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    Default book advice for novice observer

    I am a non-observer who has bought a fairly nice telescope for my 10-
    year-old grandson. Does anybody recommend "Turn Left at Orion," or is
    it sufficiently outdated (in its charts & tables) that I should avoid

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    Megahaole wrote:

    It's still an excellent book, although I would conjecture (based on my observing
    experience) that the sketches he provides apply more to a 3" refractor than a
    2.x" one.

    For smaller refractors (in the 60-75mm range) the sketches are a bit optimistic
    although occasionally they are right on the spot.

    It's an invaluable book for the casual and serious observer.
    I.N. Galidakis ---

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    "Megahaole" <> wrote in message

    "Turn Left At Orion" is excellent.

    Also, look for "Skywatching," by David H. Levy. You may find it at a
    well-stocked bookstore.

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    Megahaole wrote:
    I'm not familiar with that book, although others here have said it is

    But I don't see how you would have any need to be concerned about its
    charts and tables being out of date. Precession doesn't happen that
    fast, and, in general, except for the motions of the planets, the part
    of the sky accessible to amateur telescopes does not really change
    much on conventional time scales. Advances in astronomical knowledge
    haven't changed amateur observing that much either, even if the hobby
    has been changed by progress in optics.

    John Savard

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    I would add Norton's Star Atlas and if your Grandson has access to a pc,
    Cartes Du Ciel.

    On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 18:41:49 +0000, Megahaole wrote:

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    Don't forget your local library. Chances are they've got plenty of good
    stuff you can look through and decide which is best for you. And it's free!

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    Default book advice for novice observer

    Megahaole wrote:

    I have a review of this at

    Bottom line: I recommed it as an observing guide. It's a good idea to
    accompany it with an atlas. My recommendation for a beginner's atlas is
    the Collins Atlas of the Night Sky:

    A planisphere is also highly suggested: Sky and Telescope makes one that
    is a good starter.

    Brian Tung <>
    The Astronomy Corner at
    Unofficial C5+ Home Page at
    The PleiadAtlas Home Page at
    My Own Personal FAQ (SAA) at



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