I need to do some image processing with pictures of a job on a CNC
machine. What is common between what I'm doing and astronomy is the
use of cameras.

I basically would like to have a small field of view shown in as many
pixels as possible; I want each pixel to represent less than say 0.2
mm on the job.

I figure that to find out the field of view (since the number of
pixels in a photograph is given by most manufacturers directly), I can

[:] find out the sensor size of the camera and focal length of the
lens, and use geometrical optics: image is of known size <sensor size>
so find object size <field of view>,


[:] use aperture size and the view angle to compute field of view.
They usually give the f-numbers of their apertures, so here also I'll
need to know the focal length (and the view angle).

I'm looking for
(a) aperture size (absolute, not f-numbers),
(b) focal lengths,
(c) sensor sizes, and/or
(d) view angles

of a few webcams like Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 and Philips SPC230NC.

Do you know any websites gving specs like this for cameras? Or is
there any camera whose specs you'd know an you'd recommend.