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    Default 102 SLT vs 100mm Starseeker vs 100mm Astroview vs ??


    How many versions of this ~100mm ~f6 ota/scope are there? Are any of
    them better or worse than the others?

    I took a look through the 102 SLT at my local astronomy store tonight.
    The limb of the nearly full moon showed a bit of purple using a 5mm
    radian (132x) but to my unexpert eye it really wasn't bad. As the
    scope cooled down and the moon rose higher, the purple fringe improved
    greatly to the point where I had to really look for it to see it.

    On the other hand Arcturus thru the same eyepiece was a blob of green
    and purple, at least before the scope cooled down. I am assuming this
    was due mostly to atmospheric conditions and cooldown. We were set up
    in the asphalt parking lot of the store looking across a busy street
    with plenty of light pollution. Unfortunately the patchy clouds didn't
    give me many targets to test with later in the session. The limb of the
    moon should be a better test of chromatic abberation shouldn't it?

    FYI, I also have an 8 inch f6 dob and a c-5 sct. I'm looking for a grab
    and go computerized scope that I can use from my suburban back yard.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default 102 SLT vs 100mm Starseeker vs 100mm Astroview vs ??

    There is a 130mm reflector version of the SLT.

    Atmosphere and tuibe currents will make stars shake, wobble, blur, etc.
    but not show funny colors. That's CA.


    Ross wrote:

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    Default 102 SLT vs 100mm Starseeker vs 100mm Astroview vs ??

    I use a Celestron 8i as my main scope... But I picked up an Orion 100
    EQ on clearance not that long ago .

    "Grab and Go" effort is honestly about equal... only advantage the 100
    mm has is that it is not computerized so I do not have to drag out the
    power source... weight (assembled, on the tripod is within a pound
    between the two) and the bulk of both are pretty close.. set up times
    are faster only because for visual use the Astroview does not require
    any time to put it down facing roughtly north...and cool down times
    are not a concern (in my case) as I keep my scopes in an unheated
    building and set them up about an hour before I want tro use them.

    The "purple haze' (CA) honestly does not bug the daylights out of me
    but using a Minus Violet Filter really cuts it down so its even less
    of a bother.. to me CA is something I can live with your milage may
    differ greatly however

    Have not really played with the Astroview all that much as I do not
    really have many EP that match its 600 mm FL (most of my EP's were
    purchased for my 2035 mm SCT ... Just could not pass up the clearance
    price, But so far I would not really call it a grab and go scope...

    Bob G.

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