I am pleased to report that a front entry with nearby parking is
now being considered for the new Celestial observatory. Celestials were
NOT pleased that I brought this matter to public attention,
especially after previous negative rulings, but public pressure is now
causing the Celestials to reconsider the obvious.

It has become apparent that things do need to be moved in and out of an
observatory, including people.

Likewise, observatory users would not be appreciated by the
various wedding parties, society dames, conference attendees,
and other celebrities while they are renting out the EIOLC for
their party, only to have poorly dressed astronomers wading through
their midst trying to get to the Observatory .,.. in the
EI Observatory & Learning Centre.

If you are planning a wedding or social event, please contact
our club president. Rental rates are available. Come have your
wedding or social shindig in the new Celestial EIOLC. You will
have your own entrance and astronomers may soon have their
own too!

Whooooooooopie! Its pure genius.