person was led to commit a manufactured crime.
[NYT 4/7/1992, front page]

Guess what job he had for the two years the government repeatedly stroked
him to buy youth-oriented naked publications?

A children's school bus driver.


It's not a pretty thought, but legislators should consider that there is
a distinct category of child pornography possession that I would call

People who come across child pornography, and for whatever wrong reason
save a copy of the picture. They didn't mean to become vile heinous
doomed-to-burn-in-hell creatures; it's just one of those things where people
make the wrong decisions when encountering something in the privacy of
their own home.

As the government monitors the Net closer, they will spot tens of
thousands of these people. They've already arrested hundreds of them.

* FBI sting nets over 200 arrests for child pornography
* 6/97 stat: 94 convictions, 104 "pending" convictions

It's not hard to spot them, and may I point out that it happens despite
free uncrackable encryption (PGP) being available worldwide for years.

Yeah, I know, it's heresy to try and suggest there's a category called
"child pornography light". Here are some sample cases of the broad base
of people involved:

* The New York Times, 3/6/97
* Minister Gets Probation in Pornography Case
* A Baptist minister who copied child pornography images off the
* Internet received three years' probation in exchange for his
* guilty plea to a reduced charge.
* He must pay a $1,000 fine, forfeit his home computer, not have
* any unsupervised contact with children under 17 and undergo
* counseling.
* The minister, 47, was arrested in January.
* Computer technicians at a repair shop had found 30 pornographic
* images of children in his computer and notified the state police.
* The minister pleaded guilty on Monday in village court to a
* reduced obscenity cou