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    PRINCETON, N.J. -- (UPL) -- Larry
    King will moderate Friday night's seance
    debate between the late, great Immanuel
    Velikovsky and the late Charles Darwin,
    CNN announced today.
    "It'll be the very first time I've had
    two dead guests on my show, although
    I've interviewed countless brain-dead
    politicians and con artists over the years,"
    said King..
    Velikovsky was the pioneer in proving
    that earth had been subjected to monu-
    mental catastrophes in the long-ago past
    while Darwin was long a proponent of
    a tranquil earth that snoozed along
    peacefully for billions, if not zillions, of
    The deceased also will debate the
    bullshit theory of the evolution of man.
    Velikovsky will elaborate on Ed
    Conrad's discoveries of petrified
    HUMAN remains between coal veins
    in Pennsylvania'a anthracite region,
    confirming that man -- in almost our
    present form, although about 20 percent
    larger --couldn't possibly evolve the way
    that Chuck had long insisted.
    < "It's just too bad that Ed Conrad
    himself can't be here because he's
    having transplant brain surgery that
    morning," said King.
    "But he (Charles Darwin) saw these animals,
    their bones splintered, heaped in the strangest
    assemblages -- giant sloths and mastodons together
    with birds and mice.
    He had to forget these pictures of disaster in order
    to invent a theory of a peaceful earth unshaken in its
    entirety . . . (but) he could not pass over it in silence
    in 'Origin of Species'.
    "He wrote: 'The extinction of species has been involved
    in the most gratuitous mystery . . . No one can have
    marveled more than I have done at the extinction
    of the species.'
    "Darwin concluded: 'Certainly, no fact in the long history
    of the world is so startling as the wide and repeated
    extermination of its inhabitants'."
    "Quoting Eisely, when at the University of Kansas in 1943,
    quoting an observer of an awe-inspiring scene spread all
    over Alaska:
    "... in certain regions of Alaska the bones of these extinct
    animals lie so thickly scattered that there can be no question
    of human handiwork involved.
    "Though man was on the scene of the final perishing,
    his was not, then, the appetite nor the capacity for such
    giant slaughter."
    "These remains were obviously heaped together in single
    actions of nature . . . Alfred Russel Wallace, who
    simultaneously with Darwin announced the theory
    of natural selection, in puzzlement drew the attention
    of the scientific world to the Siwalik hills, at the foot
    of the Himalayas, their several hundred miles of length
    practically packed with bones of animals . . .
    "It seems impossible to attribute the phenomenon
    to the unaided efforts of man. In this great carnage
    are myriads of animals, limb torn from limb, in great
    heaps, over tens of miles, mixed with splintered trees."
    In 1963, the editors of American Behavioral Scientist
    magazine were convinced of the merits of Dr. Immanuel
    Velikovsky's science -- contained in "Worlds in Collision"
    and "Earth in Upheaval," published in the early 1950s --
    and were aware of the mushroom cloud of denial that had
    been generated from within the scientific community.
    The editors considered these events to be of major
    importance to the history of science.
    Therefore, they displayed tremendous courage by devoting
    their September 1963 issue to defending Velikovsky.
    It contained three papers dealing with the Velikovsky
    controversy -- by Ralph Juergens, Livio Stecchini and
    publisher Alfred de Grazia, as well as a paper submitted
    by Velikovsky himself.
    Three years later -- in 1966 -- this edition of American
    Behavioral Scientist wound up as a hard-cover book entitled
    "The Velikovsky Affair: The Warfare of Science and Scientism," edited
    by de Grazia and published by University Books Inc., New Hyde Park,
    In 1950, a book called Worlds in Collision, by Dr.
    Immanuel Velikovsky, gave rise to a controversy in
    scientific and intellectual circles about scientific
    theories and the sociology of science.
    Dr. Velikovsky's historical and cosmological concepts,
    bolstered by his acknowledged scholarship, constituted
    a formidable assault on certain established theories
    of astronomy, geology and historical biology, and on
    the heroes of those sciences.
