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    Default Telescope Names

    I don't recall exactly how it came about that I started naming my
    telescopes, but I have a sneaky suspicion that a past thread on saa
    may have been the root cause. So, in an effort to get telescope
    owners involved in something a little closer to amateur astronomy than
    the usual fare -- this thread has materialized.

    If you've named your telescope(s) please share the name(s) along with
    whatever other telescope information you feel comfortable sharing.

    If you've not named your telescopes, give the idea some thought . . .

    My smallest telescope, at a humble 60mm aperture, isn't exactly a
    light bucket. It's a refurbished f/11 alt-az refractor whose OTA has
    been painted yellow by yours truly. "Buttercup" says Hi!

    My heaviest telescope is white with a truss assembly. Generally I
    prefer using smaller telescopes, but if more photons are needed "The
    Iron Snowflake" will come through for me.

    Until acquiring Buttercup my most portable telescope was an 80mm f/5
    refractor that could easily travel anywhere. I painted the OTA red.
    "Little Red Riding Scope" is a favorite of some of my students.

    A little 102mm blue SCT that I won as a door prize at a star party
    excels at high magnifications. "Mighty Mouse" is good for showing
    many of the sky's double stars.

    I painted (maybe Rolando can forgive me!) my 13cm refractor a silvery
    chrome color. "Excalibur" is my miracle worker. Pluto couldn't hide
    from Excalibur's modest aperture. Without using filters (I have an H-
    Beta now Excalibur was able to reveal the elusive Horsehead Nebula
    to a dark adapted eye -- from my own backyard! Saturn's C ring has
    been unforgettably displayed in all it's subtle, electric-blue, beauty
    by Excalibur -- and the list goes on . . .

    So, introduce your telescopes to the group -- or ask for assistance in
    naming a telescope.

    Bill Greer
    To sketch is to see.

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    Default Telescope Names

    On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 13:03:12 -0700 (PDT), Sketcher
    <> wrote:

    My 12.5 inch dobsonian is named, "Seymour."

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    Default Telescope Names

    On Jun 11, 4:03 pm, Sketcher <> wrote:

    I call my 12-inch Dob "the telescope."

    Until I try to move it then I call it "%&$#@#$*&."

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    Default Telescope Names

    On Jun 11, 1:03 pm, Sketcher <> wrote:

    I bought my 25" Obsession used, and it was a recovered stolen
    telescope. Obsessions come with a brass plate that has the original
    owners name, and a serial number. The thieves had removed the plate,
    and the owner could not remember his serial number, and the
    manufacturer doesn't keep brass plate records. So, I call it Orphan

    I used to have a 20" Obsession that has serial number 007, so
    naturally that telescope was always called, well, 007 ;>)

    Only one more week until GSSP!!! Shameless plug following;

    \Paul A



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