toll road and bridge tickets
# Airline flight boarding pass
# Train and bus pass and subscription card
# WHO immunisation certificate
# Personal telephone directory
# Personal telephone number
# Passwords for access to computers, data services, and networks
# Software subscription access keys
# Cable and satellite TV subscriptions
# Cellular phone and personal digital assistant personal ID
# Encryption keys for secure electronic mail, phone, and FAX
# Electronic signature key
# Cash
# Of course, use of the Universal Biometrics
# Card will start out as voluntary...

They'll say hey, you've already surrendered your biometric number
during fingerprinting for driver's licenses.

It will be too late.

The high-tech American Leviathan will be in place.

* "Project L.U.C.I.D.", by Texe Marrs, 1996, ISBN 1-884302-02-5
* The L.U.C.I.D. project "will interface multilingual messages
* from all sources into a common communications network."
* The L.U.C.I.D. article gives numerous examples of non-criminal
* information the system will register against everyones Universal
* Biometrics will control the entire gamut of human activity,
* from jobs and licenses of all kinds to court hearings and indictments,
* custody of children, and permits to own and/or carry a firearm. Massive
* quantities of information will be acquired and made available on demand.
* The L.U.C.I.D. authors state it will "support, search, and update data
* ...from the networks of federal, state and local government agencies;
* public and private organizations;" and so on.

What's left to monitor?


Not a damn thing.

Cybernetic control of society.

Some people have taken a stand. They are fighting back.

* "Police in California Fight Citizen Complaints"
* By Tim Golden, The New York Times,