    Newton, himself, and Darwin were being challenged, and
    indeed the general orthodoxy of an ordered universe.
    The substance of Velikovsky's ideas is briefly presented
    in the first chapter of this book.
    What must be called the scientific establishment rose in
    arms, not only against the new Velikovsky theories but
    against the man himself.
    Efforts were made to block dissemination of Dr. Velikovsky's
    ideas, and even to punish supporters of his investigations.
    There is no doubt that in a totalitarian society, not only
    would Dr. Velikovsky's reputation have been at stake, but
    also his right to pursue his inquiry, and perhaps his own
    personal safety.
    As it was, the "establishment" succeeded in building a wall
    of unfavorable sentiment around him: to thousands of scholars the name
    of Velikovsky bears the taint of fantasy,
    science-fiction and publicity.
    He could not be suppressed entirely. In the next few years
    he published three more books. He carried on a large
    correspondence. And he was helped by friends and by
    a large general public composed of persons outside of the
    establishments of science.
    The probings of spacecraft tended to confirm -- never to disprove --
    his arguments.
    Social scientists, who had been generally aware of Dr. Velikovsky's
    work, now found themselves in the thick of
    the conflict. The involvement of the social and behavioral sciences in
    the scientific theories of Velikovsky was higher than had been earlier
    The social sciences are the basis of Velikvsky's work: despite his
    proficiency in the natural sciences, it is by
    the use of the methodology of social science that Velikovsky launched
    his challenge to accepted cosmological theories.
    No one pretends that this method is adequate. New forms
    of interdisciplinary research are needed to wed, for example, the
    study of myth with the study of meteorites.
    Nor does one have to agree that Velikovsky is the greatest technician
    of mythology, even while granting his great conceptual and
    synthesizing powers.
    Whatever the scientific substance, the controversy itself could not be
    avoided or dismissed by behavioral science.
    The problem of sicence is one of the agitating problems
    of the twentieth century. The issues are clear: Who determines
    scientific truth: Who are its high priests, and what is their warrant?
    How do they establish their canons? What effects do they have on the
    freedom of inquiry, and on public interest?
    In the end, some judgment must be passed upon the behavior of the
    scientific world and, if adverse, some remedies must be
    proposed . . .
    It is our hope that the publication of these papers in the present
    volume (a revised and enlarged version) will make
    it less easy for Velikovsky's new work to be suppressed, or lightly
    We hope, too, that they will help scientists and interested laymen
    everywhere to rehearse the problems and to reform the errors of the
    vast enterprise of science.

    Ed Conrad

    Strata geologically dated at a minimum of 280 million years
    Here are just a few of the thousands upon thousands of specimens of
    petrified bones, teeth and/or even soft organs -- some human --
    discovered between two separate anthracite veins in Northeastern
    Pennsylvania over the past 28 years.
    Here's a map showing a spectacular cross-section of coal
    veins beneath Mahanoy City, Pa. It reveals the impact
    of an asteroid, meteor or comet having struck the earth
    and offering the uundeniable physical evidence
    of a catastrophe.
    Some of the URLs below showing the result of the impact
    can be enlarged by clicking on them.
    < "Oh, the Humanity"
    Wilton M. Krogman, one of the world's foremost experts on human
    anatomy, holds what he had identified as a petrified human calvarium,
    a skull with the eye sockets broken off, that was discovered between
    coal veins.
    Krogman is shown at his desk at the world-famous Cooper Clinic in
    Lancaster, Pa., where moments later he beckoned a colleague -- a
    medical doctor -- to examine what he told him was "the oldest human
    skull ever found."
    A CATscan was performed on this specimen with favorable results.
    Meanwhile, Haversian canals were identified in the
    cell structure, the tell-tale sign of bone. And dried
    blood was found on the specimen during testing at
    American Medical Laboratories in Chantilly, Va.
    This is the official report from AML which had
    performed Calculus Analysis by Crystallography.
    The final report, dated April 21, 2000, was issued
    by Dr. Nathan Sherman, director of laboratories.
