to us out of the passages of the Fathers
which assert it. Finally, they deny the presence; and in this they are

3rd example: Indulgences.

The shortest way, therefore, to prevent heresies is to instruct in all
truths; and the surest way to refute them is to declare them all. For what
will the heretics say?

In order to know whether an opinion is a Father's...

863. All err the more dangerously, as they each follow a truth. Their fault
is not in following a falsehood, but in not following another truth.

864. Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that,
unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.

865. If there is ever a time in which we must make profession of two
opposite truths, it is when we are reproached for omitting one. Therefore
the Jesuits and Jansenists are wrong in concealing them, but the Jansenists
more so, for the Jesuits have better made profession of the two.

866. Two kinds of people make things equal to one another, as feasts to
working days, Christians to priests, all things among them, etc. And hence
the one party conclude that what is then bad for priests is also so for
Christians, and the other that what is not bad for Christians is lawful for

867. If the ancient Church was in error, the Church is fallen. If she should
be in error to-day, it is not the same thing; for she has always the
superior maxim of tradition from the hand of the ancient Church; and so this