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Thread: Aperture fever!

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    Default Aperture fever!

    I did it. The local telescope store had an 18" StarSplitter Dob
    on consignment, and I couldn't resist.

    It's going to need a little TLC, like the crack on one of the
    secondary cage rings, but on the whole it's a good scope,
    and I'm looking forward to first light. I want to have a critical
    look at the mirror cooling system, and while the remote
    collimation setup the previous owner devised is ingenious,
    the geek in me thinks it's a perfect excuse to play with

    It's built like a nice piece of furniture, and all I plan to do
    with the woodwork is clean and protect it (wax? any
    suggestions?). It fits well in my van (which I bought with
    telescopes in mind), though I plan to build some ramps
    so I can load and unload it more easily.

    There is no danger of any further aperture fever, because
    this brute is about the limit of what I can get in to my
    apartment. At that, I have to do it in several trips, because
    the rocker with the wheelbarrow handles attached doesn't
    fit through any of the interior doors. :-(

    I can think of worse problems to have... :-)

    Laura Halliday VE7LDH "Non sequitur. Your ACKS are
    Grid: CN89mg uncoordinated."
    ICBM: 49 16.05 N 122 56.92 W - Nomad the Network Engineer

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    Default Aperture fever!

    laura halliday wrote:


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    Shawn Guest

    Default Aperture fever!

    laura halliday wrote:

    Cool! I can relate to the problem with doorways. When I moved into my
    current house, I was all psyched that I could store my scope (15"
    Obsession dob) inside and wheel it out through the back sliding glass
    door. Wrong!
    As for wax, Dave Kriege of Obsession recommends SC Johnson paste wax on
    all wood once a year.


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    Default Aperture fever!

    Laura Halliday wrote:


    Brian Tung <>
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    Unofficial C5+ Home Page at
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    My Own Personal FAQ (SAA) at

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    Default Aperture fever!

    Congratulations, you're in for a lot of fun - enjoy!

    - Dale Gombert (SkySea at
    122.38W, 47.58N, W. Seattle, WA

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    David Nakamoto Guest

    Default Aperture fever!

    laura halliday wrote:
    And we lost another one to . . . . The Fever !

    Say goodbye to your bank accounts and credit ratings Laura, because if
    you think you'll be satisfied with a measly 18-inch, you're sadly
    mistake. (^_^)

    --- Dave

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    Default Aperture fever!

    "laura halliday" <> wrote

    Ya, right!


    I have a similar problem with my Obsession 20, but with a little shifting
    I can get it to go thru the sliding glass door with the handles on even
    though it's about a quarter inch too wide. It's a good thing I didn't buy
    that 25-inch......... of course if I had a trailer........

    There is no cure for aperture fever!

    George N



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