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    Default Orion mak 180mm and Orion 9.25xlt

    Someone can give me any reports or reviews on those scopes, are they
    really the same than the skywatcher mak 180mm but just another color?
    Is the orion 9 xlt the same scope than the C9.25 (celestron)?
    Thanks for helping me out.

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    Default Orion mak 180mm and Orion 9.25xlt

    "Yes" to both questions.

    Uncle Rod

    olli wrote:

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    Default Orion mak 180mm and Orion 9.25xlt

    RMOLLISE schreef:

    ok but how comes so few people buy them? and i can't find any reviews
    about , and in all the shops you find celestron or skywatcher but not
    the orion ones!

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    Default Orion mak 180mm and Orion 9.25xlt

    "olli" <> wrote in message

    There are PLENTY good reviews of the 9.25. And lots of folks own the
    Celestron. Given enough time, there will no doubt be plenty Celestron
    9.25's with Orion's name on them, too, but apparently not quite yet...

    The Orion 180 Mak isn't even OUT yet, but the Skywatcher 180 is, and seems
    to be the same scope, and has been getting decent (if few, so far, because
    it's new) reviews...

    Look in Cloudy Nights Forums and in Cloudy Nights Reviews... You'll find
    reviews there of both scopes, without the Orion name...

    Jan Owen

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    Default Orion mak 180mm and Orion 9.25xlt


    I assume you mean the 180? There are plenty of reviews around on the
    9.25. The reason there aren't many reviews of the MCT yet are that it's
    new to the U.S. rather than looking on U.S. oriented lists and
    websites, you might find more on it on a list like uk.sci.astronomy.

    You see, Skywatcher branded Synta scopes are not available in the U.S.
    You have to mostly rely on Orion or Synta's Celestron brand to bring
    Synta scopes in (unless you order them from Canada).

    And yet, you'll find a review of the 180 from a European amateur on The gist? He liked the optics, did NOT like the
    flimsy dovetail (that is screwed to the tube, not to the rear
    cell/corrector assembly. Sounds like a pretty good value.

    Uncle Rod

    olli wrote:



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