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    Default Mars planet: Several huge star was excaved in the Cydonia Valley


    I inform you again that I have foun several huge "Salomon's
    star" (geomethric designs) excaved in the ground near of the Cydonia
    human's face. See one of them in my ampliated photo of MARS planet,

    what is inside of my GENERAL main portait with 24 photos-links to my
    own research BELOW:

    I am decided to inform you about this unpublished desing on the plain
    of Cydonia, in Mars planet because I knew it in the spanish website:

    I inform to the author about my ampliation of the Cydonia area,
    andrespectively he also introduced my link in his website.

    Actually Ibelieve that it's a very huge human FACE imgae realy (Some
    years ago Iwas in doubt because it look too much beautiful, and then I
    say so inmy book: HUMAN FACE OF MONTSERRAT published in 1990).

    The little hill that offers this human FACE image was a
    deliberatedwork because, as you know beter, there are very near (and
    also appearsvery good delimited) a huge design of a "David's Star"
    never detected,in spite of around watching with magnifying glass all
    othermonuments. It's my particular graphical contribution about so

    It's necessary to be permeable and
    to know how to rectify.

    Your Sincerely Ramon Ramonet Riu
    (from Solsona city -NE. Spain)

    Se my best ampliation of huge faces in

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    Default Mars planet: Several huge star was excaved in the Cydonia Valley

    acopa wrote:

    Oh yea the Mars crazies are back. Maybe we can blame it on a world-wide
    shortage of psychotherapeutic drugs? Regardless, I sure enjoy them
    "ampliated" photos. Always good for a laugh when having a bad day.

    Greg Crinklaw
    Astronomical Software Developer
    Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA (33N, 106W, 2700m)


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