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    Default New Solar who here has a Solar Telescope, who watches and who watches for Aurora?

    This is really a multi part post.

    According to a new active region is just behind the
    Sun and will rotate to us
    soon because it has been firing off CME's.

    Who here watches the Sun?

    What do you watch with?

    Do you watch for Aurora?

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    Default New Solar who here has a Solar Telescope, who watches and who watches for Aurora?

    On Jan 26, 1:11 pm, "Patrick Edward Murray" <>

    I tried to get out as often as possible over the past few years when
    there was a lot of activity. I used a Short Tube 80 w/Orion glass
    filter. I showed my daughter the spots quite a few years ago when they
    lined up to make a "K" shape (her name begins with 'K'). She thought
    that was pretty cool. We both went out to look for a while after that,
    but then her interest wained. I continued to get out whenever it was
    convenient. I eventually sold the ST80 and replaced it with an 80ED.
    The ST80 solar filter would slide down into the dew shield of the 80ED
    safely enough (proceed at your own risk). In the Spring last year I got
    my hands on a C8 that came with a film filter and I got out a lot over
    this past summer, but there didn't seem to be a lot of activity. Now
    the C8 is gone, and I have a 66ED AstroTech and a 6" F5. Need to get a
    solar filter. Probably will get one for the 66ED, just because it's
    more convient to use.

    If Sam posts a CME warning and the indications are good for as far
    south as 42N, I will make an effort. As far as I'm concerned, it is
    these kinds of alerts that make saa worth checking on a daily basis.
    Although there *are* other reasons to participate and/or lurk here as
    well .

    -Steve Paul

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    Default New Solar who here has a Solar Telescope, who watches and who watches for Aurora?

    On 26 Jan 2007 10:11:54 -0800, "Patrick Edward Murray"
    <> wrote:

    Those were some fascinating CMEs! I noticed the first one before it
    was mentioned on Spaceweather. It can be worthwhile to check out the
    SOHO site on a daily basis.

    Sometimes, like today, I do. I set up a 13cm refractor this morning
    and made observations of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus.

    A new sunspot has now rotated into view. It shows a classic case of
    the Wilson Effect! I'll upload sketches and a report to my blog a bit
    later. If the weather holds I may put off the blog updating and make
    another lunar observation first ;-)

    Most often I use a 102mm SCT for my solar observations. It's quick to
    set up and does a good job in white-light. I use objective filters
    made out of Baader solar filter material on all my smaller
    telescopes. Though sometimes I'll slap on an older, glass, objective
    filter -- especially if it's windy out.

    Today I broke with my 'regular' solar telescope and used a 13cm
    refractor -- mainly because I wanted to check out Mercury and Venus in
    the refractor today. Besides, I hadn't yet used that refractor this

    Living out in the middle of nowhere (more or less) I tend to see them
    when they occur -- without actively looking for them. I'm far enough
    north to see most of them; and I have a dark northern horizon.

    In all seriousness, I tend to dislike auroras. They often interfere
    with my deep sky observing. I make exceptions for truly exceptional
    aurora displays, like the one in March of 1989 (IIRC). That one was
    bright, multi-colored, and involved my entire sky!!
    Celestial Journeys

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    Default New Solar who here has a Solar Telescope, who watches and who watches for Aurora?

    On Jan 26, 10:11 am, "Patrick Edward Murray" <>

    Me, when I can. Which isn't all that often in these parts.

    Coronado PST, mostly. TOA-130 with Baader filter when there
    are good sunspots.

    Not much point in the city. :-(

    Laura Halliday VE7LDH "Que les nuages soient notre
    Grid: CN89mg pied a terre..."
    ICBM: 49 16.05 N 122 56.92 W - Hospital/Shafte

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    Default New Solar who here has a Solar Telescope, who watches and who watches for Aurora?

    On 2007-01-26, laura halliday <> wrote:

    Hey, try it! I saw lots of auroras from urban South Minneapolis.
    Saw one brilliant one from right in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh
    a couple of Novembers ago.

    Sure, you'll miss a lot from the city, but being as far north as you are,
    I'll bet that when the sun is active, there must be quite a few
    that are bright enough to look impressive from the city.



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