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    Default early morning viewing in Gardena, CA

    I got to bed early last night, 8 PM. I woke up at 3 AM and looked
    outside from my balcony and I could see Orion in all its light polluted
    glory. So I dressed into my flannel shirt and pants, and rolled my rig
    out of the garage and into the driveway. I practiced Polar aligment
    mode with the AutoStar II handbox,,,,radically different than doing it
    the old-fashioned way.
    The instructions told me that after locking the RA and Dec at zero,
    to manualy adjust the wedge until Polaris was centered in the eyepiece.
    Well I did it the old way and placed Polaris in the "proper" position
    with my Telrad centered on the NCP instead. So when I toild AutoSatr
    that Polaris was "centered", it was not. Then the telescope slewed to
    Canopus and after centering I said it was OK.
    I spent he rest of the night slewing around with TheSky software, and
    noticed that the pointing accuracy was a bit off, as the selected stars
    were always at the periphery of my 40mm Ultrawide EP. I figure the goof
    was centering on the NCP instead of Polaris.
    So now as I sit beside my telescope in the driveway at the ungodly
    hour of 4:30 a.m., I am downloading the latest AutoStar firmware from
    Meade at a very slow rate, and musing about what to do this weekend
    with the poor forecast for cloudy skies. Perhaps I will make a
    photographic horizon file for my driveway location.

    Tonight I saw:

    The Pleades
    Hind's Crimson Star...and it really is red!

    Matthew Ota
    Harvard Observatory ;-)
    (On Harvard Blvd. in Gardena, CA)

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    Default early morning viewing in Gardena, CA

    Do yourself a favor,read through the methods which correlates clocks
    with axial rotation at 15 degrees per hour and 24 hours/360 degrees in

    In an era before the emergence of the celestial sphere geometers,it is
    lovely to see how real astronomers had a hand in timekeeping in 1669
    and put it to good use -

    Celestial sphere geometers butchered the subtle compromises to promote
    only the Ra/Dec system as representing the axial rotation of the Earth
    and the only means of time reckoning.

    Matthew Ota wrote:



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