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  1. Finally, some clear(ish) skies
  2. Need Guidance on AP Setup. Mount/Scope...Have been reading but....
  3. Anyone Found / Seen / Done a comparison of the AP0132 vs MT9M034 CMOS Sensors ??
  4. C/2014 E2 (Jacques) August 29th/30th 2014
  5. DSS - Confused
  6. HyperStar with mono or color CCD
  7. How to shutdown and startup when using an obsy?
  8. How to use Backyard EOS to control multiple cameras
  9. Polar Alignment help needed!!!
  10. ASI 120MC Keeps Showing Up As "Unknown Device"
  11. Off center and star arrows??
  12. Stupid mistake!
  13. Polar alignment with only a view north - greater accuracy than polar scope?
  14. What is this? - DEC guiding problem.
  15. Just checking....
  16. Which is better?
  17. Autoguiding help requested! Please! *whimper* lol
  18. Streaking in My Photos
  19. Need USB hub power supply adapter
  20. What have I captured near Andromeda
  21. Combining exposures from multiple days ??
  22. Re: Nebulae Imaging with DSLR
  23. How to set up PHD2 for ASCOM driver
  24. A Busy Two Nights of Imaging
  25. ASCOM drivers & PHD
  26. Do I 'Need' PHD2?
  27. Will a coma corrector stop DSLR from focusing?
  28. First attempt with AVX Mount - M8
  29. Dark Frames
  30. EQMOD and Stellarium
  31. Star Trails and Polar Alignment
  32. Puzzled About how the Secondary Mirrors in Newtonians and SCTs'Maks
  33. Nebulosity TEC display
  34. Help me choose new imaging mount.
  35. Focus with canon 6D
  36. LVI SmartGuider 2 Imaging Control System
  37. Dumbell and Veil Nebulae
  38. Double Cluster in Perseus
  39. M31, 32 and 110
  40. Autoguide with Webcam
  41. PHD2.3D working with ZWO Guide Camera
  42. [REQUEST?] Libra-Scorpius Constellation help
  43. Help with ASI120MC and PHD
  44. Canon 6D samples
  45. Magnification with prime focus photography...
  46. Mosiac of the sky
  47. Auto guiding and PEC
  48. Canon 6d or sbig stf8300
  49. Auto Guider Setup ?
  50. HELP!...Looking for Tips or Advice on getting my 1st AP Prints made?
  51. Anybody ever Consider ....
  52. Nexstar 130 SLT astrograph conversion.
  53. First ever image with my old DSLR
  54. Back yard Nikon, and do i need it ??
  55. ISS and ATV5
  56. Back Focus Requirements
  57. Astrotortilla PA result inconsistent with PHD2 Drift Align
  58. Synguider newbie welcomes tips :)
  59. Got the AVX up and running, couple questions
  60. New Atik 383L+ Monochrome Camera is on the Way!
  61. SCT vs Newtonian
  62. Dslr Ha/LP filter questions
  63. Another blurred/trailing stars post - trying to figure it out.
  64. Recommend a good field power source for laptop
  65. Nikon + intervalometer
  66. Need help diagnosing autoguided star trailing
  67. Working on a decent lunar image
  68. New to Astrophotography
  69. Purchasing my first mount. Is a Celestron Advanced VX a mistake?
  70. Looking for a wider field of view, faster F number and yet possible solar scope
  71. Finally an autoguider
  72. metaguide
  73. Problem with traiing stars
  74. red dot near m29
  75. How long do you use darks, bias libraries?
  76. Ready To Move To A Mono CCD
  77. So... how long to you store your subs?
  78. Plate solving to replace 2+4?
  79. Very first moon image.
  80. for OSC CCD users
  81. De-Bayering Question
  82. Anotehr Hello
  83. Help Needed with PHD2 Drift Alignment
  84. Top Deep Sky Objects for AP Beginners
  85. Guiding: A question of balance, maybe?
  86. M51 in RGB
