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Thread: dust trouble

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    Default dust trouble

    Too bad the rovers weren't equipped with a blower to
    do away with dust. But then, they weren't expected to have to endure a dust
    storm either.

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    Default dust trouble

    On Aug 30, 10:30 am, "Mk2" <> wrote:

    We long ago got our money's worth out of them.

    But don't think the dust is on the solar panels to stay. One of them,
    quite a while back, had a sudden jump in SP output, later attributed
    to a "dust devil" removing dust from the solar panels. This was
    before NASA recognized active "dust devils" in rover images.

    I say bring on the "dust devils."


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    Default dust trouble

    AustinMN wrote:

    We often say this but in reality we want them to go forever.



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