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  1. Great globular cluster m13
  2. Will this barlow work?
  3. How long does it take for star trails to appear?
  4. Exposure Time vs. Skyfog - when is less more>
  5. I finally did it!
  6. modded DSLR dark frame question
  7. HELP..Quick Question on Full Moon & Saturn Imaging?
  8. Full Moon rising
  9. Have I reached the limit of my equipment?
  10. Attaching Orion Sky Glow imaging filter to SCT
  11. Advice on Gear to Start
  12. Any Advantages to Using Orion Deluxe Off-Axis Guider for AG?
  13. Just got my new ASI120MC camera
  14. bloated stars with full spectrum mod
  15. Vertical Scale in PHD Guiding Graph
  16. Sun Halo
  17. First Saturn image, and a question
  18. New Flickr?
  19. Peltier Cooler for Canon 1100D?
  20. Autoguiding equipment advice
  21. Astrophotography Beginners question-can i get pictures with this stuff?
  22. My first image of the Sun
  23. Astrotortilla: how to get it to solve?
  24. Any reason not to pull the trigger on a VX mount?
  25. M81 & M82 with a 200mm camera lens
  26. Does anyone know which Peli case will fit an HEQ5 head?
  27. PEC on an AVX mount
  28. Astroimaging progress (Celestron NexStar 8SE)
  29. Summer DSOs are Here!
  30. How often do you refocus?
  31. New Powermate... new moon...
  32. Polaris Star trails & a plane..go figure
  33. stacking 2" filters
  34. close to taking plunge on Atik 314l monochrome
  35. M104 ~ this time from my refractor
  36. Ring Around My Ring
  37. PHD Guiding Graph
  38. A wide field view of the sunset just before viewing Saturday May 11
  39. Sirius EQ-G alignment routine?
  40. How do you attach a light pollution filter when using prime focus?
  41. Can't reach focus
  42. M51 taken last night
  43. Avoiding a Collision with the Atlas EQ-G
  44. Runs of bad subs, any ideas?
  45. M102 taken last night
  46. can't explain...ideas?
  47. Ascom, AlignMaster and an AZ-EQ6 GT and HELP !!!
  48. Orion SSAG vs Meade DSI Pro II
  49. Guaranteed Vignetting?
  50. Looking to get into Astrophotography
  51. Light Flats Technique
  52. Eyepiece vs Prime Light Gathering
  53. Thinking about upgrading my planetary imaging camera
  54. ZWO ASI120MC - First Results
  55. What to look at?
  56. Attempting Saturn with Xbox Live Cam and Nexstar SLT130 - Washed out Image
  57. First Session This Weekend: What to Image?
  58. Technical question about autoguiders
  59. DBK 21AU04.AS versus Orion Star shoot as a guider?
  60. Artificial Flat after the fact in GIMP
  61. My flat fell flat?
  62. Astrophotography Tool (APT) vs Backyard EOS (BYE) A First Glance - Part Two
  63. Meade LS 6 and camera mount?
  64. Best galaxy for ALt-Az?
  65. Where to start with Astro Photography?
  66. Revisiting the Trifid
  67. Astrophotography Tool (APT) vs Backyard EOS (BYE) A First Glance - Part One
  68. Focusing while solar imaging
  69. input needed on cameras
  70. How much do I gain by taking flats and bias frames and how do you do them.
  71. HELP...A Couple Question Concerning Bias Frames? (and Darks, too)
  72. ARGH! It's ALWAYS something! Tales of a frustrated newbie...
  73. First attempts at photographping Saturn :-(
  74. modded dslr custom white balance
  75. how long time for one single exposure?
