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  1. Orion ED80 accepts 2'' and 1.25''? DSLR AP
  2. Filters and FOCUS question.
  3. Need help with Registax... weird stacking problem
  4. checking focus during imaging
  5. Dark Frame Orientation with Meridian Flip
  6. Why did you get into AP? Bored of just viewing?
  7. FireCapture - where's the USB traffic setting?
  8. IC443 - Stalking the Jelly Fish continues
  9. Looking for ASCOM focusing options
  10. Afocal smartphone astrophotography
  11. CCD problem?
  12. Omg !!!!!
  13. beginner EQ mount
  14. DSS taking away stars?
  15. ZWO ASI120MC & ST-80 Focus
  16. Another storm watch
  17. Tips for eyepiece projection?
  18. Soliciting opinions on a long FL scope for AP
  19. ASI120MC ordered, now what Program?
  20. Astro Tortilla Help Please
  21. Best settings to photograph eclipse with Nikon D5100/
  22. More help with guiding - OAG, QHY5L-II
  23. The best ever picture of Orion Nebula
  24. Astroimaging query from a newbie
  25. What can I tell about my photos from a PI Series Analysis Report
  26. Orion nebula
  27. A cautionary tale about the ASI120 cameras (my goof not theirs) and IC443 update
  28. First Light (Juptier & M42) iPhone Astrophotography
  29. Luminos Barlow + Prime focus issue
  30. Just Have to Share
  31. suggestion for EOS control software
  32. Mount Autoguiding Rates(?)
  33. DSO astrophotography with dobs and a smartphone?
  34. IOptron Smart EQ Pro 3200 vs Used Orion EQ-G
  35. New Purchase: Better Camera or Better Scope?
  36. Strange Repeat Performance, Actually an Irritating Happening
  37. iOptron Skyguider vs Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer (oh, yeah, SmartEQ Pro too)
  38. Lights pollution filter
  39. Beginner kit breakdown and help.
  40. Oroin Skyglow astrophotography "2"
  41. Venus? - Any tips?
  42. Guilding problems!
  43. Image Histogram Problem (KAF8300C)
  44. been in garden with camera as its Clear
  45. LP filter options
  46. How do you protect your rig from the elements when you leave it out imaging?
  47. Using SQM Readings To Determine Max DSO Exposure Length
  48. IC443 - The Jelly Fish Nebula - a work in progress in NB
  49. Alternatives to Philips ToUCam and SPC900
  50. Why did I go from round stars to oblong stars in one run? Focuser tension? Freezing?
  51. Carson HookUpz Universal Smart Phone Optics
  52. ZWO ASI120MC vs. Neximage 5
  53. Great Shot!!
  54. Revisit on use of Ha filters in DSLR/OSC
  55. Some newbie questions on CCD image capture
  56. hyperstar
  57. Deep Space astrophotography with ASI120MC?
  58. Anyone using an On-Axis Guider (ONAG)
  59. check out this article on a popular general photography site
  60. Still Researching CCD Cameras
  61. newbie AP question
  62. Astrotrac PHD guiding
  63. Best jupiter yet
  64. If you are a MAC user and wish you had PhotoShop
  65. Skywatcher .85 FF/FR for ES 102ED
  66. Hypothesis - I can ignore darks given that I have an ICX814 based camera
  67. Anyone know how to make a good Dobsonian eq platform so I can track deep space?
  68. stupid camera
  69. Gigabyte BRIX Mini pc anyone?
  70. You know you're addicted to AP when...
  71. Making my camera
  72. How to balance # exposures against exposure length?
  73. Using A Barlow For Deep Sky Imaging
  74. Input sought on probable source of some noise in an image of M81
  75. Sleep deprived astrophotographers
  76. Are all these incredible images almost entirely computer generated?
  77. Help choosing autoguider please
  78. Beginners's question about DSLR's
  79. Help with Cleopatras eye
  80. Powering AP setup
  81. Simple target confirmation photos
  82. Nice photo op tonight
  83. type of autoguiders
  84. Odd Diffraction Pattern - Looking for the Cause
  85. More guiding woes, HELP!
  86. First scope for AP: ED APO or RC?
  87. Arrrggh
  88. Diffraction spikes???
  89. A question about ambient temperature.
  90. My Rosette Nebula Data Seems Strange
  91. DSLR lens for AP
  92. Would really appreciate your opinions on this Autoguider before I spend the money.
  93. AP PC programs on Macs: Parallels or VMWare?
  94. First attempt at wide field astrophotography
  95. Question about LP filter for AP
  96. Help with PHD2 screen units of measurement
  97. Wray 36 inch f4 camera operation / conversion
  98. orion star shoot IV over exposure help?
