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    Default Pluto images show a dynamic world

    Pluto images show a dynamic world,1287823.story

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    Default Pluto images show a dynamic world

    Sam Wormley wrote:

    It's from 'global' warming.

    Global warming on Pluto and other planets in our solar system has been studied
    in the past few years. Something is causing them to warm.

    But of course, this subject is no longer mentioned for fear it will muddy the science
    of warming on our planet.

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    Default Pluto images show a dynamic world

    "S. Caro" wrote:

    Yeppper! Not to mention: M'HP55CLGANR)"R!C0Y!'$4IGCQQPZ6F>[]VELG&X_#4]/5Y7=\DM/2_P&CB$
    M:>2?0E.'2HJ(=,/WT"AV!J`H*\>DD`_7@%TI4(92`7`I7R(X_MKT>PRF2YM;, as well.!



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