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    Default to know about astrology

    This is very good web side to each and every thing. plase send me
    about astrology.

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    Default to know about astrology wrote:

    Lets start with astronomy and astrology

    What's the difference between astronomy and astrology? - Astronomy is
    based on the laws of physics (and therefore mathematics) and aims at
    describing what is happening to the universe based on what we observe
    today. Because the laws of physics are constant (as far as we can
    tell), astronomy can also explain how the universe behaved in the
    past and can propose a limited number of possible scenarios for its
    future (see FAQ entry about Big Bang). Everyday life applications of
    astronomy include calculations/predictions of sunrise/sunset times,
    moon phases, tides, eclipse locations, comet visibility, encounters
    between various celestial bodies (e.g., SL9 comet crash onto Jupiter
    in 1994), spacecraft trajectories, etc.

    Astrology on the other hand claims it can predict what will happen to
    individuals (or guess what is happening to them), or to mankind,
    based on such things as solar system configurations and birth dates.
    Common applications include horoscopes and such. Regardless of
    whether there is scientific support for astrology, its goal and
    methods are clearly distinct from those of astronomy.

    Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that deals with the physical
    properties of celestial bodies and with the interaction between matter
    and radiation in the interior of celestial bodies and in interstellar

    Some Resources:

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    Default to know about astrology

    On 4 Feb, 15:45, Sam Wormley <> wrote:

    Tell me what will happen between the 29th Feb and the 1st Mar this
    year Sam.Will a star return to the same position 3 minutes 56 seconds
    earlier than 24 hours earlier ?.I think the incapacity to feel no
    shame that you imagine predicting planetary positions using zodiacal
    geometry via the calendar system whereas heliocntric reasoning is
    based on a framework of 365 days 5 hours 49 minutes as all astronomers
    know *.

    When you discover that it does and that there are 366 days this
    year,you would be an astrologer to try and justify axial and orbital
    motion via the 1461 day calendrical cycle.

    As you are unapologetic observational astrologers I am sure the point
    goes right over your astrologically 'predictive' constellational

    * "Here take notice, that the Sun or the Earth passeth the 12. Signes,
    or makes an entire revolution in the Ecliptick in 365 days, 5 hours 49
    min. or there about, and that those days, reckon'd from noon to noon,
    are of different lenghts; as is known to all that are vers'd in

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    Default to know about astrology

    oriel36 wrote:

    From the surface of the earth, a star (other than our sun, the Marty)
    will return to its same position in the sky every sidereal day...
    independent of the Chinese calender, Gregorian calendar or any other

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    Default to know about astrology

    On 4 Feb, 17:08, Sam Wormley <> wrote:

    The magnifence of celestial was once matched by sublime reasoning of
    my astronomical ancestors,every bit as dynamic as the experience known
    to all men of creativity in music,art and literature.The loss to
    humanity of men who can reason astronomically is far worse than the
    dominance of those who reason astrologically and frame the Earth's
    motions in astrological terms.The awful way the Earth's orbital
    motion are referenced off an equidistant celestial sphere via axial
    rotation orientation (23 hours 56 min 04 sec) rather than referencing
    orbital motion against the central Sun -

    That view is a consequence of axial origins based on tying axial
    rotation directly to celestial sphere geometry and the 1461 day
    (365/366) calendrical cycle. -

    With a location scribing an arc through 360 degrees to your zodiacal
    framework,there is no room left to appreciate what actually occurs as
    a location turns through 360 degrees with respect to the Sun over the
    course of an annual orbit and entirely seperate to axial rotation/

    What does it take to smash a celestial sphere ?,I would have thought
    that the sequence of images from Uranus was enough to signal a fresh
    astronomical departure based on an observed motion ,when applied to
    the Earth it explains so much by the grafting in of a clear orbital
    component that has been overlooked -

    What would you say to your kids in community college if they asked you
    a tricky question.Setting aside axial rotation (and as a consequence
    axial orientation) would a location keep the same face to the Sun over
    the course of an annual orbit ?.You have your answer right there using
    the beacon of the Equatorial rings,now apply it to the Earth as a
    teacher and as an astronomer;.Your kids deserve this and so do many



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