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  1. 1.25 or 2 inch narrowband imaging filter
  2. How do you compile narrowband channels on a dslr?
  3. Please post your best Before & After!
  4. M27 Which one do you like?
  5. New inquiries about using a Dobsonnian
  6. Anyone using Low Pass Filtering in PHD?
  7. DOB and astrophotography
  8. imaging M31
  9. what is this and how do I use it
  10. Telescope help. Choosing between two scopes
  11. Good DSOs to image with a 102mm f/10 refractor?
  12. help with guide cam selection
  13. mov to avi
  14. More DSS Woes: What are these rings on my stars?
  15. PHD graph - check it out
  16. Anyone Use A Levenhuk Scope?
  17. Foiled by Windows...
  18. What can the Celestron 102GT mount be used for if a DSLR is connected instead of the
  19. Veil Nebula forgot the UV/IR filter
  20. Elongated Stars
  21. All Star Polar Alignment
  22. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula
  23. Worst night of imaging last night
  24. How do I get the 'spacing' correct?
  25. Does anyone have an image of M56...
  26. 60mm camera lens
  27. First attempt at piggyback photo. Oh, look, a handy meteor shower :)
  28. HELP!...Serious Dewing Problem! How do you combat it?
  29. Is it possible to capture every Planet?
  30. Should I buy GradientXterminator or is there better software?
  31. Optictracker
  32. Camera Projection Photography Eyepiece
  33. Merlin Synscan GoTo Tabletop Mount
  34. 12min manually guided image
  35. 600D vs. 1000D Modified
  36. Non-Tracking, Afocal DSLR question (Canon EOS 40D)
  37. Good Narrowband targets.
  38. First-time telescope/mount recommendations
  39. I don't believe it! DSLR Mod complete!
  40. Just ordered zwo120mm...need some expert advice
  41. Vixen Polarie on simple tilt head?
  42. backfocus requirement for ASI120MC?
  43. Noise with stacking, possible DSLR issue?
  44. Help Focusing wide field
  45. Clusters and stacking?
  46. Getting ready for Perseid Meteor Shower .... need advice
  47. Good guiding but egg-shaped stars
  48. Guidescope on an 80ED / CG-5
  49. 15 minute exposures with the ZEQ25
  50. Orion 10" Newtonian Astrograph or OSC CCD Camera?
  51. using a baader zoom and a dslr on a Newtonian
  52. tell me about the piggyback method
  53. Leveling the mount
  54. Another DSS question
  55. Autoguider/planetary cam
  56. Cameras, Scopes, FOV and a realisation...
  57. How many astrophotographs do you compose per year?
  58. Automatic Dithering without Guidescope?
  59. AstroTortilla requires ASCOM drivers
  60. Can't run Stellarium and PHD through ASCOM at same time
  61. Can you use a reducer, with a Barlow?
  62. Mount alignment, GOTO, Astrotortilla, etc.
  63. Finally I believe I have collected enough pieces of threaded metal...
  64. Skies Unlimited
  65. Renting high-end supertelephoto lenses rather than buying an APO?
  66. Astro Imaging Reading
  67. Optical train question
  68. Upgrade to ZEQ25?
  69. What has been the most useful / interesting piece of advice you've had?
  70. if you had to choose
  71. Spacer and threading question
  72. Astrotrac vs Vixen Polaris Star Tracker vs iOptron Sky Tracker
  73. Need advice about astrophotography, refractors and Celestron autoguider
  74. star drift
  75. Forgetting Eyepieces????
  76. Good Budget Refractor for AP Including Planets?
  77. Tonight's M16
  78. Basic AP Newbie Questions
  79. image artifacts - what gives?
  80. Imaging over multiple nights...
  81. I am stoked, my ASI120MC arrived!
  82. Do filters improve prime focus imaging with unmodded DSLR at dark sky site?
  83. Best method to swap different filters for prime focus imaging?
  84. Neximage5 problem
  85. Need some new eyes to look at this "image"
  86. Looking for some setup advice/opinions
  87. Anyone use Astrobin?
  88. PHD & PEC: Does this look about right?
  89. PHD guiding concerns
  90. Where do I attach this filter? Hutech IDAS LPS filter 48mm
  91. favorite/most reliable/most economic focal reducer?
  92. Need help/advice on spacing requirement
  93. Calculating FOV?
  94. PHD graph
  95. what can i expect
  96. One scope for best of both worlds??
  97. mag mini autoguider question
  98. Advice needed - considering a change in imaging scopes
  99. got my camera mount
  100. reducers with CCD imaging
  101. To hypertune or not to hypertune...
  102. H-Alpha added to my last RGB image of the Crescent Nebula. First attempt at Ha-Alpha
  103. NCG7331 and Stephan's Quintet under bad conditions
  104. Another narrowband image
  105. 42mm tp 2" adapter?
  106. dark site vs light pollution for narrowband imaging
  107. Got some imaging in last night!
  108. Is this field rotation?
  109. ugh Saturn!
  110. Orion Magnificent Mini Autoguider Package
  111. It's actually going to be clear tonight!!
  112. Magnificent mini autoguider
  113. hi tom here with another question :)
  114. Web Cam Question
  115. what's wrong with my DSLR?
