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    Default OT: Good Doonesbury for Sunday

    Chris L Peterson wrote:

    No, and I'll tell ya why.

    As an avid astronomer who is supposedly open minded,
    you have just showed your intolerance towards others.
    And yet you accuse religion of the same thing.
    Just because you and or I think someone else's
    belief system is wrong, dosnt mean we have to attack
    said system, because of a few fools.

    And YES, this NG is no place for
    this type of discussion, yet the *religion* is not
    the problem here. It is the few kooks who
    post their own version of *religion* here
    who set you off. It is the individuals you should
    be PO'd at, not what they believe in.

    It's kinda like gun violence. Firearms are not the
    problem, it is the few bad people who misuse

    Anyone who tries to force their religious belief's
    at others, isn't a true believer.....
    So don't *paint* the rest of us with so broad a
    brush please.



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    Default OT: Good Doonesbury for Sunday

    On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 08:40:12 -0500, AM <> wrote:

    Did I attack you? Did I attack your beliefs? What intolerance did I
    show? Did I accuse religion of something?

    All I said was that there is a difference between saying the U.S. is a
    Christian country and saying it was founded on Christian values, and
    that those who discuss religion on a science group might expect to be
    treated exactly as those who discuss astrology.

    This thread was simply a discussion of science and public policy until
    you diverted it. Now you assert that a largely historical discussion is
    some kind of attack on your religion. I don't see it.


    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory

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    Default OT: Good Doonesbury for Sunday

    Chris L Peterson wrote:

    That was only an example. Another time, Gingrich pointed to Quebecois
    secessionism as evidence that Canada's bilingual policies were a
    failure. In reality, had Canada not adopted bilingualism, Quebec
    almost certainly would have seceded. Instead, they have repeatedly
    voted not to.



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