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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    It's strange how there seems to be so little astronomy in this
    ukastronomy guy's hall of shame.

    Most of it is him griping about people and things.

    But even stranger still, seeing as it is a hall of shame, it never
    mentions how he uses identities like ianhillsmith and johnhampton14 to
    pretend to be someone else, how he pretends to be eric whiting and
    hannah varley to congratulate himself, and attack people who show up
    his bad astronomy.

    The shameful way his ianhillsmith identity attacks amateurs and
    professionals alike on usenet groups over the years nevers appears in
    the hall. Or when he attacked Professor Richmond because the
    professor told people that it was impossible to find hundreds and
    thousands of new novae per year, and to be careful of schemes that
    claimed such and asked for money, but called himself mr ictexamboard
    and claimed he was being "censored" when in fact his bad science was
    being corrected.

    Nor the shameful way these people use the same modem as him when they
    claim to come from all over the world. Like when he and Hannah took
    it in turns on the narrowband imaging yahoo group to encourage people
    to pay up for the rentalscopes.

    The shameful way he puts stuff on his web pages without making it
    clear what are his and what are SDSS images.

    The shameful way nearly half the people on usenet groups who say they
    like his stuff and he should continue producing it are him. The
    shameful way he attacks professional astronomers in Washington DC and
    agrees with himself that they are bad via his ian hill smith alias
    when his work doesn't pass scientific standards thereby not enabling
    them to use it. And when you read all his work, that is always what
    it boils down to in the end when he attacks, simply that they did not
    use his name somewhere nor mention his work.

    The shameful way he lifted wholesale the entire DIRBE point source
    catalog variable flagged objects from the published paper and tried to
    publish them as unreported variables. Thousands of published objects
    claimed as his own. Just as many of his more accurate doubles (and
    they are rare) have at times been known for a century.

    How he claims on usenet groups to be so experienced and long standing
    an astronomer, whilst asking novice questions to troll on yahoo groups
    asking people to do all his work for him, like a school kid before the
    end of spring break who hasn't done their homework yet and goes online
    to ask how to do things because the report has to be in tomorrow.

    The way he claims to be connected to this scientific group which is
    just a rentascope user group which gets discounts from the rentascope
    firm for people who claim to do science work, but shamefully when you
    examine their web site very, very little actual science appears to
    have ever been published even after several years, and very little of
    what has been published is in known and recognised longstanding
    science journals that the general public would recognise as such and
    not mistake for hobbyist fanzines, and even that little that has been
    published has been mostly done by someone else, not him. Shamefully
    it doesn't explain that whilst he keeps paying the rent he gets the
    service, even though he produces no science to justify the rules
    appertaining to the discount. But they keep getting his rent, so he
    has no need to worry. Steady income.

    The shameful way he accuses people of being ill if they disagree with
    him or for posting regularly on things he doesn't like, whilst nearly
    every day he forwards links from his pages of Cassini and SDSS images
    to usenet from open source places where people can find them
    themselves if they want.

    None of this is in his astronomy hall of shame, even though it is all
    shameful, but there's little astronomy in his astronomy hall of shame
    either, so I suppose that makes sense.

    I wish that bad astronomy guy would look at his web site. He probably
    wouldn't know where to start though.

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    Ah! I hadn't ever realised, not ever having read the link fully

    It's just some sad queen bitchin' that people are being brutes to her!

    I should have seen it when she threw a hissy fit when Pierre V. asked
    what was so big about renting a bit of telescope time to take pictures
    whilst sleeping, and she wrote back bragging about how her glorious
    Messier pictures were published in some obscure magazine.

    You could positively feel her stamp her little foot as she cattily
    laid into him.

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    John Greaves, who seems curious shy about revealing his name, has
    started to post here because in the last few weeks he has been
    expelled from or resigned from or encouraged to leave three other
    astronomical groups.

    Martin Nicholson
    Daventry, UK

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Shame

    Why not post some of the astronomical images you have taken John - the
    demand clearly exists because I get many hits per day on the images I
    post - and I for one would like to see what you have working on.

    Martin Nicholson
    Daventry, UK

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    ukastronomy wrote:

    I've no doubt of that, but I hate to see you recognize his pathetic
    existence with a reply. It's easy enough for SAA readers to see which
    of you is the _astronomer_ !


    usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    "Davoud" <> wrote in message
    <snip, UK
    I'll second this.

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    I nominate Danny Joe Min for this award!!

    "Davoud" <> wrote in message

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    Default The Astronomy Hall of Lame

    On Mon, 24 Mar 2008 20:04:21 GMT, Davoud wrote:

    I plonked both, no offense to you lamers that dig this soap opera stuff



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