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  1. Viewing Adapter
  2. Bad darks run, don't know what happened
  3. CGEM problems tonight
  4. Security camera
  5. First Ever AP Taken - With Canon 1000D 18-55mm Len
  6. Is Latitude Lock Needed?
  7. Overwhelmed!
  8. DIY Field Battery for Laptop? (Not sure where to post this :( )
  9. PHD2 log file
  10. Moon shot from the weekend.
  11. The constellation cirrus
  12. Wondering what the streak in this image is?
  13. AlignMaster stopped working...
  14. Is a Ritchey-Chrétien Astrograph better than a SCT for AP?
  15. I'm so tired of the weather.
  16. any one using GIMP to fix their astrophotography,?
  17. trying to save a headache
  18. Need help ASAP
  19. Good Webcam Mac Compatible
  20. Dithering with PHD2 and BYEOS
  21. Zoom astrophotography
  22. Why oh why can't I guide? Advice wanted.
  23. Help Needed - Stakkerdt 2.1.05
  24. Sombero from Fall Creek Falls State Park
  25. aps-c sensor and 10"acf scope, need field flattener?
  26. Some words for Aurora Flat Field Panel owners.
  27. Meteor Shower 5/5/14
  28. PHD2 Drift align: what's good?
  29. Processing Registax for fixed tripod result
  30. So called 'good' seeing... more like looking though a foot of water
  31. Call me lazy, or.... Investigating scope autofocus with DSLR as imaging camera
  32. Orion Shorttube 80 for imaging?
  33. nova.astrometry.net?
  34. Green 2" filter glass a bit loose
  35. Which Color Space is best for a Canon 1000D Camera?
  36. C6 for imaging?
  37. Mars - red ball of pain!
  38. A Moon Shot - Advice required
  39. My First Attempt at Real Astrophotography
  40. Anyone looked at this book on Astrophotography?
  41. AVX footprint
  42. SpaceX looking for video help
  43. Problem opening PHD2 logfile in PHDLab
  44. Focal ratio for planetary imaging...
  45. another wasted mars
  46. A productive evening
  47. 1:1 - Can someone please explain this?
  48. Cloudy Skies and web astroshops
  49. My beginner rig
  50. Regarding image aesthetics
  51. FTDI chip driver needed?
  52. another "good guiding, but..." thread
  53. i am confused when it comes to cameras?
  54. Orion Starshoot daytime
  55. Eyepiece projection with Nexstar 4se
  56. Help me get sharper images...
  57. FireCapture question
  58. Imaging past the meridian w/ AVX mount and PhD ?'s
  59. Last night was a disaster
  60. DSUSB cable alternative for BackyardNIKON
  61. Is the GSO 8" Ritchey-Chretien good to go?
  62. No luck with PHD2 vs PHD1
  63. Help with AT6RC back focus
  64. Ritchey-Chretien over Triplet APO for AP?
  65. PhD .. saturated star / beeping constantly
  66. Need help with a decision
  67. OAG and a focal reducer.
  68. Best way to focus
  69. An epiphany...and a question
  70. Source and which EL panel for making flats?
  71. Question on Pinpoint
  72. PHD Guide settings.
  73. Darks question
  74. ~400mm FL imaging scopes?
