Autoguider Port on order
  43. Assistance appreciated.....
  44. Nikon D300 Star Eater
  45. Autoguiding with 50mm Lense
  46. Here is my view of the cosmos in 2012... Enjoy!
  47. Choosing a telescope for AP
  48. Ni5
  49. Help Piggyback Mounting my Camera
  50. NGC2237 Rosette Nebula in Narrowband (Hubble Palette)
  51. I need a good sensor analogy
  52. Side by side vs one on top of the other
  53. AP mount...CGEM or Atlas
  54. CMOS Is Winning the Camera Sensor Battle, and Here's Why (PC mag)
  55. Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imager (SSCI) help
  56. Beginner Moon Pictures
  57. My very first attempt
  58. CG-5GT and Orion ED80
  59. Calculating Focal Reduction by FOV, expert needed!
  60. M81-M82 Galaxies in LRGB
  61. My wife spoils me
  62. astronomy art
  63. Philips SPC900 and a Mac
  64. Is this any good?
  65. A few shot on Jupiter
  66. Noob Guiding question?
  67. Anomaly in my glob cluster image tonight... what the heck is this??
  68. Synguider and Orion mini
  69. Last chance for Astrophoto Insight...
  70. Full Width at Half Maximum
  71. Contrrolling Dew on My Filters
  72. What's up with this?
  73. troubles with Orion SSAG
  74. Another one on M42
  75. 5 Hour, 20 Minute Capture of Horsehead & Flame Nebulae (+M3 as an extra)
  76. I want to start doing astrophotography
  77. pre-processing of subs?
  78. capturing good darks
  79. Halos Around Stars
  80. Need help with equipment choice
  81. help needed with H alpha image
  82. SSAG and Guidescope Finally Arrived. Need to make adapter
  83. Cameras and Advice in Astrophotography
  84. what are darks?
  85. New rig as arrived..... Need some help!
  86. mounting solutions for ST80 guidescope
  87. How do I add this to CS5
  88. First attempt at full process M34
  89. Handbox settings for PHD
  90. Barlow lens on a mini 50mm + SSAG ???
  91. Guiding Options for CPC on Wedge
  92. Polar Alignment Tolerance Questions
  93. Is there a diagonal camera adapter?
  94. Why do subs move slighty by the end of an imaging run?
  95. teleview powermate barlow
  96. Reminder to check cables!
  97. What can I do with this setup
  98. Jupiter.... Again!
  99. What have i just photographed ?
  100. Buying polar mount astro imaging system with $6500
  101. Request for experiences or reviews on using coma correctors on f 3.9 Newtonian Astro
  102. More trouble with SSAG and PHD
  103. What have I done?!
  104. Autoguider decision
  105. Just another new guy
  106. Processing / Imaging Questions...
  107. Orion 10" Astrograph on Celestron CGEM
  108. Is the Celestron 8i acceptable for AP?
  109. First proper work on Orion Nebula in RGB
  110. Planetary Imaging
  111. Need some advise on codec / compression etc with neximage 5/icap 5
  112. Astro Imaging Equipment HELP PLEASE!!!
  113. New Online Course in Astrophotography
  114. 13 min on M42
  115. Help: Neximage 5 Long Exposure Dark Frame
  116. Device to compensate atmospheric dispersion for planetary imaging
  117. Orion xx14g with guide scope general info.
  118. The NewAstro Zone System" by Ron Wodaski
  119. Help me choose my first AP setup
  120. ArcSinh(x) Stretch?
  121. First M42 with new scope..
  122. Animation posting question
  123. M45: wide and zoomed photos!
  124. Messier planning...
  125. Astro imaging report
  126. Planet astrophotography
  127. Another one of Jupiter
  128. Pleiades Cluster, Pinwheel Galaxy, Orion Nebula, M81-M82 and The Moon
  129. Logitech Quickcam Pro
  130. Best afocal setup for shooting Jupiter?
  131. Film Question - Maco ORT 25c
  132. Webcam help
  133. Imaging contest
  134. Oops... Embarrassed by Astrotortilla!
  135. First quick light with the 60ED..testing FOV
  136. Early morning Saturn
  137. Sheep on the Moon
  138. Jupiter near the Moon
  139. Caught Jupiter accompanying the Moon with the spotting scope! :-)
  140. First Light (Moon, Jupiter & Orion Nebula)
  141. My first Moon and Jupiter shots ( kinda) !
  142. Converted DSLR Retailer?
  143. Technical question about Orion 1st generation video eyepiece
  144. New in Astrophotography
  145. 60ED Borg arrived, an image.