    Scanning Electron Microscopy of internal surface of the fossil that
    Krogman identified as a tibia. Both photos were taken at 2,000X.
    This is the specimen that Paul PZ Myers, then of Temple U. and now a
    disgrace to the University of Minnesota, along
    with Andrew MacRae, then at the University of Calgary, had "tested."
    MacRae had been entrusted with a specimen that Krogman
    identified as a ibia, then -- in cahoots with Myers -- had
    fraudulently "prepared" a ground section from a rock or
    concretion and displayed the internal structure on MacRae's
    Web page.
    It was a rather enterprising but unfortunately feeble effort
    to conceal the presence of Haversian canals that exist
    in the genuine specimen. The Haversian canals confirm
    it indeed is B-O-N-E and prove beyond all reasonable doubt
    that Myers and MacRae are an insult and a disgrace to every
    honest, courageous, truth-seeking scientist who ever lived
    especially Copernicus,Galileo, Kepler. Immanuel
    Velikovsky and, in particular, Ed Conrad).
    CALVARIUM REPORT by Lin Liangtai of Taiwan
    FEMUR REPORT by Lin Liangtai of Taiwan
    HUMAN TOE (a very costly test)
    Here is a CT video of the Carboniferous human toe (discovered by Ed
    Conrad between coal veins) that disproves the theory of Evolution).
    < Here are 120 micrographs of the human toe:
    Lin Liangtai's Web Page
    Ed Conrad (rear) and his wolf named Blue.
    Ed Conrad's e-mail address:
    (Replace ... with rad)
    (No explosives inside your attachments, PLEASE)
    Ed Conrad
    Man as Old as Coal
    Bill Moyers Matt Laurer Chris Matthews Keith Olbermann
    Rachel Maddow ABC CBS NBC MSNBC Fox News BBC
    Michael Moore Bill Maher John Kaminski Kevin Smith
    Larry King Oliver Stone Rupert Murdoch Republican
    Democrat Brad Guth Rush Limbaugh David Ray Griffin
    Evolution Smithsonian Time American Association for the
    Advancement of Science President Obama American
    Association of Physical Anthropology Lou Dobbs Anderson
    Cooper Bill O'Reilly New York Times Daily News Post
    Newsday Newsweek Washington Post Philadephia Inquirer
    The Nation President Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld Karl
    Rove George W. Bush 911 Government Conspiracy Intelligent Design
    Hubble Walmart Meet the Press David Gregory Jared Israel eBay PBS
    Rosie O'Donnell To Catch
    a Predator on American Idol and/or Dancing With the Stars Washington
    Post Poor Bernard Madoff Glenn Beck Adolf Hitler Sean "Ins-" Hannity
    Josef Stalin Glen Beck Charles Sheen Sean Penn Rosie O'Donnell Kevin
    Smith Wall Street Journal The View Jeff Rense U.S. News and World
    Report Cancer 60 Minutes History Channel The View Rosie O'Donnell
    Oprah Winfrey UFO Hubble Space Intelligent Design Roswell Lin Liangtai
    Huffington Post David Letterman David Iain Greig Death Does Not Exist God Almighty Jesse Ventura
    Michelle Malkin abd Matthew Mark Luke and Jack

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    On Dec 14, 4:12 pm, Intrepid <> wrote:
    < will moderate Friday night's seance
    Larry King did himself proud last night. That was quite a show.
    I thought the ghost of Dr. Velikovsky beat the living -- I mean,
    deceased -- shit out of Charlie Darwin, especially when he
    had Chuck stuttering like a machine gun when trying to answer
    one of the good Doc's quesions about Ed Conrad and his
    mind-boggling discoveries of human body parts between
    coal veins.
    The highlight, I suppose, was when they almost came to
    invisible blows right near the end. This was not nice at all.
    It's just a shame that the terrible winter snowstorm caused
    the transmission satellite in space to seize up, causing
    most of the country to see a crappy rerun of Howie Mandell.
    Mary Mary
    (Quite Contrary)



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