  75. I420 vs RGB24
  76. RegiStar or CCDStack?
  77. How's this for flats?
  78. Mars- worst ever
  79. AT2FF position in imaging train
  80. Norway, Northern Lights, where are you grab'n'go setup?
  81. HyperStar Imaging - Who uses it here?
  82. USB cable for CCD cameras - oops
  83. Off-Axis Guider Help.
  84. A Little Late for the Party - Image of M82
  85. Best focuser for Edge HD 1100
  86. The Blue cheese
  87. I think this should help - PEC training my AVX mount - big change!
  88. Drift Align
  89. Help with M51
  90. More DATA snatching - M83 moon and poor seeing
  91. Does anyone use SGPro?
  92. Thoughts - Take Awesome Astronomy Photos with a Smartphone and a Telescope
  93. How do we take/use flats for planetary imaging?
  94. Just got a new ZWO ASI120MC!
  95. Will this work?
  96. Full Frame Sensor Vs Cropped Sensor (Canon 6D V Canon 7D)
  97. Stellarvue SV80ST-25SV 80mm APO Triplet or Astro-Tech AT90EDT 90mm?
  98. Planetary attempts with 10" untracked Dob
  99. Moonlite Focus Motor question
  100. This may be all I get of the moon tonight!
  101. Modded camera and daytime results with the HEUIB-II filter
  102. Proud of my pictures from tonight 🔭
  103. Will Try to Photograph Lunar Eclipse, but Need Help
  104. ZEQ25 guiding advice
  105. Plate Solving
  106. Guide Scope for ES127: MMAG 50MM or Orion 80ED?
  107. Learning planetary
  108. Is it worth it?
  109. How much slower is F/7 than F/6?
  110. mars
  111. webcam resolution vs telescope resolution
  112. Guiding on a budget and not a big one!
  113. PHD Guide Not Available
  114. Sorry for the noob question....camera won't focus with prime lens
  115. Hyperstar questions/possible setup? Thanks.
  116. C8 Planetary Imaging Upgrade - first light
  117. Good Apps for iPhone
  118. Is it worth it?
  119. Camera tilt adjuster and SCT backfocus
  120. tonight
  121. M101 Noob help please
  122. I really dont want to buy the wrong field flattener
  123. Apologies to astronomers in the east of England...
  124. ES ED127 carbon fiber on a Sirius EQ-G?
  125. PHD Issue with new Imaging Camera
  126. BackyardNIKON beta has been released (finally)
  127. Freeware Noise Reduction Software
  128. Wondering just how good my alignment was tonight
  129. SG Pro and PHD not communicating!
  130. Looking for a target
  131. A few questions about ASI120MC, Registax, AS!2, and FireCapture
  132. Flattener for ES ED102 CF
  133. PEC Software
  134. Meridian flipping.
  135. AT6IN and C6-N
  136. Best focuser type for AP?
  137. Edge HD 8 vs AT8RCS
  138. PHD question - What would cause the mount to do this?
  139. Imagers: What is installed on your FIELD LAPTOP?
  140. Advanced VX with 6" Newt
  141. Photographing a Lunar Eclipse
  142. Barlow advice.
  143. Newbie question on AP
  144. DSLR planetary imaging new guy question
  145. $1000 budget to step into AP
  146. Exposure Question and Tracking Issue
  147. How essential is autoguiding?
  148. APO Refractor or Ritchey-Chretien?
  149. Advice on Celestron 8SE upgrad purchases
  150. Nebulosity filter names
  151. Ch ch ch ch changes!
  152. $900 budget - Ideas for a starter setup
  153. Best Autoguide camera for OAG on a 2030mm scope
  154. An idiots guide to AP!
  155. Camera to telescope attachment
  156. Focuser update on my AT65
  157. Help! Messed up my best imaging session so far... what happened?
  158. whoah!
  159. ... and in more exciting news
  160. Flats on new scope
  161. New scope on its way...
  162. Next clear night, I'll be narrow-banding!
  163. Opinion of creating a setup / imaging tutorial?
  164. wish me luck
  165. Really bad guiding - need advice!
  166. Televue reducer - I am using this thing right, right?
  167. Balance problem, star trails, help!
  168. Finally Printed My First AP Photo
  169. tips please
  170. registax
  171. first timer here
  172. Trying out AP
  173. PHD cannot connect to mount
  174. If anyone still cares, I found a fix for Orion SSAG on Win8 USB3 port
  175. Got a Canon Digital Rebel XTi
  176. Adding barlow to 50mm guide scope?
  177. Light pollution filters for Astrophotography.
  178. BackYard EOS problems
  179. Help on controlling a skyprodigy 90 with a laptop
  180. Questions about my Barlow 2x
  181. A break in the clouds, and a second light (M42 / WOZS71)
  182. DSS and RAW file problems
  183. How many pounds can you load on a Moonlite focuser
  184. Longer focal length scope upgrade advice
  185. My First Picture of Saturn (GEEKED)
  186. Help with imaging the planets
  187. Beginner Question
  188. "beginners" setup?
  189. Explorer 130 or 150 PDS for astrophotography?
  190. Recommended powered USB Hub?
  191. Cloudy Day DSLR+Barlow
  192. Guiding through the primary OTA
  193. DSLR cooler question
  194. Pecprep
  195. Sky Quality Values
  196. Afocal moon with phone
  197. Odd diffraction spikes with bird-jones reflector
  198. First images of Andromeda with DSLR help needed
  199. S-II and DSLRs, is there any point?
  200. Bias, Flats and Darks for my Canon T3
  201. 2" camera adapters
  202. Re-processed M42: This is why I love PixInsight
  203. autoguiding fails when imaging due north(ish)
  204. T adapter
  205. AC to DC
  206. 39 minutes on NGC3184
  207. flats not really doing much for vignetting
  208. Switching from Nikon to Canon - first light with my EOS 1100D
  209. AP with high end Dobs and EQ platforms
  210. How to us a phillips webcam with a Celestron Sky Prodigy 90
  211. Astro imaging with Altair Astro 80mm ED Triplet APO refractor
  212. ASi120MC Firecapture and guiding
  213. crosshair eyepiece for drift alignment
  214. Astrophotography from multiple evening's exposures
  215. Attaching a DSLR (or CCD) to an Explore Scientific Refractor
  216. Drift Alignment versus Synscan Polar Alignment
  217. Is this picture possible to reproduce?
  218. Astrophotography has come a long way.
  219. Aurora and big dipper
  220. First Light with my new (second hand) EOS 1100D
  221. Royal Obervatory at Greenwhich & Sky At Night AP Contest
  222. Has anybody tried AP through a 70mm scope
  223. Advice needed on computer upgrade, suitability of Mac for astro imaging
  224. Building a regulated power supply
  225. Need advice for best rig setup!
  226. couple random questions. color, scale, etc.
  227. Questions... Dithering? PEC Training routine?
  228. Focusing on planets
  229. DSLR Cameras
  230. M106 with a CEM60 @ 3 degrees. (-16c)
  231. Starter Cameras, Not DSLR's for Deep Sky Work
  232. trial and error w/ dslr d3100 w/ no scope
  233. Calibrating and Creating Masters: Nebulosit or PIS?
  234. I think I forgot how to autoguide and other dilemmas...
  235. ZWO ASI120MC connectivity issue with old SBIG-modified C8 hand controller
  236. Firecapture and Neximage 5?
  237. Weird Stars - Perfect Guiding?
  238. Source for Red LED USB Laptop Lights ??
  239. Sharpcap single/multiple frame capture
  240. Is side-by-side better for imaging?
  241. Determining Maximum Exposure
  242. Belgian clear skies of Sunday the 16th
  243. First Pictures of Jup. Neximage5
  244. Focusing Issues.
  245. Connecting QHY5 camera to PHD
  246. Exposure times and no. of frames?
  247. Murphy's Law to the extreme
  248. ED102 and first picture with it. A question
  249. iOptron CEM60, std version, first light unguided
  250. Polar alignment with piggy backed scope