  99. Considering a guide camera upgrade - advice appreciated.
  100. Camera Settings
  101. NASA Sun-Watching Probe Celebrates 5 Years in Space (Videos)
  102. General Astrophotography Question
  103. Fork Mount Equatorial or Equatorial Mount for long exposure Astrophotography
  104. Rosette, take 2 - reprocessed LUM
  105. Sky-Watcher PRO*80ED APO
  106. Can't get good pictures.
  107. Photoshop Elements
  108. Airplanes and Satellite Trails in Subs
  109. Strange artifact in images - what is it?
  110. My first ever attempt at color - C49, The Rosette Nebula - critiques welcome
  111. My first attempt at Jupiter
  112. Focal Reducer: Should I remove for "small" DSOs? ( Galaxies, Planetary Neb)
  113. Help me spend $2500
  114. Orion Star Shoot IV - Over exposure?
  115. Using a ZWO-ASI120MC as a Guider
  116. Copy one image, stack it many times?
  117. First light with new Hyperstar
  118. C49 Rosette Nebula
  119. Question about autoguider setup for phd/avx
  120. Ah, the astronomy Gods are annoyed at me again
  121. Attempt at Jupiter
  122. iCap recognition of ZWO ASI 120MC
  123. In the interesting but not likely relevant for AP department - The Canon 5DS
  124. Struggling on chosing the CCD
  125. iOptron SkyTracker pushing the limits
  126. Strange Photo Artifact
  127. Confused about what expects J2000 coordinates and what wants JNow
  128. QHY23+UltraThin FW to Nikon F mount progress
  129. CGEM Mount owners, a question.
  130. Taking pictures of the moon
  131. Rumor of Nikon increased Ha sensitivity camera for astrophotography
  132. Jupiter (again...) with moons
  133. SSAG vs. Starshoot Deep Space Color Imager II
  134. Camera Adapter recommendation please
  135. new ota for imaging
  136. NGC 2015, The Snowflake Nebula
  137. Flat frames only partially working
  138. The limits of imaging with the moon?
  139. GSO/Highpoint, Baader, Paracorr Coma Correctors
  140. How about this for a first AP platform?
  141. Going to Try Nightscape Imaging - Tips and Advice Please
  142. Great Polar Alignment "How-to" Video?
  143. A question about flats and filters.
  144. What are the limits of afocal astrophotography?
  145. Thoughts on Celestron Neximage vs Neximage 5
  146. wide field imaging?
  147. Question about Celestron CCD and SLR
  148. Planetary imaging scope advice?
  149. Random question about SLR cameras
  150. Filter newbie.. Are these filters of any use in CCD imaging??
  151. Hyperstar + SLR + 8'' (or 9.25'') telescope, anyone has experience with that?
  152. AstroJan Tools for Canon EOS
  153. A new OAG with PHD2 and ZWO ASI120MC - questions
  154. Afocal projection with a Hyperion Zoom
  155. Longer exposures & autoguiding
  156. How do you archive your data / Do you keep your uncalibrated FITS?
  157. Question about Prints
  158. A question after reading Canon 7DMII sensor review
  159. Which PC?
  160. Question about Longer exposures vs Shorter exposures and SNR
  161. ZWO ASI120MC Settings for Deep Sky and Faint Objects
  162. Image quality question.
  163. Need advice on which field flattener to go with.
  164. PHD2 crashing - perhaps related to target near meridian with CEM60?
  165. Comet Lovejoy With Atik and LRGB
  166. LRGB... Weird color noise, what is it?
  167. Your thoughts and knowlege appreciated
  168. Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2
  169. The Athens Light Dome as Seen from My Observing Site
  170. Question about comet tails and filters
  171. Anyone ever use a remote observatory?
  172. Help! Large annular defect in my images not removed by flats
  173. Eq mount pick up and replace
  174. First light
  175. MaxIM setting for: Camera Control>Guide>Settings>Auto Guider Output control via ?
  176. More lessons learned for the edification of the new and amusement of the experienced
  177. Feeling despair, desperate, demotivated and very deflated :-(
  178. Polar Alignment: How good is "good enough"... Discussion
  179. Polar Alignment: How good is "good enough"...
  180. How I decided to power my AP gear when near AC power
  181. webcam or dslr for planetary?
