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    Default retrograde

    Mars has made late winter a real treat trekking backwards thru Gem.

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    Default retrograde

    On 27 Apr, 05:44, "MAT" <> wrote:

    The Earth is overtaking Mars and you are seeing both our orbital
    motions around the central Sun -

    The observational astrologers get this wrong insopfar as they mark the
    passage of Mars against the constelaational background but resolve it
    by using a hypothetical observer on the Sun -

    "For to the earth planetary motions appear sometimes direct,
    sometimes stationary, nay, and sometimes retrograde. But from the sun
    they are always seen direct.." Newton

    The same mean-spiritedness that Darwinists show in the matter of
    biological evolution is present in astronomy to a much greater degree
    insofar as the approach to and resolution of retrogrades by Newton is
    incorrect and nothing like how Copernicus,Kepler and Galileo
    understood these things.

    Mars does not trek backward,the Earth moves forward with a greater
    orbital speed but being an observational astrologer you find this
    repugnant,you must do,given the fact that a stupid 17th century view
    of retrogrades is allowed to destroy the great Western heliocentric
    insight of Copernicus.



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