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    Default Eyepieces for ZenithStar II 80ED APO

    Good day

    I have recently bought a William Optics ZenithStar II 80ED. It has a
    focal length of 545 mm @ F / 6.8 and a 2" diagonal.

    I would like to know which eyepiece brand and type would you suggest
    for high-power planetary viewing. I expect 120x will be my maximum

    What should I consider when choosing between a 33mm and a 40mm super-
    wide angle eyepiece for low-power viewing? I am not interested in
    zoom eyepieces.

    Televue products are unfortunately not sold in my country!

    Some of the brands available are Orion, Celestron, Meade, William
    Optics, Baader and Pentax.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Default Eyepieces for ZenithStar II 80ED APO

    Tough to beat decent Orthos, for their price, and for their performance.

    I wonder if you can purchase University Optics Orthos? If you can find
    the site, I'd bet they would ship anywhere. Problem is, all those
    taxes-custom fees you folks probably get stuck with. (Have a US friend
    ship them as a gift?)

    Tom Baader usually sells, and markets nothing but the best, even less
    expensive products would most likely be good through him, and he would
    stand behind what he sells.

    Again for wide field views, and a cheap eyepiece, I recommend University
    Optics, with their 40mm Mk-70 Eyepiece. Mark

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    Default Eyepieces for ZenithStar II 80ED APO

    On Aug 2, 1:08 am, Jack <> wrote:

    Jack, You named some great eyepiece manufactures and of that group
    Pentax will stand out alone, as their design of eyepieces with sharp
    to edge star points in a dark rich black field are hard to top. The
    one manufacture, you can't get that can really give Pentax a run for
    their money is of course Televue. Both manufactures cater to the
    senior crowd with adjustable eyecups for more comfortable viewing,
    even if you're 15 or over 50. Pentax eyepieces are well worth
    considering because even at the steeper price tag, when you apply
    power this is when you need good glass. IMHO


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    Default Eyepieces for ZenithStar II 80ED APO

    So this is what I have done:

    I have ordered the William Optics SWAN 33mm

    wide angle eyepiece. Not the best but good

    value for money.

    Here is a review by David Knisely

    I have also ordered the red-dot-finder

    bracket and hopefully I can make my Baader

    red-dot-finder fit it.

    After reading a lot on CloudyNights, I have

    decided on the Baader Genuine Orthos in 5mm.

    I already own Meade series 4000 Plossls in

    6.4mm, 9.7mm and 25mm. If the Baader

    eyepiece performs well, I will get some

    other focal lengths in the future.

    I would have loved to get Televue eyepieces

    but we do not have a local dealer in my

    country. Generally, all astronomical

    equipment is super expensive once they

    arrive here.

    For instance, the $40 r.d.f bracket on the

    WO website costs me $67 from my local


    The 33mm advertised at $118 will end up

    costing me $156 and the 5mm Baader at 98

    euro will cost me $142!

    But money is no object if your hobby is your




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