  182. Can an EQ mount track without motorized add-on??
  183. 8" Reflector vs 80mm ED Refractor for guided DSO Imaging with DSLR.
  184. Recommended field flattener for Orion ED80?
  185. Solution for affordable tracking?
  186. Best low-cost astro imaging cameras?
  187. Drift align
  188. How much magnification when I hook up my DSLR to my scope?
  189. Question about guiding
  190. Computer Control of the Rig: BackyardEOS, EQ-MOD, PHD
  191. Celestron Motor Drive Dual-Axis For CG-4 or Skywatcher HEQ5 (older)
  192. Flat Frames with My New, Larger RC8 Telescope
  193. Question on Orion Autoguider
  194. Astrophotography Setup Feedback
  195. Mounts and sky models - can someone point me to a good resource to read about this
  196. Help me spend some money!
  197. Dither between subframes
  198. Celestron Wedge HD Pro - Anyone has experience
  199. Is there such a thing as a reliable RJ12 connector? Source?
  200. Signal to Noise Ratio / Light Pollution
  201. LXD75 SN10, Moonlite CR2. Barlow question.
  202. ES102 ED - Extension Spacing For AP
  203. LP filter against led lights
  204. OAG tips? - This may have been a mistake
  205. Probably a stupid question - guide camera orientation
  206. Anybody use iOptron Sky Tracker??
  207. A question about Barlows and imaging
  208. PHD2 and ASI120mc still having major issues.
  209. 1st image - comments, criticism, suggestions welcome
  210. Can I PRACTICE AutoGuiding with this setup in Alt/As while I wait for my wedge???
  211. Do you keep your lights/darks/etc?
  212. Data and Power Cable Management for Your AP Setup
  213. PEC training and guiding fighting?
  214. Imaging with a 200 PDS on an HEQ5?
  215. New Hubble Gigapixel Andromeda Image
  216. Purchasing an Orion ED80T CF - Accessory Question
  217. Considering an OAG... Orion vs TS thin OAG's
  218. New at Astrophotograpy
  219. shaft lock or not?
  220. Two moon shots and a question
  221. PEC trained my CEM60
  222. Sell Polarie for a ZEQ25?
  223. Please throw darts at this image
  224. Advanced Imaging Conference Oct 16-18 in San Jose
  225. Autoguider for Meade LX-90??
  226. DSS Versus Registax
  227. SmartEQ Pro imaging...which scope to use
  228. Difficulty Imaging M33...Suggestions Needed
  229. Desktop Computer #2 RIP
  230. I have two items that claim to have 1.25" threads that do not mate.
  231. Can anyone tell me whether these filter look correct?
  232. First successful (kinda) Jupiter image
  233. Asking the questions that everyone (including me) hates, please forgive me. Field Rot
  234. astrophotography with a dob
  235. Help using SSAG with ES refractor
  236. Think I got some pics of lovejoy c/2014 q2..
  237. Question about LRGB imaging... Can I use regular colored filters?
  238. B+A = BA - and the Idiot's guide to astrophotography
  239. Wanting to get in to Astrophotography
  240. Vixen Polarie lunar mode - am I missing something?
  241. Pushing the CEM60
  242. Dodgy Image of Uranus
  243. Pacman Nebula first Pixinsight LRGB process--need advice
  244. C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy... First attempt at a comet, and some questions?
  245. jupiter
  246. Stuck on Guiding
  247. Help with imaging setup
  248. iCap 2.2 help! won't record
  249. Could someone look at my first two frames and answer a couple of questions?
  250. Binning and flats question