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    Default Which GOTO mount for 80ED refractor?

    Good day

    I own a William Optics 80mm ED refractor and would like to mount it on
    a good quality GOTO mount.

    I will use it mostly for visual observing but it should be stable
    enough for astrophotography as well.

    The mount should also be strong enough to use with a 5" inch
    refractor, if I get one some time in the future.

    Which commercially available mount would you recommend?

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    Default Which GOTO mount for 80ED refractor?

    On Jun 19, 8:18 am, Jack <> wrote:

    The 80ED would ride nicely on a Losmandy GM-8.

    A GM-8 would be undersized for astrophotography with a 5" refractor,
    but OK for visual use. My TOA-130 rides on a G-11, and is an
    effective setup for astrophotography.

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