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    Default Observing Report - Icehouse Observing Plateau (Sierra foothills,California)

    I arrived at IHOP at about 5:45 and found Gene Kahn already there (he
    arrived Friday night). I set up, tightened everything up, collimated,
    and had dinner. By 8:30 or so, there were nine observers including two

    22" f/4 Sayre Monocular on an Equatorial Platform
    30mm Widescan II with Lumicon Coma Corrector
    13mm Ethos
    5mm Monocentric
    2" 2X Powermate
    2" NPB filter

    Sky - totally clear and transparent
    Seeing - Mostly excellent, occasionally dropping to very good or good
    Limiting Magnitude - at least 6.8
    Site - "In the blue", altitude approximately 5,150 feet
    Moisture - none noticeable on any exposed surface
    Wind - Calm with very occasional extremely light wind (1-2 mph?)

    I began viewing as I often do with M57. It was not yet dark, and I
    could only make out Shulafat (and not Sheliak), but I nevertheless
    found the Ring with my 30mm. I quickly switched to the Ethos, and the
    view was so rock solid (and M57 was not far from the zenith) that I
    immediately put the Ethos and Powermate together, and enjoyed a
    stunning view of the Ring, with the central star clearly visible by
    direct vision. I don't believe I have previously seen the central star
    at such a low magnification (342X). I shared the view with Alvin Huey,
    then replaced the eyepiece with a 5mm Monocentric. Now I could see
    scalloped edges to the ring, but the central star was certainly less
    visible. Still, I could tell that this was a superb viewing night.

    Over the next few hours I viewed a number of targets - nebulae and
    globulars in Ophiucus and Sagittarius, as well as Hickson 68 near Ursa
    Major. (The view of 3 face-on and one elliptical galaxies with a
    bright star in the field is quite stunning with the Ethos/Powermate.)
    I then turned my attention to Pegasus, viewed NGC7331, and several
    attendant smaller galaxies (or at least, apparently smaller). For what
    turned out to be the highlight of my evening, I moved about a degree
    north and had by far my best view ever of a galaxy group, including
    NGC7345 and 7342 as well as 5 additional galaxies. What a nice view of
    two softly glowing cores, close together! (M+6-49-56, 60, 61, 66 and
    UGC12127 are the other galaxies in the group).

    Later on, I had a good view of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster.

    By 3, a number of observers had left, and I decided to pack it in. The
    sky was still excellent when I pulled out at 4:10.

    Clear skies,
    Shneor Sherman

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    Default Observing Report - Icehouse Observing Plateau (Sierra foothills, California)

    "Shneor" <> wrote in message

    Had me worried there for awhile, Shneor...

    Up until this message, IHOP has ONLY ever meant International House of
    Pancakes... So, it was touch-and-go, whether I'd read beyond THAT point...

    Excellent report, though, even after causing me ersatz hunger pangs at the
    beginning... Kinda' like premature withdrawl... YIKES!!!


    Thanks again!!!

    Jan Owen

    To reach me directly, remove the Z, if one appears in my e-mail address...
    Latitude: 33.6
    Longitude: -112.3



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