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    Default What the Solar System is Really Like

    For those of you who have been following our groups for any length of
    time, you know that you get something utterly unique here.

    In a world filled with lies, spin, and disinformation campaigns of
    every stripe, people around the globe turn to us for the TRUTH amidst
    all the lies!

    My unique perspective on many different subjects cuts through the
    garbage that the PTB palm off as "fact," and shows you fact from
    fiction, truth from error.

    And this perspective is VITAL for your future well being and even your
    very survival -- because, when the rubber meets the road sometime in
    the very near future, if you can't separate truth from lies you will
    most likely be DEAD -- or worse.

    That's just how serious this information is, and that's just how vital
    that you listen to that "voice crying in the wilderness of confusion."

    One of the perverted and sick LIES you have been treated to by
    "official science" is a totally erroneous view of our solar system and
    how it functions. In order that the "sheeple not get worried" over
    some very serious matters, they and their shills in the government
    sponsored universities and other "mainstream" founts of so called
    "science" -- which in fact is mostly nothing more than RAW SEWAGE that
    blocks the truth from your mind -- have concocted a fairy tale view of
    a relatively benign an stable solar system, where surprises don't
    happen, and where in billions of years no major catastrophic events
    have occurred.

    This "fairy tale" is utterly false -- in fact DANGEROUSLY SO! Our
    solar system is, in fact, treated periodically to stunning and
    gigantic disasters from the deep pits of outer space. Some of these
    are actually regular visitors to our own little neighborhood, while
    others wander in without warning from the dark depths of space.

    Lately, we have been experiencing some very strange weather phenomenon
    that your local weather man doesn't understand, or, even if he does,
    he isn't about to tell you because you, the people who pay his salary,
    aren't supposed to know. The general public is like mushrooms, you
    see, they are kept in the dark and sh_t on all the time.

    In today's exciting Ambassador for World Peace Program, first
    broadcast LIVE 2 weeks ago over WTAN in the Tampa Bay area, M. John
    Allen and Lee Clark discuss these scientific issues of great
    importance that are having an impact on your life EVERY DAY -- even
    though YOU are not supposed to know what is going on.

    You won't want to miss this important broadcast. You can listen to it
    at the webcast page of The Restoration Website. Just click the
    webcast link on this page:

    As usual, you will need to have the Real Player installed on your
    computer to listen to this program.



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    If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read
    thenewspaper you are misinformed.
    --Mark Twain

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    Default What the Solar System is Really Like


    There are a few strange people
    on the spaced-out Internet,
    who cry out songs of danger
    to make the readers fret.

    Ignoring real known problems
    of nature, and of man,
    they favor the catastrophes
    they cooked up in their pans.

    They know very little science
    to start them on their way,
    but what they know they misconstrue,
    to conjure up Doomsday.

    They have their own pet theories
    to give them all "their" facts,
    with little of validity
    in logic, science, or tact.

    Some falsely claim the planets
    line up to spawn earthquakes.
    While others say space aliens
    will be landing in your state!

    Some fear the Earth's cold poles may flip,
    with devastation all around,
    but without the facts to back their claims
    they just look like bad clowns.

    They claim the sun is run amok,
    the Dow-Jones crash is near.
    Predicted in the rising stars,
    (or after too much beer).

    They blare forth dire predictions
    of disasters, death, and doom.
    Scaring newbies into sweating fits
    and driving veterans from the room.

    These people seek mere notice
    and attention from news groups.
    They argue there, most heatedly,
    getting "jumpers" through their hoops.

    They pounce on those who doubt their claims,
    with personal attacks,
    in childish rants and lengthy raves,
    ignoring real hard facts.

    They are NOT nice, remain silent
    when posts of theirs are seen.
    A reply makes YOU a real target
    for the venting of their spleens.

    The year two-thousand's come and gone,
    and with it, more wild nuts,
    without responses to their cries,
    they should finally shut up!



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