  116. Questions about "Darks" and "Flats"
  117. Best startrail yet!
  118. Focus changes through the night
  119. A tiny breakthrough for a beginner webcam astrophotography!
  120. EL panel setup for flats
  121. Western Veil
  122. Histogram info for iso/nr
  123. New gear is here!
  124. To autoguide or not to autoguide...
  125. Processing sample?
  126. What should I aim the Arkyd space telescope at?
  127. Saturn on July 4th
  128. AVI or SER to record
  129. Evaluation of the Baader semi APO filter/ST-80A for Astrophotography Purposes
  130. Longer exposure, less ISO ?
  131. Epsilon Lyrae
  132. How do you combine lights taken at different temps in ImagesPlus 5.0
  133. Magnification of afocal and EP projection vs prime focus
  134. Opinion on this
  135. M29 on a cloudy night
  136. Astrotortilla traceback error?
  137. Suggestion for First DSO AP Target?
  138. My first Saturn
  139. my newest AP issue .. what to do about dew!
  140. First Results with 1100d Astro Mod
  141. First-time difficulties
  142. Sanity Check
  143. How do we calculate magnification with eyepiece projection?
  144. Moon doesnt come into focus.
  145. How not to make mistakes when starting AP
  146. web cam
  147. Frames Per Second & Window Media Player
  148. Using Orion Starshoot G3 Imager with Celestron 130 SLT??
  149. BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS!! (Orion Starshoot Deep Space Video Camera)
  150. Focusing my DSLR on Celestron C6-N
  151. Saturn on June 03, 2013
  152. Saturn on June 23, 2013
  153. Software for time lapse photography
  154. Unable to debayer data
  155. June Super Moon
  156. A beginners blog on AP
  157. What Happened To PHD Thread?
  158. Crescent in H-alpha
  159. Guiding options
  160. Another run at the North American Nebula
  161. Your techniques to take flats
  162. files to play with
  163. CCD image inversion?
  164. Some AV-X love...
  165. Baader Filter Placement *HELP*
  166. The Moon
  167. Power for long runs
  168. Very noisy blue channel
  169. frustrated with AstroTortilla and ccd
  170. PHD Finally!
  171. Which Barlow for Planetary Imaging?
  172. new mount and ota!
  173. Raspberry Pi + Camera Module as a planetary camera?
  174. Bahtinov Mask Usage
  175. Wide Field Veils, East and West
  176. Question on Bahtinov Mask
  177. Panned HD footage of the moon's surface from last night
  178. Registax "5" or Registax "6" ?
  179. First results with QHY5L-II
  180. First image - Atik 383l and lessons learned
  181. A Talk With Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) Co-Founder -- Michael Barber
  182. Wild Duck Cluster. Where are the Ducks?
  183. First webcam images (Saturn), with full report. Comments?
  184. Some Filter Confusion
  185. First light w/Qhy5L-II
  186. Autoguiding options for 180mm Mak-Cass
  187. Moon unprocessed
  188. Cooling Webcam CMOS sensors, worth it?
  189. Need help to choose
  190. New barn door tracking mount!
  191. Better guiding?
  192. starshoot for globular clusters
  193. What is a good quality vs. price CCD these days?
  194. Dark Frames and Filters
  195. Alignmaster Sterne.txt
  196. Finally used pecprep to analyze my PEC, now what?
  197. Questions for the planetary experts (tips to improve my images).
  198. Need opinions on potential AP equipment upgrade.
  199. Planetary Camera....which one?
  200. Adventures in AP - Saturday June 8th 2013
  201. H-Alpha filters
  202. Astrophotography setup for someone who has to lug gear upstairs every time it's used?
  203. More Saturns. My best yet!
  204. 2 minute video, real time PHD graph w/ZEQ25GT
  205. Recommended Field Flattener for ES 80ED
  206. Astrotortilla: how to make the dark magic work every time?
  207. Imaging a nebula: what should my subs look like?
  208. Orion filter wheels - thoughts?
  209. First Baby-steps in Astrophotography- Webcam Mod
  210. New camera
  211. Gaggle of photos to stack for M13
  212. First Nebula Image: What to Shoot?
  213. I am starting astrophotography soon
  214. What AP program do you use?
  215. Which OTA for DSO/Planets
  216. Filters
  217. M82 and M92 w/Celestron Edge 800
  218. Centaurus A Extreme Deep Field
  219. Skywatcher 127 Mak and Focal reducer
  220. ISS Wide Field Imaging
  221. ETX125 for AP?
  222. What to do when using a UHC filter
  223. Seeing or Collimation?
  224. M82
  225. Celestron Fastar question
  226. Second light with my new 314L+ mono
  227. Mounting 10inch Dob OTA on Computerized equatorial mount
  228. Storing RAW data
  229. CCD cooling and storage question
  230. What did I do wrong?
  231. Would a t-1.25" adapter work?
  232. Spider in the way
  233. North American Nebula
  234. M81 and M82
  235. Long Exposure NR
  236. shooting the milky way - best moon phase (or.. NO moon??)
  237. Dec Guiding Failed
  238. What is the red thing to the mid-left ?
  239. What camera to buy?
  240. NexImage5 questions
  241. Which Refractor?
  242. in the future we will all be using
  243. New Webcam In route
  244. the Little Mount That Could, 60 pounds on a ZEQ25, PHD graph
  245. Very nice setup - got to see
  246. DSLR settings
  247. mount alignment with a CCD camera question
  248. First light with my new Atik 314L+
  249. Another Whrilpool Galaxy M51
  250. What else can I use a T Ring with?