  76. M101 Pinwheel Galaxy
  77. Pink images
  78. Wish Me Luck!
  79. Attaching a guiding scope
  80. Highs and Lows of imaging
  81. New darks library with a modded dslr?
  82. Glutton for punishment
  83. The Easiest Way To Take Dark Flats
  84. First light PHD graph w/Lodestar and ZEQ25 mount
  85. Last Nights Saturn - Stacked and Processed
  86. Nebulosity or BackyardEOS
  87. 1st Saturn Video
  88. Moon - 26th April
  89. Help with Deep Sky Stacker - again
  90. Help with AP settings for improving AP photos using my telescope/camera
  91. Helicopter gets view of Saturn
  92. Deep Sky Stacker Help
  93. My best Saturn yet.
  94. I can't get any of my images posted?
  95. EQMOD and PEC
  96. Polar Alignment - Alignmaster vs. Astrotortilla
  97. Imaging with a sky watcher
  98. Astrophotography with a Photographic Tripod?
  99. Goto Crazy behaivor. Good aligment, able to Lock M3, Saturn. No Moon just erratic.
  100. Tonight Full Moon Just After Rising
  101. Saturn 4/26/2013
  102. 1st Attempt At Saturn
  103. My tracking skills suck apparently.
  104. Interesting article on LP and new LED lighting...
  105. Questions about a mount
  106. Quick Sanity Check Before Purchase
  107. Imaging the Messiers?
  108. Off axis and a stand alone guider?
  109. Newbie at astrophotography.
  110. First prime Lunar photos with my new setup.
  111. Astrophotography wishlist advice needed
  112. Has anyone used an SBIG St8300C for Solar system imaging?
  113. BackyardEOS now has Astrotortilla Integration...
  114. Drift Alignment Using ONLY a DSLR?
  115. Galileoscope + Webcam = Saturn on a budget.
  116. Remote Telescope Rental
  117. HorseHead of a different colour
  118. Noob Astrophotography question
  119. stinkin night
  120. HELP! Questions in relation to tracking mount and capturing Saturn
  121. First Light Issues with Guiding
  122. Solar Study: April 20, 2013
  123. Question about afocal photography
  124. What Is The Proper Alignment Procedure For AP
  125. Should I take my flats with the LPS filter on?
  126. My TRF-2008 has arrrived...
  127. Orion starblast 4.5 450mm with a f/3.9
  128. Saturn revisited
  129. Program for stacking short unguided video of the moon?
  130. ShortTube 80 refractor telescope what Focal Reducer to use?
  131. Should I go with a refractor or newtonian for imaging?
  132. What does poor colamination do to an image?
  133. What CcD
  134. Eyepiece Projection - Recommended EP?
  135. What happened? (PHD vs CG5)
  136. PHD and Guiding Near The Pole
  137. Moon in need of some enhancing
  138. Saturn Pic..Finally some Clear Skies
  139. Horrible night
  140. First attempts with prime focus
  141. First Saturn Imaging Problems
  142. Replacement Nikon D-SLR
  143. DSLR narrowband filters
  144. Guide scope vs OAG
  145. Has anyone tried these RGBL filers from zwoptical?
  146. Mounts ASCOM com port
  147. before I go spending money on a Canon...
  148. Astronomik Nikon filter
  149. M51 from my backyard - and a HOT night
  150. StarShoot AutoGuider Artifacting
  151. Nexus7 Control of Photographic Session
  152. Single shot of Omega Centauri NGC 5139
  153. Mostly automated imaging...
  154. EQMOD and PHD Guiding
  155. orion g3 COLOUR i need a version other than 1.0.0
  156. Deep Sky Stacker and Exposure Times.
  157. Help figuring out making autoguider out of planetary cam
  158. travelling to dark sky site, suggestions for imaging rigs/subjects?
  159. Help with Lens Choice -etc
  160. Critique this setup! (Round 2) and some CCD questions
  161. New Solar Autoguider from Hutech
  162. Jupiter first attempt
  163. Advice On A Coma Corrector
  164. How many sub-frames are enough?
  165. DSLR Settings for Photographing DSOs????
  166. PHD or Starshoot Autoguider turns off my tracking. Which is at fault?
  167. Ritchey Chretien have high F ratios?
  168. 2nd attempt at photographing and processing the Milky Way.
