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  1. Help selecting an auto guider?
  2. Drift Alignment, Agaaaaain
  3. Nikon D750 or D810 for Astrophotography?
  4. Ever have one of those nights?
  5. Glossary or terms?
  6. When was the last time everything went right?
  7. PHD2 settings question
  8. QHY5 with PHD2
  9. Live View on DSLR
  10. Question about IC434?
  11. diffraction spikes
  12. ASCOM Help Requested Please
  13. Are all focal reducers created equal?
  14. PHD2 autoguiding from synscan handcontroller
  15. Cool Way of getting clarity in stars without ruining sky with High pass Tutorial
  16. Satelite trails or artifacts?
  17. What is "shutter shadow"
  18. Auto guiding a Celestron 8" sct
  19. Any Luck with Geminids Images ??
  20. Imaging time, how long
  21. Halos in brightest stars with F6.3 focal reducer
  22. First astro photo!
  23. New Member saying hello
  24. Did I damage my camera?
  25. Uranus Images
  26. Do you need a dew heater
  27. Need Expert Input on Darks
  28. Ok don't laugh at my camera
  29. Which T-Adapter to buy??
  30. Windows 8
  31. Telescope with DSLR versus DSLR with a telephoto lens
  32. Ha Filter
  33. Using a telescope adaptor to attach an slr to a telescope
  34. Mounting Bahtinov Mask on Refractor
  35. Soliciting comments, criticisms and suggestions on a first cut at my SW buy list
  36. any experience wity orion starshoot camera
  37. Focusing DSLR on DSOs
  38. Are these any good?
  39. Can't Connect AVX to PhD
  40. StellariumScope questions
  41. Stupid question about threads
  42. Options for attaching Nikon F mount lenses to filter wheels?
  43. Can someone check out a few assumptions and calculations for me?
  44. Widefield tree shots using Astronomik LP filter
  45. I'm baffled by baffles or the lack of them
  46. Ideas for trying to get a DSLR camera to focus in a Newtonian
  47. Can you benefit from refocusing your OTA for different wavelengths?
  48. ZEQ25GT Polar Scope way off/ ASI120mc issues with PHD2
  49. Moon Photo 12/1/14
  50. scope and mount help
  51. focal reducer help.
  52. Light pollution reduction filters for astro imaging
  53. m42
  54. deep sky stacker
  55. Guide scope/camera advice
  56. As a MAC user, can I get away with running the PC specific applications in a Win7 VM?
  57. Thanksgiving Widefields
  58. Help - Bizarre Flare from SCT+1DX
  59. Help needed for camera
  60. Film Is anyone shooting film anymore?
  61. Canon EOS 1200D
  62. AVI files " Not a valid win32 application" error
  63. Adding Pictures to post
  64. Can't catch a break.
  65. Plate Solving
  66. improve my auto-guiding
  67. Nikon Shooter has questions
  68. AP newbie seeks help
  69. Focusing Mask use with DSLR and Camera Control Software
  70. OD of the 50mm Orion mini guide scope to fit into ES102 finder rings
  71. Celestron C6N vs TPO 6 inch newtonian- first impressions
  72. I just can't guide!
  73. Will I be able to achieve prime focus with my telescope
  74. Rotating the camera in Stellarium?
  75. EL Panel fried...
  76. EOS clip filter recommendation
  77. Astro Imaging (I might be almost ready) or not!
  78. CEM60 mount and SGP - getting auto meridian flip to work?
  79. Neximage Solar System Imager question
  80. Meade DSI Stuck in Mono Mode
  81. Nikon D5100 focus
  82. Looking for suggestions for first target
  83. AVX dec problem
  84. Focusing the Orion Mini 50 Guide scope.
  85. First target using new CEM60, M33 imaged through 8" SCT
  86. Auto Glider Help
  87. 24 Hours with Photographer Aaron Groen
  88. The Jelly Fish Nebula and Pleiades
  89. LVI Smartguider 1
  90. It's far from a good image, but here 'tis anyway, my first DSO with Starshoot G3
  91. anyone get the moon and jupiter last night?
