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Thread: Cleaning a C8

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    Is there any good way to clean an older C8 with
    starbright coatings? Cotton cloth and isopropyl alchohol
    and distilled water? Seems that anything leaves streakes of somekind.

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    C8 wrote:
    That, and a few drops of non-perfumed, non-dye disk washing soap (such
    things exist) per quart. Mix it in with the alcohol and distilled
    water. And LIGHTLY move the cotton cloth around; don't press it down.
    And expect to spend an hour or two, depending on how dirty the thing is.

    And remove any dust with a LIGHT application of canned air.

    Good Luck !

    --- Dave

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    here ya go! best you can do... used at many professional
    observatories - and I use it on all scopes at Pal Dows.
    Good luck:


    David Nakamoto wrote:

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    woops posted under the wrong guy - oh well here it
    is. do exactly as the article suggests --- good luck

    C8 wrote:

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    On Tue, 06 Jan 2009 04:05:51 GMT, "C8" <> wrote:

    For the mirror, just soak it in warm water with a few drops of detergent
    in it. If you need more than that, you can lightly drag Kleenex or
    surgical cotton over the surface, while submerged. Then tip the mirror
    on end and rinse with distilled water. I use canned air to blow away any
    remaining drops. Most SCTs go decades without requiring a mirror
    cleaning- make sure yours really requires it.

    For the corrector, I recommend Windex and unscented Kleenex (both by
    brand). Dust the surface first. Clean your corrector often- even a
    little dust or dirt can significantly impact performance. And certain
    contaminants (such as pollen) can even etch the coating.

    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    Thanks you all.

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    Default Cleaning a C8

    On Tue, 6 Jan 2009 05:04:54 -0800 (PST), Helpful person
    <> wrote:

    Kleenex sells a specific type that does contain lotion, but their plain,
    white, unscented, unlotioned version is one of the best materials for
    cleaning delicate optics. It is free of abrasives and oils. It does
    leave some lint, but that is easily dealt with. (Of course, if you use
    if for mirror cleaning there is no problem with lint because the tissue
    is under water during use.)

    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory



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