  169. New ATIK CCD
  170. Using a reducer with CCD
  171. Newbie in Astrophography. I have some questions :)
  172. Astrophotography question - M37
  173. Trying to use Olympus e520 with meade etx 6
  174. orion g3 ccd crashes DSS
  175. New telescope :)
  176. What is really possible at a dark site?
  177. Does the ZWO 120MC camera need an IR cut filter?
  178. Anyone have pics with Orion ED80 refractor or Sirius 8 EQ-G to share
  179. What did i do wrong
  180. Want to move up to unguided tracking
  181. Atik 314l versus Orion Star Shoot DSMI III
  182. 50mm Guide Scopes
  183. Mounts guides better with more weight than less?
  184. Polar alignment off by arc minutes close enough?
  185. Planetary AP - Old fork-mount SCT?
  186. Coma in fast newts
  187. Guiding a long focal length with a tiny guide scope...
  188. Qhy5l-ii
  189. HELP...Why are my stars blooming every time I expose over 30 seconds?
  190. Unlocking the Celestron NexGuide
  191. By the light of the Full Moon
  192. Software
  193. Do ccd cameras like sbig or starshoot have memory
  194. Why is my video captured in Video Crop Mode so disappointing (Canon 550D)?
  195. Advice on using just a HEQ5 Pro SynScan with DSLR 250mm lens for DSO imaging.
  196. New guide scope now I can't balance
  197. Neximage 5 questions
  198. Best IN STOCK Webcams
  199. AT6RC, First (and a half) light.
  200. Not lunar image you were expecting
  201. Webcam blurry
  202. Test of two telescopes and Canon 'L' telephoto lens
  203. ED100 main and ST80 guide
  204. Firewire CCD cameras for OSX?
  205. Moon imaged w/D7100 (w/out low pass filters)
  206. Galaxy targets with 80mm?
  207. Another newbie here :)
  208. Check my logic here - first Astrophotography setup
  209. Celestron NexGuide & Astrotrac TT320AG
  210. Autoguiding with the imaging camera?
  211. AT6RC first light!
  212. compressor spacing and field curvature
  213. Help!!! I can't decide???
  214. Panstarrs fail but got to test my camera on Orion, Big Dipper and Pleiads
  215. things to consider for an autoguider
  216. What settings for Orion SSAG and small refractor g/scope?
  217. How to test light pollution?
  218. Eta Carinae/Carina Nebula - Continuation
  219. Canon T3i, Star Shoot Auto Guider, and Orion Deluxe Off Axis Guider Focusing Problems
  220. EOS to CCD adapter
  221. Finally Good Seeing and a Dark Sky
  222. Help me understand Solar Filters
  223. Laptop
  224. Canon 650D (T4i) Live VIew planetary imaging with Nexstar 8se endeavors
  225. Milky Way
  226. Orion / SW ED80 , T-Ring , Adapter , FF/FR , Help please.
  227. What is the value of this ccd camera?
  228. Hello from a new member!
  229. Very new so please explain slowly
  230. New glass, I just couldn't help myself - Or - sorry about the impending bad weather!
  231. Pan-starrs 15.03 !
  232. Need longer FL?
  233. monochrome CCD question
  234. Pan STARRS success!
  235. trouble with starshoot imager iv
  236. 2 comets in one shot!
  237. Noel Carboni Astronomy tools
  238. Iridium flare -8.1 Magnitude
  240. Finally found a nice imaging site
  241. I got Pan-Starrs!
  242. Eyepiece projection Vs prime focus
  243. capture software?
  244. HP HD 4110 Webcam Mod... Completed Awaiting Testing.
  245. SoCal Astronomers - I Need a 2" adaptifier to fit an EOS T3i to 10" Dob - Today!
  246. How long are bias frames good for?
  247. Autoguiding an SCT
  248. Solar System Imagers for Mac?
  249. CLS filter, with focal reducer and T-adapter?
  250. What is going on with this forum?