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    A recent "Defense Tech Briefs" had an article about,
    and an ad for, a product used to clean and protect
    optics. It is polymer based. You coat the lens or mirror
    and leave the coating in place during handeling and
    assembly. Later, you peel off the coating to remove stuff.

    The ad has a pointer to where
    a starter kit can be had for about $100. Not cheap,
    but maybe worth it for cleaning good stuff.

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    Default Cleaning

    On Apr 15, 9:23 am, Eric Schweitzer
    <> wrote:

    No, thank you.

    Martin R. Howell
    Moderated sci.astro.amateur

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    Default Cleaning

    Martin R. Howell wrote:

    It sems to have been good enough to clean the Keck primary
    mirrors. See my post titled "Guy Macon on cleaning optics"
    for a less expensive method that seems to work just as well.

    Guy Macon

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    Default Cleaning

    On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 23:28:00 +0000, Guy Macon <>

    Sure, it's a fine technique. But almost certainly overkill for most
    people's mirrors (which are easily and safely cleaned with nothing more
    than water and dish detergent). And massively overkill for coated
    optics, which clean wonderfully with Kleenex and various simple
    cleaners- my preference for many years being Windex, but various
    alcohol-water mixtures also working nicely.

    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory



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