(Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank).
* According to notes taken by CIA director Richard Helms at a 1970 meeting
* in the Oval Office, his orders were to
* "make the economy scream."
* Street demonstrations and various dirty tricks were paid for by the CIA
* over the next three years to increase pressure.

The cybernetic project died when Allende was assassinated in late 1973.

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We have been subject to an imperfect feedback loop form of government
for several decades now. Politicians constantly beating the drums of
war ('1984': The Song of Hate), causing the erroneous public perception
crime is out of control.

Anyone remember the scare ads that got crooked Nixon elected over Humphrey?

This constant 1984 state of war has caused massive damage to our country.

Picture what life would be like without the constant hysteria.

If you can. It's been so long.

You are sitting back on your