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    In article <>,
    Neo <take.the@red.pill> wrote:

    That's awfully convenient: the planets we can 't see don't have such an
    effect. Otherwise if they did, astrologers would have had the chance,
    over the past, oh, four thousand years, to deduce their existence.

    Does this spelling of celestial make you cool?

    Oh. So you *do* use the planets not seen to the naked eye. How come
    their existence was not deduced by astrologers?

    Don't try to argue that the transliterations of the words have anything
    to do with their modern meanings. The word "astrology" was already taken
    when the science of astronomy needed a name. Otherwise, astrology would
    be the word for the science.

    This is foolish and prejudicial. If there was any truth to this
    nonsense, then you could calm the worries of millions of teenaged boys
    with a simple web site. The boy enters his birth date and location, the
    program consults an ephemeris and tells him whether he's gay. No need
    for the straight boys to suffer all that needless angst; no need for the
    gay ones to suffer their uncertainty.

    Oh, yeah, you're not a homophobe because the literal translation means
    one who fears the same thing.

    Astrology makes many falsifiable claims. Unfortunately, they've all been

    Oh, and tell the zombies they're blocked, too.

    Timberwoof <me at timberwoof dot com>
    "When you post sewage, don't blame others for
    emptying chamber pots in your direction." ‹Chris L.

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    What a colossal pile of mystical owl-dung!


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    "John Kepler" <> wrote in message
    | >
    | > Psychic tension. Like on a piano keyboard, play the middle C and
    | > the E above middle C. It sounds major, happy, sustenant, doesn't
    | > it? Then play the middle C and the Eb (D#) above middle C. That
    | > has a minor, sad, melancholy feel. It's what you see, hear, feel
    | > taste, and touch. Apply that principle to the psyche, and you're
    | > getting into the Occult senses. Like middle C is Aries, and the E
    | > above middle C is Leo, Creator and Sustainer of Fire. Whereas the
    | > Eb (D#) is Cancer, Creator of Water. And the one hearing, sensing
    | > these psychic signs, is co-existing in all Ten heavens, as all ten
    | > bodies, altogether; the tenth body divided at death and the second
    | > death, in the same way that heaven and hell are similarly divided,
    | > to wit there's the Hell here, and there's the Hell over there too.
    | > There's Death here, and there's Death the over there too. It's all
    | > spelled out plainly in the Book of Revelation, which I believe is
    | > the most Astrological book ever written. But that's just my take
    | > on it. And I have yet to meet two people who agree on everything.
    | What a colossal pile of mystical owl-dung!
    | John

    More like the ravings of drug - induced hallucination, much like
    the Book of Revelation itself. It may well be the most astrological
    book ever written, astrology is crap anyway.

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    Please don't feed the trolls....

    I recommend Macs to my friends, and Windows machines
    to those whom I don't mind billing by the hour

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    This min character is a complete asshole. The basic tenet of real astrology
    is that it is NOT predictive about future events.

    "<> wrote:

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    "Neo" <take.the@red.pill> wrote in message .

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