  146. Venus/Saturn Pics?
  147. Why would a sane and rational person want to attempt Astro Photography?
  148. My First Jupiter!
  149. long USB connection... do you recommend?
  150. What size of filter?
  151. Does anyone sell a lightbox for flats?
  152. Ditch the refractor and get a reflector?
  153. I love my Light Pollution Filter! M35 and NGC 2158
  154. First attempt at AP
  155. Jupiter - first shot with the new DBK Camera...
  156. photos with a 35mm camera.
  157. Starlight Express SXV-H9 Opinions
  158. Another Orion Nebula with New Light Pollution Filter
  159. DSLR vs Starshoot Pro 2
  160. Jupiter and Io with shadow
  161. PHD Graph/Guiding
  162. 1.4mp monochrome or 6.1mp color CCD?
  163. DSO Size references?
  164. A Crab at 2000mm..work in progress
  165. Phd Guiding,Sirius mount Polar alignment and the astro-idiot
  166. Star Shoot Pro CCD?
  167. Alternatives to Baader MPCC?
  168. M42 Epiphany: OK, now I get it...
  169. Drift align / guide scope
  170. Orion ED80 or Celestron 8SE for AP?
  171. Phd/oag
  172. Can anyone identify these digital artifacts in my images?
  173. Jupiter Nov 11th 2012
  174. how deep can you image
  175. Need suggestions for a motorized focuser for ES127ED APO
  176. Need to develop an ASCOM driver for PHD
  177. I've taken the AP plunge
  178. Beginner CCD question - first purchase
  179. Laptop too cold?
  180. Why the difference between webcam images?
  181. Guiding issue with Andromeda
  182. Jupiter with my Samsung Galaxy Note
  183. Vignetting on left side only
  184. A typical night in New Hamshire?
  185. Dobsonian and CCD?
  186. PHD guiding problems
  187. How do I tell if I am focused correctly?
  188. Black Friday Sales - What is Out There for Astronomy Buffs ??
  189. Anomaly on image
  190. Deep Sky Stacker offset
  191. Star control??
  192. How to image the Sun?
  193. M42 - single image (taking more as I post this)
  194. getting a DSLR modified
  195. Need help with choosing cooled modded DSLR
  196. M48 T-Ring Without Using A Coma Corrector
  197. Imaging Source Camera setting help needed!
  198. Long Exposure Android/Google Play app!
  199. Astrophotography Questions
  200. Jupiter from a red zone near seattle Nov. 10
  201. Question about how to fix blown out Jupiter Images.
  202. Eclipse imaging - will the weather be kind?
  203. I'll be heading out tonight! (=^0^=)
  204. Wide-field astrophotography, some error calculations and Need GEM suggestions
  205. Help me spend money
  206. Help With Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera IV
  207. Sirius over Birmingham (UK) Last Night <3
  208. First night imaging and I get a UFO?!
  209. A great software for Astrophotography
  210. Vignetting with 0.63 focal reducer
  211. In the market for an astro imaging rig, condidering the iOptron Versa 108 ED Apo
  212. Jupiter with Io shadow
  213. Filter to go with Astro-Modified DSLR
  214. What a beauty as the sun was setting!
  215. PhD Graph help
  216. time to buy a new scope.
  217. Focusing at infinity from daytime focus and known T adapter TPI
  218. Great video on long-exp nighttime photography
  219. My first M42 image
  220. Time is takes for field rotation to affect alt/az photos
  221. Great customer service with Astronomics
  222. M103 Through Intense Light Pollution
  223. Need Advice on Filter Holder
  224. I wood like to thank you guys
  225. Autoguiding in Dec and RA?
  226. Autoguider Trouble
  227. screen sharing so I don't freeze
  228. PEC training with guiding
  229. Gradients from LP
  230. how to reduce vignetting
  231. M42 & Running Man
  232. Need advice on illuminated reticle for drift alignment
  233. Purple stars?
  234. AP velcro helping hands
  235. Field of view
  236. What a sight! Our Moon with Jupiter.
  237. Jupiter + Io 10/25/2012
  238. AP with the ES Levy Comet Hunter
  239. Taking "Snapshots" with a 12" Lightbridge
  240. ATIK CCD Camera or Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR?
  241. $200 f/5 refractor, 80mm aperture, 400 mm focal length as a camera scope
  242. Nebulosity For Post Processing
  243. Alpha Persei color change?
  244. C6-RGT - what DSLR mounting parts should I use?
  245. Off axis or guide scope for CG5?
  246. Celestron 70az + Canon T3i problem. Need advice please...
  247. New to Astrophotography with questions
  248. What is Field Rotation
  249. Little questions from photographer
  250. T-Ring and T-Ring adapter.. I got no idea what I am doing.