  87. How to keep DSO centered?
  88. Better/Cheaper to upgrade mount or whole set up ?
  89. Buy New CCD camera or DSLR camera ?
  90. Messier 110 Photo Award, How Close Are You?
  91. What does this mean?
  92. close race but I lost
  93. Isn't astrophotography sort of like photographing fireworks?
  94. Bodes Galaxy or Eagle Nebula ?
  95. Question about Limiting magnitude and astrophotography.
  96. Best starter DSOs?
  97. Best Beginner Resource?
  98. Really cool app for widefield photography
  99. I finally gave in to Windows 8.1 update
  100. Whats wrong with my stars
  101. DSS help please!!!!
  102. Can you help me build a perfect astroimaging laptop?
  103. ZWO guide camera resolution in PHD2 v2.3
  104. "8 vs 6" AVX Newtonian for AP
  105. Out Last Night Imaging
  106. Cheapest way to track sky with DSLR?
  107. Dithering and Darks
  108. Still experiencing coma with Baader Planetarium Mark III coma corrector
  109. Wide field scope options... HELP!
  110. About First Telescope
  111. Drift Alignment vs Alignmaster
  112. Orion Star Shoot II
  113. nexguide stand alone autoguider
  114. Hap Griffin or Gary Honis for Full Spectrum Mod?
  115. New Auto-guider ordered
  116. M16: What a difference a DSLR modification can make.
  117. Problem focusing with a Bahtinov Mask?
  118. Exposure time!!!
  119. balancing east/west heavy
  120. About to take the red pill to see how far the rabbit hole goes...
  121. Rookie questions about Powermates and Coma correctors
  122. focusing question???
  123. Advise needed.
  124. Removing 'slop' from Orion helical focuser
  125. Focal Reducer
  126. First light GSO RC 8" / HEQ5 / QHY8L
  127. Alt AZ autoguiding (HELP!)
  128. Old Nerd wanting to do Astrophotography with a wife that only is interested in Visual
  129. Taling Photos of DSO's When the Moon is Out
  130. Found a very interesting video on YouTube
  131. Iris Nebula NGC 7023
  132. Wierd Banding Issue
  133. 2 nights, 4 hrs of NGC 6543 (Cats Eye) and I got nada...
  134. Still Learning About Astrophotography.
  135. Just a thought on mount design and wormgear slop
  136. Widefield Astrophotography - 1st Try
  137. PHD settings on 50mm guidescope?
  138. Replacing OTA with DSLR
  139. The end of differential flexure
  140. What are some of the best dso's to photograph through 60-80mm refractor?
  141. NGC7000 North American Nebula
  142. My Attempt to Image M20 and Vicinity
  143. Dew heater strip that runs on USB power - is it possible?
  144. Timer Delay Solved
  145. 0.0 aperture? Help needed!
  146. Need recommendations for an off-axis guider, possibly new mount?
  147. BYEOS messing up
  148. Milky Way photo
  149. Best video on polar scope alignment
  150. Ok, there has to be an easier way for polar alignments.... help?
  151. Are there any Sony A55 Astrophotographer Out There?
  152. How pivotal is the phase of the moon when taking DSO pictures?
  153. 4000 pro image has spots
  154. Guiding the AVX, imaging with 8" EdgeSCT - at it's limits?
  155. M81 M82 and NGC3077
  156. M3 from June 5th
  157. Am I screwed?? Camera failure??
  158. Saturn imaging
  159. Some problems I face when setting up my scope for the night, how do I fix them?
  160. Solved the backfocus problem for a Z12 with a CSC camera
  161. How to Find Heart Nebula in Stellarium for getting Astrophoto ?
  162. registax question
  163. First try at AP
  164. 1st go at guiding with the ZEQ25,graph all over the place!