  92. What is a good first camera for my CGEM 800
  93. Ha and OSC...
  94. SV F50M2 as guide scope?
  95. PHD2 Save Image
  96. Question on Hutech LP Filter
  97. Need tips to improve CEM60 guiding
  98. How to store and retrieve fits images?
  99. PHD Drift Align
  100. Anyone curious or has experience with the Sony QX1 as an imager?
  101. Help with planning a sequence on M31--question for monochrome LRGB imagers?
  102. First Light: Starguider 2" refractor Field Flattener on SW 80ED
  103. I Propose A Collaberative Project
  104. full moon tonight
  105. What's the margin for error on balancing your scope?
  106. 1.25" or 2" T Ring/Adapter?
  107. CEM60 - first light!
  108. What to do if celestial pole view blocked
  109. My first M42 image
  110. Nice video on DSLR wide field astrophotography
  111. Meridian Flip issue with PHD
  112. Observing the Sun
  113. Finding objects with ioptron skyguider - hard?
  114. Autoguider FOV versus Sensitivity
  115. Link for Stellarium Scope Please?
  116. Using the Orion Starshoot 5MP on DSO, initial result
  117. Upgrading My Focuser
  118. Couple of DSLR shots tonight - first tele image
  119. iOptron SmartEQ Pro - a good cheap solution for a novice?
  120. Preparing my first shoot for tonight
  121. Night two with the Orion Starshoot 5MP
  122. What is a 'star mask'?
  123. Decided to get a GEM just not sure which one, help?
  124. Astrotrac v 'regular' eq mount?
  125. Nikon software for astro?
  126. Light Pollution Filter for Unmodified Canon DSLR 600D
  127. Questions about focal reducer and filters/t-adapter...
  128. First photo taken with Orion Starshoot 5MP
  129. Anybody use a Skywatcher 80ed out of the box for imaging?
  130. HELP!!!...Please Settle "Dark Frames" Conundrum once and for all?
  131. DSLR Camera Mounted Where your Finderscope Would be Attached
  132. IS this a good start for video?
  133. Increasing the Size of Smaller Objects
  134. It's here - CEM60!!
  135. Can you Answer Questions about the ZWO ASI120 Camera?
  136. APO refractor question, comparison.
  137. What is better? Properly exposed high ISO or under exposed low ISO?
  138. Questions about EQ wedge and guiding system?
  139. what camera would you guys recommend for amateurs?
