This method had a strong healing effect at
every stage of the illness: if applied at an early stage, it could
cause the gonorrhoea to disappear. Auto-therapy is based on the
principle that the body can use all fresh, self-produced, unaltered
dis-eased tissue substances which originate from the micro-organisms
causing the illness. Seen in this light, patients have their own
medication in exactly the form constructed by natute to heal their

Ten effects of Urine Therapy: Reabsorption and reuse of nutrients,
Reabsorption of hormones, Reabsorption of enzymes, Reabsorption of
urea, Immunological effect, Bactericidal and virucidal effect, Salt
therapy, Diuretic effect, Transmutation theory, Psychological

The filtering process in kidneys should break down this tissue to its
original materials, after which it can be reused by the body to build
in new tissue. Reabsorption can be a means for the body to generally
conserve energy: reingestion of hormones gives the body the chance to
reuse at least a number of these, so that it is not necessary to
expend energy on manufacturing new hormones. Hormones are actually
extremely powerful mol-ecules, the production of which requires a
great deal of energy. Once produced, they are able to cause a complete
alteration in the balance of bodily proc-esses, the personality, the
emotions and the state, of mind, even if only a few molecules are
released. So even the slightest re-absorption of hormones may well
have a powerful effect on our state of health and level of energy.

I have already referred to research on the effects of melatonin, a
hormone found in urine which possibly has a calming effect. Melatonin