  165. New to imaging
  166. What factors make imaging over several nights make the photos look different?
  167. Tips for catching the Milky Way?
  168. I just had to say, WOW! I love my AT65!
  169. Wide(er)-field Hyperstar or Canon 200/300mm Lens
  170. iOptron at NEAF 2014, great video...;)
  171. Orion Starshoot G3 camera or Panasonic Micro Camera? Help me decide!
  172. ZWO ASI120MC cable length
  173. Exhibition with some of my astrophotos in London...
  174. PHD2 Graphic interpretation question
  175. Questions on PHD2 Drift Align Tool
  176. What focal ratio when using zwo asi120mm
  177. Skywatcher EQ5 Synscan For Imaging
  178. Did anyone image this? - V838 Monocerotis
  179. Upgrading Mount for new Astrophotography Gear
  180. Imaging globular clusters...
  181. ZWO ASI120MM Help
  182. Questions :D stellarvue finderscope/ autoguiders and el panel flatboxs
  183. Which one of these for AstroPhotography?
  184. Why are fast telescopes better for Astrophotography? Or aren't they?
  185. problem with registax
  186. First try at AP!
  187. Focal reducer for MCT (vignetting?)
  188. Good Laptop for Guiding
  189. Please dumb this down for me :)
  190. Celestron nexstar 130 SLT for Astrophotography? Some help needed.
  191. webcam for AP
  192. What would a Olll filter do for a un modded DSLR
  193. Winter milkyway widefield
  194. celestron Advanced VX EdgeHD 8 guiding result
  195. First image with Sequence Generator Pro - Ring Nebula
  196. first night out with the Z - I like it! but a couple questions....
  197. star trail issue. confused.
  198. Advice needed: best astrophotography telescope?
  199. First attemt at the ISS. 2014-06-04
  200. Are these flats too dark?
  201. Light Box for Flats
  202. My best Mars yet but..
  203. PI stacking -revisited, comparison of 2 runs - unusable images continue.
  204. Nebula Imaging with an unmodded dslr
  205. Trying too hard to be perfect
  206. Guess whats happening by looking at PHD graph
  207. Astro Tortilla Woes...
  208. Can't get PI to stack this? Looks awful, stumped
  209. Bad Flats - camera problem, other??
  210. Focal Extenders for AP
  211. Barlow lens and imaging
  212. Celestron Mount owners - Do we have a Alignmaster/EQMOD approach?
  213. Today’s pic and solar imager question
  214. Want to try a mosaic
  215. Blown fuse in dew controller plug - thoughts?
  216. Centering coma corrector in drawtube
  217. PHD2 goes nuts
  218. Giray's Astrophotography
  219. What is a good star to guide on?
  220. PHD Lab?
  221. SPC900NC for DSO!!!!
  222. How to recover from dithering faster?
  223. Integrating photos of meteor shower
  224. I'm attempting my first go at auto guiding
  225. M5 - First step on the long road to the M40 award
  226. Help needed from a CGEM owner
  227. Astrophotography Setup
  228. Wide field astrophotography (DSLR) with which tool
  229. celestron 4se astrophotgraphy
  230. First light with replacement CEM60EC
  231. PHD2, I Think I like It!
  232. How important is removing IR filter in a webcam to astrocam??
  233. I think I'm getting wrinkles.. More time in the Whirlpool, M51
  234. I could use some new settings for PHD2
  235. I would need some help to make decision
  236. How to I connect a Lodestar to PHD2
  237. Has anyone ever though to try this idea?
  238. Red computer screen cover.
  239. Acceptable Level of Wind During AP
  240. ZWO ASI120MC - Need Help Today - Best Vendor Please?
  241. Calculating the field of view
  242. First pics Ever: The Moon
  243. Differential flexure?
  244. Oh the irony.
  245. Does using a diagonal...
  246. Connecting camera to Nebulosity
  247. Tracking errors with polar misalignment
  248. Will I need to upgrade my guide scope?
  249. firecapture wont install
  250. why is firecapture better?