  140. CGEM-DX and PHD gone wild
  141. Some images of the partial solar eclipse of 10/23/2014
  142. 10-23-14 Eclipse images and question about soft focus
  143. EdgeHD/SCT dew solutions if trying to image
  144. My shot of yesterday's Eclipse
  145. Seven Sisters with heart
  146. Stacking subs of different exposure times?
  147. Suggestions for a Light Pollution Filter?
  148. Happy Birthday to me!! Ordering new mount!
  149. M45 integration time?
  150. TeleVue 0.8X Reducer/Flattener on a 8SE/C8 Scope?
  151. Thursday acquisition session
  152. Odd gradient in Ha image
  153. Improving the Little Things to Improve your Imaging Session
  154. How to solve/improve AVX backlash problems in PHD2 guiding?
  155. Flats with DSLR and Ha filter - what mean ADU value?
  156. Orion and flame nebula with the canon nifty fifty
  157. Follow up on my camera issues - banding artifacts
  158. Good video on basic astrophotography
  159. OAG recommendation?
  160. I have decided to jump into Androphotography!
  161. Celestron AVX mount help please.
  162. Phd2 & asi120mc
  163. M31 First guided Image with AVX need advice
  164. Flat ISO
  165. Need some suggestions on next upgrades to fuel my AP needs
  166. Initial DSLR Camera Orientation for AP
  167. Target suggestion
  168. Astrophotography by hand
  169. C8 SCT, Celestron AVX Guiding
  170. PHD2 Problem with gain/gamma
  171. Bah - first time out in a couple months and attacked by egg-shaped stars!
  172. Using Darks from Your Library
  173. Reducing vignetting of 1.25" Filter on 2" focuser (DIY - DSLR)
  174. Absolute astrophotography newbie, would love some advice on gear setup
  175. Have you done AP using a barlow and a C6-N?
  176. Near total newby to astrophotography
  177. Sequence Generator Pro
  178. Fishing For Photons
  179. Choosing a Lens for Astrophotography
  180. Flat frame poll??
  181. Best software process images (MacOS )
  182. Focal reducer and field flattener question
  183. Help with Ha imaging and dSLR
  184. Active USB cables and cold weather
  185. Another Phd II Question
  186. Oh dear... my first astro image!
  187. Orion 80mm Awesome Auto Guider Refractor
  188. Can I count this as "being published"? :)
  189. What Telescope do You Primarily Use for Astrophotography?
  190. Advice on imaging M74 please.
  191. SW 100ED good idea at its price range?
  192. Dithering with Nebulosity?
  193. EF400 F5.6 vs WO A-F102GT-AP vs Long Perng ED AP0 110 F6 for wide DSO
  194. Guess I Don't Know How BYEOS Works, Even with Instructions
  195. Would an EQ motor drive work for astrophotography
  196. My New Tutorial: Setting up an Equatorial Mount on ASCOM (EQMod, Stellarium & Cdc)
  197. Weird discoloration on most of my astrophotos with Canon 6d
  198. Best affordable Astroimaging camera
  199. Looking for a little assistance using PHD.
  200. What is the best and second best scope for wide field astrophotography?
  201. C8 OAG suggestions
  202. Guiding issues, PHD and ASCOM giving me fits, etc.
  203. Vertical and Horizontal banding - can't figure it out
  204. Autoguide rates for an AVX mount.
  205. High Dynamic Range - Needed for what?
  206. Help Deep Sky Stacker Problems
  207. How Accurate Does My Mount Alignment Need to Be..........for Auto Guiding
  208. Tracking down egg stars?
  209. Basic tracking questions
  210. New guide scope or off axis guider
  211. 8"RC secondary visible around bright star
  212. Light Pollution Questions
  213. ES ED80 apo or Orion ED80 apo??
  214. Problem with EQZ25 and Loadstar xpress starlight guiding
  215. M8 - My 3rd Ever AP
  216. Watermarking your photos
  217. General Consensus - How Close Is Close Enough!
  218. Blurry Edges
  219. When PHD2 loses its guide star
  220. Filter Question
  221. Dew Control for Orion ED80??
  222. Good scopes for my first deep space AP setup
  223. Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 for guiding + Windows 7 = HELP!
  224. My switch position has gone nuts...
  225. Celestron Advanced VX 6" Newtonian Telescope
  226. Beginner AP Telescope and mount?
  227. Uswd DSS to process images of M42
  228. Shooting the Moon and the Zhumell 2" Variable Polarizing Filter
  229. Is SBIG compatible with Power Werx accessories?
  230. Mount, and other astrophotography help.
  231. PHD2 and ASI120MC
  232. Combining two different Exposures
  233. Astrophotography with Canon Nifty Fifty
  234. Focal reducer
  235. DSLR T Adapters
  236. Can't get mount to connect in PHD2
  237. SmartEQ Pro - Periodic Error - Widefield at F=200mm
  238. Which image orientation is correct?
  239. USB eyepiece camera
  240. SSAG Replacement Suggestions
  241. Would this do for taking flats?
  242. Target suggestions?
  243. Guiding with longer FL guide scope - question about accuracy
  244. Astrophotography in red zone
  245. Converting CR2 file to jpeg without processing.
  246. SynScan Update problem!!!
  247. Best image I"ve got so far of the Orion Nebula
  248. Pyxis derotator First Light 240 sec on AltAz
  249. New Scope - Close to Purchase
  250. Counterweight shaft piggyback bracket